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09 November 2009

You Get To Bring One Thing Back...... [More:]

In honor of this thread, I have dispatched you, my Meta-minions to All Points Liminal and Interstitial.

You have all visited all the various Earths, and have been specially provisioned to bring back one item apiece to tell of the differences there.

Please gather with me now and my Irish Wolfhound at the fireplace and let us Show and Tell....
Oh there are so many that would be thrilling. I really enjoyed the world in which Johnny Cash walked the earth forever, keeping us all so RIGHT. For that matter, the one in which Joe Strummer taught a class in rhetoric/BULLSHIT at the university I attended? THAT was a great reality.

I also enjoyed the world in which giraffes spoke. Low, low, voices, with great mystique. Then, when you really learned to understand them? Turns out they were mainly self-interested knobs. Still, it was a cool place.
posted by richat 09 November | 20:58
Who'd have thought that a world without barnacles would be so different?
posted by gaspode 09 November | 22:17
I found it, the end of the rainbow, the happiness engine, the end of it all the start of desire the lilly of the valley the sleep of reason the logos

no you can't have it
posted by The Whelk 09 November | 22:52
I hope you've all brushed up on your ancient Greek; this chap standing here next to me is the fellow who built the Antikythera Mechanism, and I'm sure we'll all be delighted to hear what he has to say.
posted by Triode 10 November | 00:30
This here pair of one-size-fits-everyone green Toughskins can tell us all of a land not far from where we are, where rivers, horses, and children run free through the green country to the shining sea, where you and me are free to be you and me.
posted by Hugh Janus 10 November | 01:11
I want to go live in the one Hugh Janus visited. I'd visit The Whelk's for vacation.
posted by aniola 10 November | 12:56
Aniola - no commenting on other people's journeys until you tell us about what YOU brought back. I sent everyone.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 10 November | 13:21
I've brought back wings for everyone! Now we can all experience soaring in the sky, gliding through sunshine and black velvet nights freely. It'll make traveling to Hugh Janus's and The Whelk's Earths much easier.
posted by redvixen 10 November | 14:07
I've brought back some blue cheese dressing. For the wings.
posted by box 10 November | 14:25
I brought back the moon.
posted by aniola 10 November | 21:57
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