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23 November 2009

Unnecessary objects of desire. Confess the objects of desire that you don't really need and wouldn't have bought if it weren't for the internet.
I had to have this Pilot M90 fountain pen where the nib is an integral extension of the barrel. I don't need it since I write perfectly well with a ballpoint if I write by hand at all.
In my defense I have to mention that I was going through some personal turmoil at the moment.
Everything I've ever bought on Etsy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 November | 11:38
Disposable income? Ah aha haaa haaa!
posted by Specklet 23 November | 11:43
You need to be more specific TPS. Give us an example.
posted by jouke 23 November | 11:43
My MeFi membership?;-)

Hmm, I think I'm actually pretty good about not indulging in internet purchases. I generally just specifically search out items when I can't find satisfactory versions, or any version at all, in Toronto, i.e., rare books, a pair of slippers because I didn't like anything I saw in the stores.

I do however make copies of things I see on the internet, even when I don't really need the item. Does that count?
posted by Orange Swan 23 November | 11:48
Probably the two Voigtlander Superb cameras I have. One was perhaps understandable, and I do use it, but then I had the opportunity to buy a second one that had sat in someone's collection which was in nearly perfect condition. It's a mechanical marvel built in the 1930's that corrects for parallax automatically, and it's a beautiful camera as well. I'm still looking for one in good condition with a Heliar lens that I can afford.

posted by eekacat 23 November | 11:53
Which rare book OS?
I got the '29 collected works of Joseph Conrad for my last birthday. Unneeded as well.

That looks a lot like the Rolleicord my father used. Separate light meter and all. By the time he had it all set up I would be sitting under the tripod.
posted by jouke 23 November | 11:57
Zills. (NGL, I bought a pair last week because I was so stoked about my bellydance class getting to play with veils this week.) Other bellydance stuff probably applies too, but that's really the first frivolous purchase I've made for that. (I have a crappy non-coin scarf that I picked up and have been wearing, but I've bought 2 coin scarves, one too small and one that's new, but I haven't worn then to class yet since the coin jingling scares the shit out of me when I wear them alone in my house for practice.)

It used to be clothes for me, because it would just be a way of turning off my brain and trolling through some of my favorite sites and thinking that new clothes would make me happier, but I've pretty much quit doing that lately since I've realized that I don't really get out much, so I don't really need that many clothes. I still like to troll through my favorite sites and I save things that are pretty into a special folder on my computer so if I start to see a trend, I can pick something I'll really like.
posted by sperose 23 November | 11:59
My Metatatt.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 23 November | 12:00
Did you notice that the Voigtländer brand is used for Japanese range finders now?
posted by jouke 23 November | 12:00
I have a copper sphere I bought on eBay. It sits on my desk and is incredibly shiny and reflective, unless people touch it, in which case I have to get out the Brasso. I would very much like to also have a silicon sphere to go with it, but they are more expensive and I don't need another object whose sole function is to be shiny.

I would also very much like any one of these for my desk, but... ouch! So expensive. Pretty much all my spendy money for the foreseeable future is represented by a small ball of black fluff under my chair.
posted by Wolfdog 23 November | 12:15
I bought some sort of robot cat toy thing that would move around a laser pointer light around. My cat broke it in about 1 minute.
posted by birdherder 23 November | 12:30
You need to be more specific TPS. Give us an example.

Ok, this for starters. I generally don't buy a lot of jewelry because I never wear it, but I liked this too much online to pass it up.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 November | 12:32
My Metamug.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 23 November | 13:07
Videos of the Miss America Pageant 1960-1989.
posted by JanetLand 23 November | 13:11
Yes, I did see that Cosina was using the Voigtlander name. I've actually considered getting one of them to use some of the old lenses I have. But that would be another unnecessary object of desire...

And, yes, very similar in function to your father's Rolleicord.
posted by eekacat 23 November | 13:22
I got an aeropress because of the internet and essexjan, but it's totally necessary! I also got soapnuts (not from that site), but they are eco-friendly and frugal. And I got a locking leash for our dog, so we can bring her with us when we need to duck inside a shop where we can't see her.

But, see, this is all stuff that I would have bought locally if I could. There are very many things I can't get here.

I've had my finger poised over the order button for: high-count Egyptian cotton sheets; handmade quilt; certain perfume; certain ring; handmade sandals; expensive dog toys; about a million books; enameled cast iron cookware... off the top of my head. But I'm guilt-ridden about spending money, plus we don't have any at the moment.
posted by taz 23 November | 13:36
I bought one of these a little while back. A couple years ago, I bought one of these.

Now I have two things on my keyring that open bottles. I think I'm a sucker for titanium with holes in it.
posted by box 23 November | 13:40
Without the internet I probably never would've bought real soap to brush my teeth with, lots of yarn since I never would've learned to crochet without youtube video tutorials specifically for the left handed, or my awesome Zenith plier stapler.
posted by birdie 23 November | 13:50
"Everything I've ever bought on Etsy."

Hah! I was coming in to say the same exact thing. Etsy is like crack. The crack that crack itself is addicted to.

I never knew I needed cowls and owls and letterpress cards and vintage dresses and handmade soaps until I joined Etsy.

And cozies for everything.
posted by iconomy 23 November | 15:23
Jeff Lemire's Complete Essex County in hardcover. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous book. And it was less than thirty bucks!

Amazon will be the death of me. Digital tire gauge! Iceburn Collective MP3s! Comix! Cookbooks!
posted by BitterOldPunk 23 November | 15:43
I'm fortunate that I mostly hate acquiring stuff.
posted by Wolfdog 23 November | 16:08
Many books on amazon, bunny stickers on etsy, salad dressing graduated containers from American Science and Surplus... the list goes on too long.
posted by rmless2 23 November | 16:47
- Books (most recently three Albert Payson Terhune dog stories)
- Online gaming (WoW - game and monthly fee, FarmVille Cash)
- Etsy (two rat netsuke and jade rat bead)
- Hammocks and other cozies for the rat cage
- MetaFilter sweatshirt
posted by deborah 23 November | 18:47
Someone on MeFi linked to the little puppets on the Unemployed Philosophers Guild a few months ago, and it sparked the collector in me.

First I decided on a couple, then a few, but they were all so cute and maybe just this one, ooh and this one...

I bought every fucking fingerpuppet available.
posted by Meatbomb 23 November | 19:46
This MBP. Yeah, sad I know, and not arty at all.
posted by pompomtom 23 November | 21:24
xkcd book

except that it is good for my sanity
so maybe i did need it....
posted by aniola 24 November | 22:01
This is the post where I both thank and curse Taz for showing me Drench || Monday lyrics challenge