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12 November 2009

Could MeFi Film Club move to MeCha? I feel like this is a bit of n00b blasphemy to even propose this, but ...[More:]
MeCha was invoked on two recent posts, the former including some chatting about the downturn of MeCha, and an interesting summary of thoughts from grouse, the latter was Eideteker noting that MeFi was behind the times.

So ... would offering up MetaChat as a potential Film Club Hub for more MeFi-ers be a bad thing? Say yes, or even maybe, and I'll say no more of this.
We've actually just tried to get something like this going here, and it kind of faltered but was promising while it lasted. I'm always about the film discussion, so count me in as "hell yeah."
posted by BoringPostcards 12 November | 20:47
I'm in!
posted by jamaro 12 November | 21:11
I would love it!
posted by iconomy 12 November | 21:34
Give it a shot, see how it goes. Wait, that doesn't sound encouraging enough.

Yeah, yeah, do it, do it!
posted by box 12 November | 22:06
Sounds like a plan to me - not that I'm a film buff or anything, but it sounds like something right up MeCha's alley to me.
posted by dg 12 November | 22:12
Hells yes! If nothing else BP and I will post something ;)
posted by arse_hat 12 November | 22:16
Uh, I think it breaks the guidelines, since, and I quote from the top of the page here, "MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post, discuss and chatter about topics that may not belong on MetaFilter."

No no hang on - "breaks" is the wrong term; "perfectly suits" is more like it. Go for it!
posted by hangashore 12 November | 22:23
I, for one welcome our new blue overlords.
posted by danf 12 November | 22:52
Whadda the Smurfs have to do with this?
posted by arse_hat 12 November | 22:55
"Are you bluish? You don't look bluish."
posted by BoringPostcards 12 November | 23:01
Ah, thanks. I couldn't track down the post, and the Movie Club isn't on the wiki. Otherwise I would have linked to it.
posted by Eideteker 12 November | 23:21
No reason not to extend the invitation! Many have noted that MetaChat would benefit from an influx of new, enthused members, and this might be a good reason for them to give the place a try.
posted by Miko 13 November | 00:25
UPDATED! The second of many posts about the EmCee! || Lambchop is a band from Nashville