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01 February 2010

That makes me all kinds of disappointed in the direction of our society.
posted by Doohickie 01 February | 20:58
Merit is overrated.
posted by jonmc 01 February | 21:26
It's okay, nothing in New York magazine is happening to anyone but the editors of New York magazine.
posted by The Whelk 01 February | 21:41
It's giving me a 404.
posted by Stewriffic 01 February | 22:12
This must be the article?
posted by Stewriffic 01 February | 22:14
I had enough trouble testing highly in first grade in 1961... ended up pushed ahead a grade, washing out and getting put back. But I always had a better skill for taking IQ tests than anything else, which is why I don't believe they're worth shit.
posted by oneswellfoop 01 February | 22:14
Thanks for updating stew -- apparently the print version does expire after a while.
posted by NucleophilicAttack 01 February | 22:15
I attended Hunter College High School, and so was exposed to the Elementary School students. It's funny, they were certainly less competitive and cutthroat than those of us who started in 7th grade.
posted by ltracey 01 February | 22:48
Is this still a hip story to write? I remember this handwringing stuff from the 80s. And my mom has a poem she wrote in 1974 about my kindergarten entry testing.

There's certainly real value in getting into the kinds of institutions that can parlay their resources into a true boost for individuals that can be a contributor to success in life. However, there's a lie in it, too - that it's a guarantor, when it's not. Success is a complex phenomenon. It's important to be careful what you sacrifice in its name.
posted by Miko 01 February | 23:18
it's not just a meritocracy game either. it's a benefits game. I have special needs kids and I work as a professional helping families get "proper assessments" for their kids because if you can't access them, your family will not qualify for critically needed benefits for the child. It usually takes a bit of money, and social resources to be able to access these assessments - just to be able to have your kid tested. Many many families do not have the resources they need to access this, and so therapy is not available. This is doubly the case for families from ethnic minorities. There's still all the questions about the validity of the testing. But basically, disability funding hinges on this type of testing.
posted by kch 02 February | 01:27
They may pass the meritocracy test, but fail the Turing test.
posted by Obscure Reference 02 February | 11:44
Also, what kch says. Social resources just to know what exists out there and how to work the system and avoid becoming discouraged.
posted by Obscure Reference 02 February | 11:50
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