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27 October 2009

I was robbed [More:]My car was broken into last night. Actually it wasn't broken into, the door was unlocked.

I'm one of these stupid people that leave their valuables in their unlocked vehicle.

They stole some cash (really stupid for leaving cash in the car) and my garage door opener.

We're not even calling the cops because it's pointless. My husband reprogrammed the garage.
Aw, that sucks. At least they didn't get away with too much or do a lot of damage.
But it still feels so violating and disconcerting when things like this happen.
I hope you feel better soon.

You might want to call the cops and fill out a report just to they know there's stuff like this happening in your neighborhood in case it happens again...
posted by rmless2 27 October | 08:23
I'm just glad they didn't damage your car!

I've had a window broken/ radio ripped out in the past, and it SUCKS paying for all those repairs, knowing some guy sold the radio for 20 bucks.
posted by BoringPostcards 27 October | 08:39
Yes, I am very glad they didn't vandalize anything or take things that would be a pain to replace, such as my work badge.

I feel OK about it. I'm upset that some punk was in my driveway and car and I'm upset that I left my car unlocked but other than that, I'm not too phased.
posted by LoriFLA 27 October | 08:50
posted by sperose 27 October | 09:41
:( indeed.
posted by occhiblu 27 October | 10:34
Oh, LoriFLA, that stinks.

It's great (and kind of amazing!) that you're already able to say "I'm glad that" [anything at all]. You really do have a lot of inner sunshine. That's impressive!

Wait... they took your garage door opener? Does that mean they have access to your garage, thus a sheltered (and hidden) entry point into your home?
posted by Elsa 27 October | 10:45
Oh, Lori, I am so sorry! Good that you knew to reprogram the garage door. What a violating feeling.
posted by Stewriffic 27 October | 11:05
I'm upset that I left my car unlocked...

Consider it a blessing in disguise. At least they didn't break your window to gain entry. That happened to a friend of mine, and it was the biggest pain in the ass to get it fixed (especially as he was broke at the time).
posted by Atom Eyes 27 October | 11:19
Good that you knew to reprogram the garage door.

I totally missed that. Phew!
posted by Elsa 27 October | 11:20
After getting my window broken all the time, I used to intentionally leave the door to my car unlocked to save my window. However, they would usually not check the door and break the window anyway.
posted by Obscure Reference 27 October | 12:04
Yes, I'm glad they didn't break a window or steal the radio or Sirius radio thingie. I have a feeling it was a teenager(s). I saw a teenager walking through the neighborhood last night while we were eating dinner that I didn't recognize.
posted by LoriFLA 27 October | 12:09
Oh Lori! I'm so sorry, my friend. Please do call the cops. I was just reading in our local paper that cops had busted a couple for breaking into a bunch of cars. If people hadn't reported the thefts, they never would have known there was a pattern.
posted by jrossi4r 27 October | 12:13
I had a daypack stolen out of my unlocked work van. iPod, check book, and camera, and various and sundry things in it,

Next daypack was stolen out of my locked car. iPod, check book, camera, and various and sundry stuff things having to fix window.

The hassle was changing my checking acct, dealing with all of the autopay stuff that got messed up by changing numbers.

Plus a pizza store, stupid enough to cash one of my stolen checks, then wanting me to cover it even though the account was long closed.

I got religion and never leave anything in sight in a car anymore.
posted by danf 27 October | 12:54
I'm sorry, Lori. Glad you were quick to change the garage door code, though.

I'm another person who doesn't keep anything valuable in the car, and tends to leave it unlocked. Also, I try to always park next to a nicer car. Easy to do, when you have a car like mine.
posted by box 27 October | 19:51
I'm sorry, LoriFLA!
posted by mdonley 28 October | 02:16
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