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22 November 2009

Want! Some more of this, too (my Loosianan buddy Billy brought me some). and some of these. But they don't sell any of them around here. What regional delights are you craving and denied?
Cheese fried from Yours Truly restaurant in Cleveland.
posted by amro 22 November | 16:24
fries, not fried
posted by amro 22 November | 16:25
I should add: all Texan mechazens, Shiner Bock justifies your states existence all by itself.
posted by jonmc 22 November | 16:28
Monte Cristo from Melt in Cleveland.
posted by box 22 November | 16:37
Victory Storm King stout from Philly.
posted by box 22 November | 16:38
I think you can get Shiner in Chicago, now. I don't drink it, but my sister does. I would like a Shandy Carib, but I have no idea where to find it anymore.

As for regional delights, I miss the biscuits and gravy at Bob and Edith's.
posted by crush-onastick 22 November | 16:42
Calzone and cheese fries from Two Boys in Williamsport. Mmmm, drunk food.
posted by sperose 22 November | 17:03
I had never heard of savory macadamia nuts until I clicked that link, jonmc, but now I have to have them RIGHT NOW. I'm not crazy about plain macadamias, but a little garlic and onion sounds just right for them.

What regional delights are you craving and denied?

Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. I like it with a handful of salted peanuts on top.

Jalepeno peanuts from the Peanut Shop in Williamsburg.

Oh, my. I just had a brainwave: Blue Bell vanilla ice cream with a handful of jalepeno peanuts. Oh. Oh. WANT.

This isn't so much a regional specialty as a regional deficiency: I haven't had good Chinese food in years. We just don't have a good Chinese restaurant in the area, at least not one I know about. Come to think of it, I miss a lot of the fare I used to find in Chicago and Houston, especially Mexican (or even Tex-Mex!), soul food, and Polish food.
posted by Elsa 22 November | 17:14
The full array of Yuengling products on draft, especially the porter.

A decent tamale.

Fresh sweet NJ corn and tomatoes (in season of course)

A properly cooked bagel, served properly (not toasted, cut in half across, wrapped in wax paper) with a ridiculously thick schmear on it.

Real thin crust pizza with oregano-y sauce.
posted by Miko 22 November | 17:26
Oh, god, a real bagel!

There is --- or used to be, anyhow --- a very, very good bagel place in Bangor, Maine, of all places. I would give a good deal right now to have one of their sesame bagels, toasted, with scallion cream cheese. And maybe a piece of mandelbrot after.

I hear that Scratch Bakery in South Portland has good bagels, but I haven't tried them myself.

I'm going to tackle bagelmaking this winter, to offset the local bagel deficiencies. Also, homemade doughnuts.
posted by Elsa 22 November | 17:35
Oh yum, a bagel. Yeah, I could eat that.

I also want some Edy's slow churned Mint Chocolate chip ice cream. Right. Now.
posted by gaspode 22 November | 18:01
Utz crab chips and Natty Boh. A crabcake sub from the Sip N' Bite with a side of fries and gravy.
posted by mygothlaundry 22 November | 18:47
Shiner's okay, jon, but if you want really good beer brewed in Texas, you need to locate some Saint Arnold's out of Houston. The Fancy Lawnmower is my favorite sweltering sweaty Summer day beverage.
posted by ufez 22 November | 19:15
I'll mention it to my source, fez. The Bock he brought back was terrific, though. I'd love to try the Junior Johnson moonshine, too, but I don't have a source in any of those states yet.
posted by jonmc 22 November | 19:39
mygothlaundry, we have Utz crab chips down this way! Come visit!

jonmc: i'm sure there's someone in NC who is going up to NYC at some point. (I don't have current plans to, but if I ever mention it, remind me and I'll bring you a bottle, providing the ABC store carries it.)
posted by Stewriffic 22 November | 20:08
Bing cherries have to be in season somewhere.
posted by buzzman 22 November | 20:17
- Italian Garlic Supreme pizza from Round Table
- decent Mexican food
- Cinnabons
posted by deborah 22 November | 20:59
amro: I know Yours Truly. I have eaten most things on the menu. I love The Envelope and the Chagrin Broil and that breakfast thing, the YT Medley, fried eggs on pita bread with bacon and cheese. And I love love love their cottage fries but don't be mad at me, not so much with cheese.

I miss: Amster's pretzel bagels, Wise potato chips, East Coast Custard, Euclid Beach candy kisses and popcorn balls, DanDee Corn Twistees and Heinen's chicken salad.
posted by Kangaroo 22 November | 21:46
Poutine from Belgian Fries on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Best hangover food ever. Sits in your belly like a greasy potato fist, in a good way. Also, Aero bars, Smarties (real Smarties are made of chocolate, not that weird chalky sugar, and you will never convince me otherwise), good salmon, good smoked salmon, and loose tea from Murchie's (which, as bmarkey pointed out a while back, I can mail order, if I can convince BOP that mail ordering tea isn't silly and extravagant.) I was missing HP sauce, too, until my dad sent me some. Yay, Dad.
posted by elizard 22 November | 22:17
Kangaroo, I lived off those fries in law school (back when I could still get away with that and not gain weight). I think there was one other thing on the menu that I got sometimes, but I can't remember what. I was a vegetarian back then, so it was something meat-free.
posted by amro 22 November | 23:45
Real pate. Urban pate. Not suburban pre-packaged bought-at-BevMo pate.
posted by occhiblu 22 November | 23:58
Chocolates from the provider to the court in The Hague. Best chocolates I've ever had.

Shiner Bock, huh? I've drunk Shiner Hefe Weizen in SF since I always drink the local beers. It failed to impress me. But then beer is very subjective. Maybe I should have tried the Bock.
Seems funny that monks were on a fast and compensated for that with a high-calory beer. Doesn't seem to fit with the spirit of abstinence of a fast I'd think.
posted by jouke 23 November | 00:16
Ohhhhh, speaking of pate, the liverwurst from J&Z Meats. So insanely good.
posted by elizard 23 November | 00:35
I'd just about kill for a big plate of the greasy nasi goreng made by the little guy in the underground food hall in Sydney Chinatown. That was all sorts of awesome.
posted by ninazer0 23 November | 00:53
Oh man, now I want nasi goreng too.
posted by chrismear 23 November | 08:34
I just want real fresh orange-tasting orange juice again ;_;
posted by casarkos 23 November | 15:02
Little Kings Cream Ale. in 7 oz. bottles(Chick beer) Vic Cassano & Mom Donisi's Pizza. Thin, thin, chewy crust. pepperoni & green olives. So salty, you're gonna need lots of Little Kings.
posted by theora55 23 November | 16:22
Huh. I've got Shiner at every grocery now that the town's gone wet. Tell you what, I'll send a case, and you send however many pounds of books. :)

As for me, I'll go with Amazon and streaming movies from Netflix. And if that's not fast enough, I can reserve movies on the nearest Redbox from my house.
posted by lysdexic 23 November | 16:22
Oh, heck. I'm in the wrong thread. Back to bed.
posted by lysdexic 23 November | 16:24
I've also got Shiner everywhere (and a couple varieties, even--they make a pretty good Hefeweizen).

If you want to work out some kind of exchange involving, say, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Southern Tier IPA or almost anything from Ommegang, just say the word.
posted by box 23 November | 16:40
Strongbow cider! God almighty, I miss Strongbow.
posted by elizard 24 November | 13:01
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