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30 November 2009

Okay, hilarious. To me. I had tears in my eyes from a (pseudo)-rape joke, and it wasn't from disgust/horror. [More:]

This was linked by morganw in one of mefi's recent epic rape discussion threads (thank goodness for the "recent activity" tab, because my little notebook curls into fetal position and whimpers when trying to load those juggernaut threads).

Anyway, apologies if anyone finds it less than amusing, or even offensive, but I do ♥ it. I'll have to check out more from him.
post by: taz at: 10:46 | 9 comments
That was funny, and true. . .
posted by danf 30 November | 11:21
I thought it was funny, too.
posted by Specklet 30 November | 12:04
yes funny!
....but the unintended pathos of "I'm not a MAN!....."

AW Shucks
posted by Wilder 30 November | 12:13
I have been shocked to realize that a woman considered me a potential threat maybe 3 times in my 54 years, and every time I realized it, it made me giggle... which, extra shockingly, was taken as more threatening (even if I realized it five minutes later, what can you do?)
posted by oneswellfoop 30 November | 13:05
I think the pathos was intentional! But it wasn't self-pitying or sneering, which is great.

Excellent Use of Universal Pathos! A++ Would Laugh Again!
posted by taz 30 November | 13:08
The joke seems to be "Women have this totally reasonable fear, which I stupidly didn't think about, thus creating a problem," which is *way* different from the usual "Chicks are weird, amirite?" schtick. It seems like it's less of a rape joke and more of a rape-culture joke. Which is nice.
posted by occhiblu 30 November | 14:21
Funny stuff.

Reminds me of another borderline joke. It was a black comedian talking about how he's sorta offended when white women act frightened around him. The punchline was that he came across a woman who clutched her purse when she saw him and he wanted to explain to her that she had no reason to be afraid...but she out ran him.
posted by mullacc 30 November | 15:54
Yeah, I liked this too. It must be very difficult for men to strike a balance in this type of situation - you never know if the woman is going to be the crazy loon who believes any man who looks at her sideways is intent on raping or assaulting her.
posted by essexjan 30 November | 17:14
I think it was hysterical, I too had tears in my eyes laughing. For me, the funniest part was the fact that he still sees himself as far too young to be a threat to anyone in a sexual way.
posted by msali 30 November | 19:23
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