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26 November 2009

My Pick For Best Movie Of 2009: Fantastic Mr. Fox! [More:]

Miko and I just saw this and man, is it good! It's everything you love about Wes Anderson movies and everything you love about stop-action animation all in one!

Best movie of the year, hands down.

Who's seen it? What did you like most?
I liked the wild animals. And that my nephew co-wrote the screenplay.
posted by Obscure Reference 26 November | 21:22
glad to hear its good . i'm planning on seeing it next wednesday
posted by rollick 26 November | 21:35
I saw this today as well and also loved it. Limits of Control and A Serious Man probably remain my picks for movies of the year (of those I've seen which is probably not enough for this claim to be worth much) but I'd put Fantastic Mr. Fox right up there. Overall a good year for animation I think with Ponyo and Up being very solid films as well.
posted by kodama 26 November | 21:56
I liked the wild animals. And that my nephew co-wrote the screenplay.

Your nephew is Noah Baumbach? Looking forward to Greenberg next year, the trailer looks pretty great.
posted by kodama 26 November | 21:59
Also loved it. I was telling LT about a story in the New Yorker on how Anderson developed the film. Interesting reading, but only the abstract is available online.
posted by Miko 26 November | 23:24
I want to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm watching softcore furry porn.

Damn you internet. Damn you.
posted by The Whelk 27 November | 01:10
Whelk, that's ALL I'm going to be able to think about when I see it. Thanks. Thanks a lot. :P
posted by nicecupoftea 27 November | 06:21
Believe me, Whelk, The., there's no way to look at this film and think softcore furry porn.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 27 November | 11:27
That New Yorker article looks good, will have to pick that one up. I also enjoyed this short piece that Anderson published at the Huffington Post about a favorite performance.
posted by kodama 27 November | 13:56
Thanks LT! We were trying to decide what movie to watch tonight. Now we know!
posted by special-k 27 November | 15:44
OMG, gf and I saw it last night and LOVED IT!

and the whole time I thought, OMG, LT IS Fantastic Mr. Fox.

(It's true, LT. I imagine that's how you are in real life).
posted by special-k 28 November | 13:57
Good review from Roger Ebert: Fantastic Mr. Fox

This quote really says all you need to know:

Like the hero of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," also based on one of his books, the creatures of Dahl's valley seem to know more than they're letting on; perhaps even secrets we don't much want to know. Children, especially, will find things they don't understand, and things that scare them. Excellent. A good story for children should suggest a hidden dimension, and that dimension of course is the lifetime still ahead of them. Six is a little early for a movie to suggest to kids that the case is closed. Oh, what if the kids start crying about words they don't know? -- Mommy, Mommy! What's creme brulee?" Show them, for goodness sake. They'll thank you for it. Take my word on this.

I'm really going to miss Ebert when he's gone.l
posted by kodama 28 November | 16:46
Special-K: First of all, THANKS! That's high praise indeed, but you may be the only one up in this hizzy who would make that comparison.

I'll definitely take it, though. Glad you liked the movie.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 November | 18:09
Saw it today, and LOVED IT. I loved how a Wes Anderson movie is still a Wes Anderson movie, animated or not.

Love George Clooney no matter if he is animated or in regular form.
posted by pinky.p 28 November | 23:00
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