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03 November 2009

A question about Facebook? [More:]So, I know the in-thing now-a-days is this, but for the life of me how do you find the pages of those people who you've decided to be friends with. I'm sorry if the question's not clear, but if one of you can spare me the time and answer me I'd be grateful.

I have this friend who made me a friend two weeks ago, and I did the same two or three days ago, but whenever I open the mail that was sent to me confirming my self as her friend and click on her name there--I'm just sent back to my own profile and I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

It's sort of a test. If you fail, you're not allowed to have friends. Then once you figure it out they make you swear an oath never to reveal the secret.
posted by Wolfdog 03 November | 05:35
I usually just search for their first name in the search box in the top right.
posted by chrismear 03 November | 06:12
If you can tell me how "Helpppppp!!!" is pronounced, I will reveal to you all the secrets of Facebook.
posted by flapjax at midnite 03 November | 07:18
If you go to the Friends menu tab at the very top, there should be a menu item called "Recently Added". If you click there, you should see her.
posted by octothorpe 03 November | 07:24
I use the search box a lot, too.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 November | 08:08
Search box. The names of people you're already friends with will start coming up below the box when you start typing their names.
posted by CitrusFreak12 03 November | 09:04
Also, if the person has removed their Facebook page, you will be directed back to your own page. They may no longer have an account.
posted by toastedbeagle 03 November | 13:25
Speaking of F******K, I was just playing wordtwist on it and was given the letters SHDJIA to form into words. I got JIHAD, and HAJ, but it wouldn't accept HAJI, which, in my (western) head was how I spelled "hajiboy." Thus I missed HADJI and HADJIS. I need to pay closer attention to these kind of details in the future.
posted by Obscure Reference 03 November | 13:56
HAJI should probably be an alternate in the dictionary but another common spelling is HAJJI.

hadjiboy, I'm not sure what happened there but they may have de-friended you, changed their privacy settings, or even put you on their block list. Try using the "Find Friends" feature to see if their public profile is visible to you.
posted by dhartung 03 November | 15:58
Found her, thanks guys--I don't know what was wrong though.
posted by hadjiboy 03 November | 23:50
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