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28 November 2009

Another Radio Broadcasting Problem BP isn't the only person having problems getting into broadcast mode. i cant get it to work either.
i have the latest versions of winamp and edcast and i think i got the correct verion of the codec it asked for , but i cant find any trace of edcast (which was installed into the winamp folder) . ive tried installing a couple of times and no luck

is there a better player to use (i like winamp) or an alternative to edcast ?

or can someone spare some time to walk me thru it ? i'd really appreciate it

I'm no expert myself, but I'll try to take a stab at it.

In Winamp, go to Preferences-->Plug-ins-->DSP (this is from memory--I'm at work), and see if 'edcast,' or anything at all, is listed.

When you say you can't find any trace of Edcast, what do you mean?
posted by box 28 November | 13:18
i mean i cant find it anywhere . either thru looking in winamp using your suggestion (thanks btw) or in the folder tree . its like it didnt install . its weird . i'll try again tonight when i have more time .
posted by rollick 28 November | 13:40
Edcast doesn't install in the Start Menu or anything like that--it's just a couple files, .dll's and such, that get added to the Winamp directory (usually C:/Program Files/Winamp).

But yeah, a good next step would probably be to try reinstalling Edcast.
posted by box 28 November | 15:06
If you can't find this then edcast did not install properly.
≡ Click to see image ≡

Also make sure the decoders are all there.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 28 November | 16:01
ok looks edcast and the codecs are finally all there .

when i launch edcast i get a window with a tab for 'Metadata" and 'Edit' at the top. if i click 'Edit' another window opens with an space for 'metadata' or 'external metadata' . am i supposed to enter something here and if so what ?

this is a lot more confusing than i thought it would be
posted by rollick 28 November | 22:31
Nope, you don't need to manually enter any metadata. From that window, right-click on the entry under 'Encoder Settings' and select 'Configure,' then follow the instructions in arse_hat's .pdf.

It was a little more confusing than I expected too (and I had to switch to an old version of Edcast to keep my .flac's from crashing Winamp), but rest assured you'll get there.
posted by box 28 November | 23:14
(Unless I'm mistaken, btw, you don't need all those decoders unless you listen to .flac's and .midi's and .ogg's and whatnot. I don't use Winamp for anything but .mp3 and .flac, and so I only have a couple decoders. If this comment reads as mostly gibberish, rollick, please feel free to ignore it.)
posted by box 28 November | 23:17
rollick, I've sent you the set-up pdf. If you have any issues drop me an email.
posted by arse_hat 28 November | 23:44
And box is right about the codec thing and the fact that you need not worry if all that stuff sounds like gibberish.
posted by arse_hat 28 November | 23:45
Thanks Guys ! i'm almost there
posted by rollick 29 November | 21:27
2 Word Lyric Game || dodgy radio