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23 November 2009

Breast of goose! Give me your recipes. I've decided to get a goose breast from Lidl to stick in the freezer and eat at Christmas. How should I cook it?
I knew you wanted a Christmas goose, but not like this!
posted by danf 23 November | 12:53
Cue jokes about Santa coming just once a year, getting into my stockings, etc.
posted by essexjan 23 November | 13:06
grumble, grumble, can't believe I can't think of a tasteless sexy Christmas joke... grumble... something about a yule log...
posted by taz 23 November | 14:50
The old Cordon Bleu cookery book we have says accompaniments are the same as for duck. The recipes in it are full whole geeses, but you may be able to adapt. There's one with prune and apple stuffing that sounds nice. Flicking through other books, a couple have them stuffed with potato, there's one recipe for goose breast in balsamic vinegar and another for a goose stew. We can photocopy some if you want.
posted by Specklet 23 November | 16:01
I'm thinking that I could do something with the rhubarb relish you gave me, of which there is still some left.
posted by essexjan 23 November | 16:28
Here is my recipe for turkey breast that I think would adapt to goose quite well.
posted by terrapin 23 November | 19:35
I'm sorry I don't have a recipe to contribute but I'd like to request that you report back after you eat it. I have never tried goose. My sister made one once and said "never again", that it was too greasy and tasted gamy. I'm not a particularly adventuresome eater but still I'd like to know how it comes out.
posted by Kangaroo 23 November | 21:09
Thanks terrapin, that looks great. Looking online, I think Kangaroo is right that it's likely to have a strong flavour. I'm pretty sure I'll make some kind of sauce with the rhubarb relish that Specklet and TheDonF gave me, or maybe something with figs or some strong mushroom flavours. I'll definitely need to pan-sear the skin to reduce the fat before it goes into the oven.

Oooh, I just found this on the BBC website. 'Swede' is rutabaga to USians.
posted by essexjan 24 November | 12:36
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