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12 November 2009

Most of the repairs that they have as examples cost more than my jeans cost new.
posted by octothorpe 12 November | 10:42
Yeah, I don't really get it. They're just going to rip again, just perhaps in a different spot. For $30-$50 you can have a new pair of jeans. Or resale shops sometimes have the better brands for low prices.
posted by desjardins 12 November | 11:06
This service is for people who pay three-figure prices for new jeans.
posted by jason's_planet 12 November | 11:43
I don't think I'd go as far to use this service, but I took my jeans that I ripped this summer to my tailor just to see if she could do anything and she did an awesome job matching the color and stitching for $15. I think it's worth it to have your jeans back that you already know fit you well and might not be in production anymore.

posted by rmless2 12 November | 12:12
Ha, and for those prices, they're abusing Flickr's TOS.
posted by dhartung 12 November | 13:02
For those prices, you could get Dr.Denim jeans. .....sorta
posted by dabitch 12 November | 16:13
Yes, but will they repair my broken heart?
posted by Lipstick Thespian 12 November | 16:39
As long as your heard was stitched onto the butt pocket of your jeans, and that was where your jeans tore. Or if you're like the velveteen rabbit, but made of denim.

Otherwise, not so much.
posted by filthy light thief 12 November | 19:26
All right - I'll come clean. My favorite pair of jeans were "three figures". Favorite Jeans started to wear a bit thin in the knees after 3 glorious years. I bought a replacement pair - Same maker, same cut, different wash - that turned out to be totally different in terms of fit. I was so frustrated that I wrote out all of the details from the tags in Favorite Pair and emailed the company, asking where to get exact replacements. They very nicely phoned me back, and the very nice rep swore on a stack of bibles that she had consulted with the production manager, and that the cut was the same. I can only conclude that they were incorrect, as I own two very different jeans with the same labels.

So this denim repair service is intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to their newsletter.
posted by Triode 12 November | 21:11
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