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16 November 2009

Tell me 3 fun things you did this weekend.[More:]1. I went to IKEA and bought little multi-colored plastic kids cups that I will enjoy drinking things out of.
2. I brushed up on my poker skills; didn't win, but I coulda' been a contender but for one bad hand (well, bad as in that I had a great hand but somebody had a better hand).
3. We have a preliminary decision on our honeymoon location; waiting for my aunt and uncle to book the timeshare (which they have so graciously donated to us) and we are good to go!
I watched the first season of Twin Peaks.
I dozed off during most of 2012.
I put tap water on the keg that was sitting empty in my kegerator, and now I can dispense sparkling tap water from a fancy beer tap.
posted by qvantamon 16 November | 09:56
1. Went to a new Indian film with my friend who is friends with the star!
2. Had fun at a bowling bday party even though I was the second worst of the whole group and the bf bowled behind his back and left-handed and still did better than I did.
3. Had a loooong (4 hr) brunch on Sunday which was very relaxing and domestic.
posted by rmless2 16 November | 10:22
1. Double date with friends. Had a yummy Indian meal and saw Men Who Stare at Goats.
2. Annual trip to the Cabot Hosiery sock sale in Northfield, VT where we got a supply of the awesome Darn Tough socks made right here in Vermont. Then over to the t-shirt sale where we got new hooded sweatshirts and a few tees.
3. Lazy rainy day with turtlegirl were we did nothing more than hang out, watch movies, and cuddle.
posted by terrapin 16 November | 10:28
No fun things; had a migraine all weekend so I spent most of it sleeping.
posted by deborah 16 November | 10:31
1. We went on a little package day trip tour run by the local historical society. We took a train trip to Johnstown, PA and toured all of the flood museums and monuments. Just being on a train was cool, haven't done that in a decade and I'm a sucker for historical sites and museums. The flood would make a great James Cameron movie, sort of Titanic in the mountains. Rich people built an artificial lake fifteen miles upstream from the gritty little mill city; when the damn broke in a storm, it sent a forty foot high wall of water and debris down on the worker's house, killing 2000 people in minutes. We were the youngest couple on the tour, sort of like tagging along on an Elder Hostel trip.
2. Spent yesterday doing computer clean up stuff, cleared out my inbox and patched the shopping cart application that I maintain for the neighborhood group.
3. Actually cooked, made pea soup in the crock pot yesterday.
posted by octothorpe 16 November | 10:53
1. I made a felt horse ornament thing for christmas!
2. I got a rash on my finger!
3. I ate yogurt!
posted by eatdonuts 16 November | 10:58
my weekend isn't over yet. I have an appointment with my shrink at 3pm. at 4pm, I will be here. Come join me. (for the booze, not the psychotherapy, although you could argue that they are one and the same)
posted by jonmc 16 November | 11:05
1. Went to a friends' house Saturday night and roasted marshmallows over a fire in their backyard fire pit! (Even though it was unseasonably warm for such things.)
2. While we were busy roasting marshmallows, a car crashed into a garage 2 doors down from our apartment. So, all day Sunday we watched the massive cleanup, etc. effort. The news kept saying there were dangerous materials related to a meth lab in the car, but frankly I think the meth lab was in the garage from what we saw. Pretty crazy.
3. Test rode a Surly Long Haul Trucker bike and loved it. It's so hard to find bikes that fit little ol' me. But, it's expensive and I can't afford it right now. Next year, maybe.
posted by misskaz 16 November | 11:19
1. Friday: Went to a pal's art opening and daydreamed about buying a quilt that's filled with references to punk rock/DIY subcultures and vernacular architecture.
2. Saturday: Housesat for some other pals, which consisted largely of watching teevee with a bunch of cats on my lap. I also ordered a pizza and listened to some of their records.
3. Sunday: Continued my plan to visit every hiking trail in town. Flip-flops in November, even.

On preview: ooh, one of my pals has an LHT--it's a nice tough all-around bike, especially w/26" wheels, and comfy.
posted by box 16 November | 11:22
1) Took the girls to a birthday party. Saw the birthday girl's dad, who I've usually found odd enough that I found it hard to talk to him. This time? Easy, great conversation, which was really nice. Dunno why he's seemed so unable to chat in the past?

2) We were able to walk down to see the Santa Claus parade this year, thanks to my new AWESOME HOUSE. The girls had a great time, and I did too.

3) Had a few friends over for dinner last went pretty well, considering I've only been in the new place for a week!
posted by richat 16 November | 11:41
1) Last night, I read books one and two of the Iliad.

2.) In book two, line 632-633, I found the very first reference to the mullet hairstyle in Western literature.

"The sprinting Abantes followed hard at his heels,
their forelocks cropped, hair grown long at the back"

3.) On Saturday, I squatted 315 pounds for three sets of five, which is my old record. I'm looking forward to shattering that record later this week.

posted by jason's_planet 16 November | 11:50
1. Performed with my handbell choir, and dedicated the 5 new bass bells that we just purchased. The priest said he couldn't "officially" bless the bells, because apparently only bishops can bless them, :) but he said a nice prayer over them anyway.

2. Reread Burnett's "A Little Princess" for no reason at all.

3. Had lunch at Legal Sea Foods with mom.
posted by Melismata 16 November | 12:00
1. Went to The Melting Pot for my mother's birthday. While there was shitfuckery and the usual needling up to the point where we were seated, everyone was fairly well-behaved once we started eating.

2. I found a bitchin' painting thing at Homegoods and will be heading back today to purchase it (after hiding it behind some big ass mirrors last night) even though it doesn't really go with my color scheme.

3. My week of forced bedrest has made me realize just how much I really like my dance class, even if now I'm going to have to be extremely careful to avoid further injury. I'm also thinking about taking 2 classes a week instead of one.
posted by sperose 16 November | 12:05
1. I met some fun new people on Saturday. And some fun people I'd met once before. And a lovely friend.

2. We went to see La Cage Aux Folles with John Barrowman. He was gorgeous and fabulous. The show was amazing.

3. We had fondue! Two kinds of fondue! Cheese fondue! Chocolate fondue! And we finished off the Halloween Candy by dipping it in the chocolate fondue! A Malteser skewered on a fondue fork and then dipped in chocolate fondue is one of the most wonderful things I have ever put in my mouth.
posted by essexjan 16 November | 12:22
1. I made a compost bin. That was kind of cool.
2. I, uh, mowed the lawn. That was kind of cool.
3. I didn't do much else.
posted by Stewriffic 16 November | 12:24
1. Went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday. It's so nice!
2. The kidling, when she sees pictures of lions, roars. (it's v. cute) When she saw real lions roaring she giggled.
3. Cute boy flirted with me in starbucks this morning. He can't have been older than 25. He also made googly eyes at the baby. Aw.
posted by gaspode 16 November | 12:26
1. Had a really good, productive, fun rehearsal with my jazz band. We're recording some stuff next weekend.

2. Went totally OCD on Beatles Rock Band and earned a couple of the 'play this thing 100% correct, you robot' achievements.

3. Ate a whole box of chocolates.

In book two, line 632-633, I found the very first reference to the mullet hairstyle in Western literature.

That. is. awesome.

A Malteser skewered on a fondue fork and then dipped in chocolate fondue is one of the most wonderful things I have ever put in my mouth.

My flatmate has this theory that 'double-wrapped' foods are the best foods. He will be excited to hear about this.
posted by chrismear 16 November | 12:28
I did not have THAT much fun over the weekend but it was nice.
1. Saw Pirate Radio, which I actually hated. The music was GREAT, but the whole thing was formulaic all the way to the end. The KIDS v the ESTABLISHMENT has been done, better, in a myriad of flicks. And since this was put out by a major studio, there is a little dissonance in the message. But the music was great. . .I had forgotten about how much I like the Turtles!

2. Got ALL the stormwindows on, and did a fair amount of other work in and around the house. Which is a GOOD thing.

3. My little brother is feeding me episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a disc at a time, since we don't have cable. Very enjoyable. We watched a few of those Saturday night, and then The Two Towers.
posted by danf 16 November | 12:34
1. Friday: Sang a LT made-up 80's hard rock song with my friend's band, The Mango Wranglers, entitled "Gonna Crash Out Hard Tonight!"

2. Went to South Church Saturday night and did my campain tabling - netted over seven bags of donated food.

3. Sunday was spent with Mr. Johnny Cash as I tried to recuperate from tearing up the muscles in my neck from rheumatoid arthritis. Bonus: Miko-made Chicken pot pie!

posted by Lipstick Thespian 16 November | 12:41
1. I won at Scrabble.
2. I was introduced to the show Psych and liked it very much.
3. I got smooched.
posted by JanetLand 16 November | 13:01
1. I listened to a lot of really good, mostly new, music.
2. I sang and played guitar.
3. I got in touch with old friends and made new ones.
posted by Hugh Janus 16 November | 13:43
I'm sure that was an absolutely delicious gob of malty sugar, but visually it's a bit... er.
Anyway, here's my weekend:
1. Puppy
2. Puppy
3. Puppy
posted by Wolfdog 16 November | 13:54
1. Like TPS, I played poker this weekend. I also need to brush up on skills, but since I netted $25 on a $20 buy-in, this is awesome. (TPS, if you'd like to join a friendly ring cash game in Harlem, let me know and I can get you on the invite list.)

2. I finally can play Phantasy Star Universe on my PS2, thanks to an old friend I re-connected with via Facebook who happens to work for SEGA.

3. I might have a friendly lunch date this week! Now let's hope I can actually get out of the office for lunch!
posted by TrishaLynn 16 November | 14:18
1. Completed painting my furniture so that my bedroom is now almost perfectly matching for the first time in years-- still need to find some fabric for new covers for my duvet (once I dig it out of storage) and papasan. I even got Cat a coordinating lambswool bed to celebrate. Now once I figure out how to launder my enormous rug, things will be all ready for winter. Very satisfying.

2. Presents from the mother and the father, both from their travels. Mum brought me a print of the delightful Black Hollyhock, Blue Larkspur from the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, and Dad brought me martenitsa and a hilarious (due to the expression, which is pure "Do not make me use this sword on your face") hand-painted icon of St. Michael from Bulgaria which I have set over my desk to stare me into submission when doing my work. We are not Orthodox, but we know authority when it glares at us.

3. Books, books, books... just started Tom Jones, still savoring several others.
posted by notquitemaryann 16 November | 20:40
1. Attended one of my best friend's sons' birthday party. So nice to be surrounded by friend's and some I consider to be family.

2. Dinner with work friends - met my widowed friend's new beau. She's been alone for 2 1/2 years, and I was afraid she wouldn't put herself out there again. She seems happy, and he seems nice.

3. Dragged my sons out to a park to (hopefully) take family pictures for a holiday card. Imagine a 16 year old's enthusiasm. Priceless.
posted by redvixen 16 November | 21:44
a. Watched "Burn After Reading", which was very amusing.

b. Saturday, led a training class for the volunteer program I work with.

c. Had an awesome volunteer shift on Sunday night.
posted by Gorgik 16 November | 23:06
Went to Columbia art, SC state and Greeneville museums.
Ate tons of mustard barbecue.
Drove to Charleston.

I think Gruyere and malt balls (Whoppers in the US)are vile.
posted by brujita 17 November | 01:02
DOA by Bloodrock (1972). || Is there a computer virus that cannot be killed?