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09 November 2009

Things I have made I created a set on Flickr awhile ago that consisted of pictures of things I'd made, and this past Friday I got busy and shot most of a roll of film of some of my work, mostly sweaters. Thought some of you might be interested in viewing the photos.
OK the heart sweater is beyond great. And that turquoise cardigan .. would you make me one in a sort of deep khaki green? Please?

That's an impressive portfolio of stuff. It must be pretty satisfying to make such beautiful things.
posted by Kangaroo 09 November | 22:21
I was struck by what a difference it made to see a sweater on a dressmaker's dummy, and then photographed. Some of the sweaters I wasn't all that thrilled about presented so well, while others I was more pleased with didn't show to advantage.
posted by Orange Swan 09 November | 22:54
Wow, nice stuff! I love the fair isle cardigan. I'm about to embark on my first sweater, this gives me hope!
posted by birdie 09 November | 23:22
Nice stuff. . .I also looked at your bathroom remodel, which is really good.
posted by danf 09 November | 23:57
oh, yum, the teal sweater. I'll just put that on right now and not take it off 'til March.
posted by taz 10 November | 02:53
Nice stuff!
posted by gomichild 10 November | 07:06
I love the clothes you make for yourself - that cream coat is fabulous. And, the cardigans are my favorite since I absolutely love wearing them as they are so versatile. Plus, everything looks so professionally made. Course, the stuffed animals are too cute! Love love love this!
posted by mightshould 10 November | 09:11
I love the one with the shawl collar! Very inspiring to this newbie knitter.(My pieces, no sweaters yet and missing some fingerless mittens I made but never took pictures of.)
posted by misskaz 10 November | 09:46
Neat! I love that green sweater.

My mother regularly suggests I take up knitting. How did you learn? How long have you been at it?
posted by crush-onastick 10 November | 09:47
crush, while I'm no Orange Swan, I taught myself to knit with a book. There are lots of videos on YouTube that I've relied on for trickier techniques that just didn't make sense on paper or that weren't covered in the book.

I have two problems with knitting: 1. the cost of the supplies - needles, circular needles, double point needles, and of course the yarn; and 2. having waaaay more projects on my to-knit list than I can get through. I have too many friends and family members having babies lately and I just can't keep up, and now it's the holiday season and I probably won't be able to make as many gifts as I'd like.
posted by misskaz 10 November | 10:30
My mother taught me to knit when I was eight, so I've been knitting for [yikes] 28 years. It was actually quite hard for me to learn, but I wanted to be able to knit so desperately I just stuck with it.
posted by Orange Swan 10 November | 11:10
That is some beautiful work, OS. Thanks so much for posting it. The sweaters have given me some ideas (and helped me get over the fear of knitting from my own designs), and how much do I wish I could sew like that? A lot. I just never had the patience.

I've just gotten back into knitting in the past year (my gran taught me when I was little), and have become obsessed with it. Here are a couple of things I've made. For those wanting to take it up, I second misskaz's suggestion of Stitch 'n' Bitch. Great attitude, good instructions & diagrams, and a bunch of patterns that let you leap in without being intimidated. I also find to be an incredible resource, mostly (but not solely) because of the wealth of experienced knitters/crocheters/spinners/weavers who are only too happy to help out with advice and encouragement. (Right now, an Estonian member is teaching me to make Estonian mittens the way she learned as a child. How cool is that?) Lots of good tips for finding quality, affordable yarn, too.
posted by elizard 10 November | 12:00
Wow, Elizard, your work is terrific!
posted by Orange Swan 10 November | 12:10
Thanks! Coming from someone as skilled as you, that means a hell of a lot. (I'm k2cuss2 on Rav, btw, if any MeChazens want to link up there.)
posted by elizard 10 November | 12:16
I'm misskaz, on ravelry, obv.
posted by misskaz 10 November | 14:35
That self-striping green sweater is the best! Oddly satisfying to see some stuff made by someone in my group affiliation.
posted by StickyCarpet 10 November | 14:48
Beautiful work, all of you.

I've tried a couple times to learn to knit; I even took a class. But I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I should give it another go.
posted by deborah 10 November | 17:06
Lots of beautiful things.

I think the shawl collared sweater is my favorite. Looks so warm and comfy and still flattering at the same time.

What a wonderful gift you have. Thanks for sharing these.

(Starts rummaging around trying to find knitting needles from ages and ages ago.)

posted by marsha56 11 November | 23:16
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