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20 November 2009

Our washer broke, so we ordered a new one on the Lowe's website at 9pm Pacific Wednesday night, for "overnight" delivery. [More:] The website made it sound like they'd have to call during business hours to arrange the delivery, so we figured they'd call Thursday to arrange a Friday delivery.

Instead, we get a call Thursday morning saying they're at the house. We were not, so without any drama they rescheduled for this morning. They showed up, were super-nice, took the old washer and brought in the new one, were in and out in a half-hour, and refused a tip.

I had gotten so used to despairing about the inconvenience of these sorts of things that it's just really nice to be wrong.
Isn't it great when something exceeds your expectations?
posted by arse_hat 20 November | 12:48
You might want to consider the possibility that the machine is haunted, cursed, or perhaps even possessed by the devil. This would explain their uncharacteristic speed and efficiency: They were desperate to unload the infernal contraption onto some other poor, unsuspecting soul. (See: R.L. Stevenson's "The Bottle Imp")
posted by Atom Eyes 20 November | 13:07
My experience has been almost all services improving in quality and the friendliness of the representatives, in restaurants especially. I still find the situation a bit disconcerting though to find a restaurant with guests at only 2 or 3 tables early on a Saturday evening.
posted by Ardiril 20 November | 13:16
You might want to consider the possibility that the machine is haunted, cursed, or perhaps even possessed by the devil.

Yay! I have a spoooooooooooooooky washer!
posted by occhiblu 20 November | 13:27
What arsey said.

You should let Lowe's know that you're pleased with them.
posted by deborah 20 November | 13:43
Oh yeah - companies love getting nice feedback instead of just complaints all the time.
posted by Orange Swan 20 November | 13:55
That is totes nice letter territory. (I wrote one to Sears when they delivered my washer and dryer. Up 3 flights of stairs.)
posted by sperose 20 November | 14:01
This is why Lowe's is like a million times better than Home Depot. When we were shopping for a new refrigerator we went to Home Depot first because it was closer, and spent quite some time being ignored by the Home Depot staffer who, when he finally deigned to talk to us, knew next to nothing about the products in his section. We said fuck it and went to Lowe's, where an incredibly helpful young woman helped us find exactly the right refrigerator while steering us away from models that were needlessly more expensive, and hooked us up with free delivery at the date and time of our choosing.

The delivery guys showed up exactly on time, were fast and friendly, took away our old refrigerator without a charge, and also refused a tip.

I fucking {heart} the shit out of Lowes, and since then have happily driven the extra 10 minutes to give them my business instead of Home Despot.
posted by dersins 20 November | 14:57
I'm with Dersins, we have had great experiences with Lowe's, and I've let them know about how great individual staff have been. That said, I am so glad that Occhi was pleasantly surprised by their customer service. I also like the theory that perhaps the goods are possessed, but I'm inclined to believe it was just good people doing the right thing at the right time.
posted by msali 20 November | 15:38
Yay for replacing white goods sans drama!
posted by gomichild 20 November | 18:53
OK, and so now I figured I'd take up the head of steam I assumed I'd have to apply to the washer delivery and called the auto insurance company who's been ignoring me to complain that they owe me money, and the woman very politely told me that they had sent out a check but if I had not received it, they'd send out a new one right away.

What the hell, universe? Pleasant surprises all day long!

And yes, I will write a letter to Lowe's, because they were awesome.
posted by occhiblu 20 November | 19:03
Happy birthday pinky.p! || Jarvis Cocker, "Further Complications."