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05 November 2009

Shingles I haz em.
Oh no. It can be very bad. I had the world's mildest case, helped I'm sure by going to the doctor early and getting an antiviral (I think that's what it was). Hoping it passes quickly - take care.
posted by Kangaroo 05 November | 18:50
Oh! Poor stewriffic! Sending whuffles your way, and along with Kangaroo, I send wishes for your speedy recovery.
posted by Elsa 05 November | 18:55
Thanks, Kangaroo. I'm feeling very pouty about it.

I thought it was poison ivy for a week, but it didn't make sense because I hadn't had exposure. I finally went to the doctor when I started feeling pukey this morning and the blisters had spread and then changed to a red color. Which had never happened with poison ivy before. It didn't hurt as much as it's supposed to (though it does hurt!), likely because I take anti-seizure meds.

I did get an antiviral, as well as lidocaine patches and prednisone. I am banished from work until the rash clears, though, since I can apparently spread chickenpox to those who have neither had it nor been vaccinated against it. I work in a health center, and we frequently have little kids and women who may be pregnant.
posted by Stewriffic 05 November | 18:58
Thanks for the whuffles. Now stay away! I'm contagious!
posted by Stewriffic 05 November | 18:59
Ooooh, that explains the unexplained "poison ivy" patches, huh?

You'll notice I am whuffling you from all the way over here. But wait --- I have had chicken pox; is shingles still contagious? Or can I whuffle you right up close?
posted by Elsa 05 November | 19:04
Oh no, poor Stewie. My SO had an shingles outbreak on his big toe, of all places, and I lived in a state of fear for weeks as I've never had chicken pox*. He said it was very painful.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

*(I finally got a vaccination for it, though).
posted by jamaro 05 November | 19:07
(((((Stewie))))) You poor thing. Shingles are a bitch. Many whuffles from a safe distance.
posted by msali 05 November | 20:16
Ack. Well that sucks, Stew. Take good care & speedy recovery hopes to you. Thank the stars for Skype, huh? :D
posted by chewatadistance 05 November | 20:51
Oh, my sympathies -- I once had to caretake a spouse with shingles. You poor thing indeed.
posted by JanetLand 05 November | 20:56
*close whuffling*
I got chicken pox twice when wee and my roommate in college had shingles too.
posted by sperose 05 November | 21:46
Oh, I'm so sorry! This happened to my dad in his mid-30s, I think. I remember him walking around with salve all over his body and lots of bitching. (They didn't know as much about it back then as they do now.)

How is it related to chicken pox? You're at risk if you've had cp, or you're at risk if you HAVEN'T had cp? (I'm hoping it's the latter.)
posted by BoringPostcards 05 November | 22:01
Just read your link. Damn.
posted by BoringPostcards 05 November | 22:02
Oh goodness! Take care of yourself! Whuffles!
posted by typewriter 05 November | 22:24
egads, shingles are (is?) nasty. I've never had chickenpox, but I have had the vaccine, but I still didn't want to go anywhere near my coworker who took ONE DAY off of work when she had shingles. I swear that girl would have come in on the weekend if they had let her.

feel better! Do oatmeal baths help at all, or is that just for chickenpox?
posted by pinky.p 05 November | 22:54
O-daiji ni!
posted by gomichild 05 November | 23:21
Oh, Stewie, how ouchie! Whuffles.
posted by Twiggy 05 November | 23:40
Well, come and fix my roof then, dammit!
posted by dhartung 06 November | 02:37
I've had shingles. I'm whuffling you up close! WHUFFLES!
posted by dabitch 06 November | 04:45
I suspect I'm actually really getting off easily because of those anti-seizure meds. Between ibuprofen and prednisone, the pain and itching is much alleviated today. I had a vicodin last night, but it really didn't do well by me. I think I'm slightly sensitive to opiates, and a full dose made me suddenly feel dizzy--I broke into cold sweats. I will probably avoid the vicodin from now on.

Thanks for all the whuffles. I'm only contagious to people who have not had chickenpox nor the vaccine.
posted by Stewriffic 06 November | 10:05
I can whuffle from up close because I've had chicken pox AND shingles. Had 'em once when I was in grad school and I'm very glad I haven't had to deal with 'em since. Hope you feel better soon. (Oh and vicodin makes me sick too.) Whuffle!
posted by miss-lapin 06 November | 11:07
Argh! That's terrible - and now you just have to wait it out???

I see there's a vaccine that is suggested for folks over 60 who've had chicken pox. When I get health insurance I'm going to check and see if it's available for someone younger. It really sounds like something to avoid if at all possible!

Sending wuffles and hugs
posted by mightshould 06 November | 11:07
Not yet, mightshould.

And that despite the fact that 99% of people 40+ have had chicken pox. Because of this I imagine Merck is interested in expanding the pool, so there are probably ongoing clinical trials.

When I was younger (around 20) there was a lady up the street who had recurrent shingles -- I only saw her come out of the house once the entire time they lived there. Hope your experience is better, Stew!
posted by dhartung 06 November | 11:42
ooohhh. ouch. Feel better!
posted by rainbaby 06 November | 11:59
bummer Stew.

I had it once. Feel better soon.
posted by special-k 06 November | 13:52
For those of you who have had it, how long did it take for the sores to go away? I'm trying to figure out when to go back to work.
posted by Stewriffic 06 November | 13:57

I had CP in second grade. I still remember my teacher walking me to the nurse's office.
posted by deborah 06 November | 14:22
Can I just tell everyone ... || BYOPK: