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20 November 2009

Your new sidebar art.... yes! at last! ... is brought to you by the discerning pjern, the saucy Marxchivist, the elegant gomichild, and the always-delicious flapjax_at_midnite on the left, top to bottom, and by the exactlywonderful pieisexactlythree on the right. [More:]

I'll be updating weekly from now on, and special thanks to seanyboy who made me a nice, easy interface for changing these.
Gorgeous, I love it!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 November | 10:35
Yay! They look fantastic. Love the bright colors.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 November | 10:38

*hugs knees, rocks back and forth, scared*
posted by essexjan 20 November | 10:41
Very awesome!
posted by sperose 20 November | 10:54
They look great!
posted by gaspode 20 November | 10:55
Yeah! Very cool.
posted by richat 20 November | 11:05
Ooooo, yay! Super nice!
posted by Sil 20 November | 11:22
I like how the arrow points down to the last pic on the left. ^_^
posted by TrishaLynn 20 November | 11:36
posted by occhiblu 20 November | 11:47
Awesome! I love our new lease on life. Y'all all rock.
posted by Stewriffic 20 November | 12:11
If it's not too hard, how about a sidebar art archive/showcase/Hall of Fame? I know that might seem redundant given the Metachat Eye feature, but it could be simply a (series of) page(s) of, say 20 pics at a time, most recent to oldest, with the pics in sidebar size as they appeared on the front page. Same mouseover text as now, with maybe the date of first appearance added (e.g. 'photo by pjern - 20 Nov 09'), and still with a clickable link to the fullsize original hosted at Flickr.
posted by hangashore 20 November | 12:16
Is a quick fix possible? The flapjax_at_midnite caption has the name spelled wrong -- should be "nite" rather than "night."
posted by occhiblu 20 November | 12:20
fixed! and well-spotted, occhi! :)

That's not a bad idea at all, hangashore - The effort to update that, though... hmm.
posted by taz 20 November | 12:25
I LOVE the new art! It's amazing how it changes the whole *feel* of the site. Energy! Excitement! Color! Toy soldiers!
posted by Miko 20 November | 12:29
Weekly? Wow, that is quite an effort. Biweekly seems often enough. Just my 2 cents...
posted by Ardiril 20 November | 13:22
posted by special-k 20 November | 13:47
It looks wonderful, taz. Thanks!
posted by deborah 20 November | 13:51
posted by elizard 20 November | 14:19
Oh yeah, very nice choices.
posted by Ardiril 20 November | 14:50
I'll be updating weekly from now on

Don't let anyone ever say we haven't grown. Remember how much hubbub there was when zombie bunny went away? And now the pictures will change weekly? See?? We've grown!
posted by mudpuppie 20 November | 15:09
Wonderful, this is great. This actually makes my day.
posted by msali 20 November | 15:42
See?? We've grown!
Does a second head count as growth? If so, yay!
posted by dg 20 November | 17:53
When I first clicked in today, I said "Ooooooooo!" but had to rush out of the house without a chance to comment. So now I'll comment:

posted by Elsa 20 November | 18:14
posted by gomichild 20 November | 18:42
Glad for the change, even though my stuffed duckie (he was the guy on the right) is sad he is no longer featured. Yay freshness!
posted by Specklet 20 November | 18:43
What does the Japanese text in the bottom picture say?
posted by aniola 20 November | 19:11
Soba and Udon Standing Restaurant.

It's a stand up noodle shop.
posted by gomichild 20 November | 19:27
aniola - I think the Flikr caption is about that text: seen in Iidabashi, Tokyo. The noren says "soba" and "udon", which are the types of Japanese noodles served.
posted by filthy light thief 20 November | 19:28
Oh! I didn't realize I could click on the pictures....

All of a sudden, sitting down to eat my food feels luxurious.
posted by aniola 20 November | 20:52
New Metachat Administration. || Nooooooo!!! *sob*