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06 November 2009

Three Point Status update: weekend edition. [More:]

1. I got a job

2. It's only a one-month contract

3. But it's work! And in my chosen field, not some crap job I'm only doing because I have to.
1. I had a half-day today so I drove to Harlow to see 'An Education' but the online listing was wrong and it wasn't on. :-(

2. I have shedloads of cleaning to do this weekend. I hate cleaning. :-((

3. Big football match on TV on Sunday. I think my team will get spanked.

3a. There's also big boxing match, but on pay-per-view, so I won't see it. The 6ft 3" 218lbs English fighter has adopted what I consider to be an unwise pre-fight strategy. He is taking every opportunity to broadcast the fact that he thinks his 7ft 2" 320lbs opponent is ugly. I don't normally like boxing but am curious to see how long it takes for the giant to knock the loud-mouth into the middle of next week.

Yay, Eid!
posted by essexjan 06 November | 18:04
1. Farmer's Market, then
2. Beach cleanup, then
3. Brave New Opry show here: on Sunday 10 - Noon EST.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 06 November | 18:11
1. Layoffs at work, only five people but there are only thirty of us so, percentage-wise it was big. I just keep jumping from one sinking ship to another. My job's not in immediate danger but no one's morale is exactly soaring.

2. Thinking seriously about buying a Droid phone. Or at least I was before today.

3. Going to "pub night" at church to drink beer and eat snacks.
posted by octothorpe 06 November | 18:22
1. American football in town with local teams on Sunday!

2. Maybe soup.

3. Maybe maybe laundry.
posted by mdonley 06 November | 18:22
1. Tonight, we eat.
2. Tomorrow, we eat.
3. Sunday, we eat.

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 November | 18:23
mmmmmmmm, fooood.

1. Woods walk tomorrow to rinse off the work week,
2. An obscenely long nap,and
3. Housework.
posted by MonkeyButter 06 November | 18:38
* Gonna have to work on Saturday :(
* Sunday though I'm going to hit the Calder show at SAM
* Think I'll pick up a six of Jubelale tonight

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by kodama 06 November | 18:39
1. Have to go into work in the morning. :(

2. But when I get out, BitterOldPunk will be here for the weekend! :)

3. Cool socks for men are way, way overpriced, I have learned.
posted by BoringPostcards 06 November | 18:51
3a. But come on, how cool are these socks?
posted by BoringPostcards 06 November | 18:53
1. Went to the laundromat this afternoon. Despite some annoyances, it was rewarding: that is the heaviest thing I've carried in weeks, and my back is hardly making a peep! Yay, back!

2. Mom returns from Croatia this weekend!

3. Must make something sweet to take to friends' house this weekend! I'm thinking an almond-pear cake. Mmm.
posted by Elsa 06 November | 18:54
1. Farmer's market, beach cleanup, haircut, and friend's birthday party tomorrow.

2.Need some rest!

3. Tonight - no clue.
posted by Miko 06 November | 19:11
1. I am homebound and ouchy, as previously mentioned. I have spent the day calling people I've been in contact with, just in case any had not had chicken pox before.

2. I made spanakopita today, though, so that's good.

3. My friend Phil answered my facebook plea that someone bring me some ground coffee, since I'm out. He told me the spanakopita was the best he'd ever had. Of course it was piping hot, so I'm sure that helped. :-)

posted by Stewriffic 06 November | 19:14
1. My back is still a snarly mass of death. I've gone without Aleve today to try and see if it loosens up on it's own. Nope. I've done my stretches and still swear any time I change position or try to bend at the waist or twist or breathe. I think I may be in doctor territory because this is just pissing me off (and affecting my dance classes, which is unfuckingacceptable) except I'm afraid the doctor is just going to say the same thing as in high school: 'do some stretches, take some Aleve' even though I've been doing that and it doesn't help! Maybe I'll try out a heating pad tonight. (I'm going to be pissed if my father winds up right after all these years. He told me in HS that if I strengthened my abs, my back pain would stop. Well my dance class is definitely big on the abs--AND NOW IT'S WORSE.)

2. I'm trying another round of using acne medicine to kill this thing that may or may not be a giant wart on my finger. I've had it for over a year and all the different OTC wart things I've tried have failed. (The bandaids, duct tape, the freezy kit, etc.) I fucking hate this thing.

3. I signed up to take the bullshit 'technology proficiency' exams that I need for WSU. I have to drive 1.5 hours to get to a testing center that even had a clue about them when I called, but at least I can do them all in one day and at a place with free parking and no extra proctoring fee.

3a. I'm intrigued about the next session of signups for dance classes through the county even though they haven't published the full listing yet. I doubt I'll move up in my bellydance class, but I'm thinking of signing up for the ceili class too, but unfortunately, I don't think it will run. (I took a week long ceili class one summer at Irish camp and really enjoyed it, so I'm thinking of getting back into it.) If only my back will fucking cooperate!

Yay for job goodness. (And positive vibes for bunnies still looking!)
posted by sperose 06 November | 19:51
1. With some help, I identified a painting I got a couple of weeks ago.

2. For the first time all week, no obligations tonight. I'm staying in: food, internet, early to bed.

3. Tomorrow I'm going to totally dork out and go to a military model show with my brother and a couple of his friends. I'm not really into the models, but these guys are fun to hang out with. Maybe I'll find some toy soldiers.

Life is great.
posted by Marxchivist 06 November | 19:53
Yay, Eide!

1. Going out for a nice dinner tonight because it's been a stressful week for me and the boy.
2. Friends are dogsitting this weekend and we're invited over to hang out with said dog.
3. Only have the usual amount of work to do this weekend, instead of the extraordinary amounts I've had recently.
posted by Twiggy 06 November | 20:32
1. Weird chest cold...not coughing much, but when I do it's a horrible burning feeling. Glad it isn't flu, that I know of.

2. The first 100 years of life are the hardest.

3. While sick, rereading all my Henry Huggins books by Beverly Cleary. What a time warp.
posted by Melismata 06 November | 20:59
1. It's raining buckets in Seattle, with entirely abnormal thunder and lightning.

2. I'm trying to get all my paper work in order for a job interview on the 14th. If all goes well, I'll be in Japan in March, teaching English. But I'll be cutting it really close to the wire.

3. I was super productive last night writing. I hope I can replicate that tonight.
posted by gc 06 November | 23:24
1) Just registered for spring classes: more biology, comparative religion, and Java. Happy and impatient to start.

2) Going to paint my large dresser in the same misty blue-grey that I spent last weekend applying to my bookcase and pigeonhole unit. Filled up said bookcase with library-sale books, and plan to categorize them and get them into some sort of logical order so I can read them for best advantage- I'll cheat and never get around to reading the purely educational ones unless I pair them with related ones that are more entertaining. Starting a little wordpress blog to keep track of what I read and my banal impressions.

3) Laptop-embrickenning virus is trying to sabotage my NaNovel, but it shall not prevail. Have moved to scribbling in notebooks. Need to spend less time being in love with my book and more time writing my book.
posted by notquitemaryann 06 November | 23:53
1. My hard drive well and truly fried itself today. Using Wii to get by, which is awkward. Not looking forward to laptop shopping.

2. taking coworkers along on trip to Chinatown tomorrow, hoping very much to not accidentally do or say anything that might paint me as less than, idk, always competent and reliable

3. maybe i should think about finding a boy to help get through cold season
posted by casarkos 07 November | 00:43
1. Bought a mobile slaughterhouse. Towing it down bent my bumper all to hell. I wish I'd had a chance to install a receiver hitch before picking it up.

2. We passed the inspection for on-farm poultry sales with a 100% rating.

3. Started picking up freelance work again. Would have been nice if it waited another couple of weeks so I could wind up the farm but I can't complain.
posted by stet 07 November | 00:56
1. Work: been verbally told I'm going to be off the at-risk list next week, which should mean I still have a job in 2010!

2. Flying to Athens on Monday for a few days holiday!

3. Woooooooooo!
posted by TheophileEscargot 07 November | 03:18
1. Spending the weekend officialising here. Great day of racing today, with only one accident and nobody hurt (apart from a few egos). Looking forward to another day tomorrow.

2. Miss racing myself - must work on getting back on the water.

3. Good to catch up with people I don't see often.
posted by dg 07 November | 05:26
1. Morning headache, need caffiene.
2. finally met the gastro doc, he's not in a hurry to do surgery, but he does want to take an endoscope and "see what's going on"
3. Work is gonna be upside down real soon. Not looking forward to it.
posted by lysdexic 07 November | 09:04
Oh. The weekend. Sorry

1. I gots a washer again! No more crazy trips to the laundromat
2. Nice summery days are nice
3. Gonna be lazy today, I need a break.
posted by lysdexic 07 November | 09:05
1. Saw my friend perform stand-up comedy last night and introduced the new Guy to some friends there, went well all around!
2. Going to three (3!) parties tonight starting at 7--maybe I should take a nap. At party #2 I will be meeting my best friend's new guy, whom I hope to like a lot better than her last one.
3. Sunday is another good friend's bday party and I can't decide if I should add one more thing to her present. I think I might, if I can find something nice. So far it is earrings and lip gloss and bodywash, but that seems kind of impersonal. I think she'll wear the earrings though, I can picture them on her.
posted by rmless2 07 November | 09:22
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