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13 November 2009

Photo Friday : WTF?
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posted by cillit bang 13 November | 04:59
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posted by cillit bang 13 November | 05:01
It's just that Texas is one of the last places I'd look for good pizza.
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Here's me thinking WTF?!
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posted by Specklet 13 November | 05:23
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posted by jonmc 13 November | 08:26
cillit bang - I love the Stormtrooper on the platform. Cracked me up.
posted by typewriter 13 November | 08:45
Three sorts of WTF:

? (a six year old ran amok with my camera at the Smithsonian last weekend. Dunno what this is)

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!! (duck and baseball)

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posted by crush-onastick 13 November | 09:28
This guy is carrying a sign that is mildly NSFW.

My WTF link.
posted by jason's_planet 13 November | 10:07
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The Savior. In Radishes. This is from Noche de Rabanos, a Oaxacan tradition in which, on Chrismas Eve, the various barrios and villages in the area create these very strange and wonderful Christmas scenes in radishes and marigolds, among other materials.
posted by danf 13 November | 10:58
Holy cow, danf...Night of the Radishes is completely awesome. That's a FPP if there ever was one - there are a lot of great links like this with more photos. If you don't want to work up a post, can I have dibs? But if you do, I totally encourage a nice December post on this. It's so neato.

There's no end to the odd things humans do.
posted by Miko 13 November | 11:05
Miko, here is my set, from several Christmases down there.

Yeah it's pretty neat but it got in the NY Times and now it's over crowded, but still fun. Posadas are also really special to go to.
posted by danf 13 November | 11:12
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I saw this on my bike ride this morning. Apparently Miss Gonzalez turned 40 today, and the people that love her felt compelled to put a life-sized piņata in her front yard to celebrate the event.

I have no idea who Miss Gonzalez is.
posted by Doohickie 13 November | 13:04
Green. Semen.
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posted by rhapsodie 13 November | 13:15
The local recycling center (which is not monitored) makes for some interesting leftbehinds:

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posted by tommasz 13 November | 13:35
Oh, man. Someone tell Guy that a life-sized Cinderella pinata is precisely what I want for my 40th birthday.
posted by crush-onastick 13 November | 13:48
This is a REALLY fun Pho-Fri thread.
posted by flapjax at midnite 13 November | 19:15
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posted by plinth 13 November | 20:32
jamaro, dude, that last pic is ten kinds of awesome.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 November | 23:13
Hee, thanks. I warned him he should stop eating at Jack in the Box.
posted by jamaro 13 November | 23:23
Jamaro, your first pic reminded me of my gar mouth just above. And seconding BP on the 2nd photo.
posted by flapjax at midnite 14 November | 00:58
FAM: that gar mouth rocks and I love that it's mounted like a trophy. I'd sure like one of those for my mantel.

My first pic is the mouth of a Nepenthes hybrid (carnivorous tropical pitcher plant), I'd have to check my greenhouse notes for which one, it's just a baby and the adult form will be more...toothy.
posted by jamaro 14 November | 01:30
Resurrecting the Champ || Rhode Island governor