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22 October 2009

Totally Self-Centered and Consumer-Driven Happy Post The world is a wonderful place.

[More:]Today I got in the mail a couple pieces of original art I won in an action. The first is for The Winds of Night by Anne Maybury, Ace Books, 1963.

The other one is totally unknown, any ideas as to the title of the book? This is on the back of the painting.

I used to collect original comic book art and have been slowly getting back into it. I started noticing a lot of things like these pics in this one series of auctions and decided to get a couple. The mystery one is awesome, it is 20" x 30" and is just friggin' weird.

Also the other day I got the new Custer's Last Stand playset (crappy pics I know). The only problem with that is that it came with so many Indians it is hard to fit everything back in the box.

I know true happiness comes from friends, family, non-tangible things. But damn, I've been enjoying these things I saved the money up for. I am grateful to have the money to buy crap like this and to have a house to put it in.

Here's a cute bunny.

Anybody buy anything recently that made them happy (for a little while)?
I bought a cutlery set. Nothing fancy, just stainless steel, plain and elegant. Eight settings of seven pieces. I feel grownup. I want to have a dinner party and have both soup and dessert spoons and a butter knife all set out, gleaming brightly, on a starched tablecloth.

At $60, it was sure cheaper than therapy.
posted by ninazer0 22 October | 21:11
Those are amazing!

I bought some clothes recently for my new job. It was remarkable for two reasons: (1) I almost never buy clothes, especially not new (non-thrift store) clothes, so it felt like this extravagant splurge even though it was pretty conservative in real cash terms, and (b) I brought along my SO who gave me some excellent feedback on colors and styles and ended up helping me choose things that I really like but that I'd never have bought on my own. Now when I go to work I feel like I have choices and look pretty nice. I'm enjoying that.
posted by Miko 22 October | 21:16
I am very much looking forward to shopping for clothes for my new job. My work-ready wardrobe is pitiful.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 October | 21:27
Wait, what? New job? As in, you have now?

Please say yes?
posted by TrishaLynn 22 October | 21:39
I bought Cocoa Puffs today. (I had Cocoa Krispies last week on a random craving and wound up polishing off the box and my milk in a week, which is a miracle for me since I don't think I've been able to finish a wee container of milk before it goes bad since I moved.)

I have plans for purchasing frames for 3 posters and a new tilt mechanism for my bedroom blinds, but I'm still in a 'purchasing things makes me not sad' mindset, which I know will result in buying more than I can afford and so I will wait.
posted by sperose 22 October | 21:43
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 October | 21:45
It's not really something I bought, but I managed to snag the new Monsters of Folk album at the station and it's easily the best release of 2009.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 22 October | 21:55
Congrats on the job PinkSuperhero!
posted by Marxchivist 22 October | 21:55
Broadband mobile for teh laptop, replacement Gerber Miming knives for some of Grandmothers that accidentally got trashcanned after Sunday dinner (darn small children, just throwing everything away!), and two one pound bags of beef jerky for me. Yum, beef jerky!
posted by buzzman 22 October | 22:59
I went to the Tahari sample sale and bought a sweater for my mom for her birthday and 2 dresses for me (oops), but they are exactly what was missing from my wardrobe: work-ready, 3/4 and long sleeve uncrushable wrap dresses with prints. Yes, I have very specific wardrobe desires.
Last week I bought gray leather boots which are really cool and fit my muscle-y legs and they were marked down from $210 to $67!
posted by rmless2 22 October | 23:53
These are my new boots. I got an even better deal than I thought!
posted by rmless2 23 October | 00:19
One day I will be able to squeeze my tree-trunk legs into boots like those. When all about me is brown rice and salad, that hope keeps me going. Very niiiiice.
posted by ninazer0 23 October | 01:41
I bought this painting:
≡ Click to see image ≡

I love it.
posted by jonathanstrange 23 October | 03:19
I bought a birthday calendar - i.e. a simple calendar, minus the days of the week, which is solely used to record birthdays. I've wanted one ever since I saw one in my Dutch friend's flat - they're common in Holland, and a really good idea IMO. This makes me happy.
posted by altolinguistic 23 October | 03:21
About 3/16 of a steer. Steaks! Roasts! Hamburgers! All grassfed locally raised beef. Mmmm mmm good.

posted by lysdexic 23 October | 06:28
New overalls. They bring me joy.
posted by Specklet 23 October | 07:45
The last thing I bought were three classic shirts from JCrew -- in orange, cobalt (warm Riviera), and white. I also bought a pair of dark denim DKNY jeans from Macy's, a black blouse, and a beautiful and classic handbag that I got on sale. I also bought a huge silver flower ring, metallic flip flops, and The Time Traveler's Wife. This is a lot but I haven't bought clothes in ages and needed some nice things since I've been looking less than pulled together lately.
posted by LoriFLA 23 October | 08:46
I bought three old Albert Payson Terhune books ( Buff, Treve and Dog of the High Sierras) from My mum had (it's mine now, muahaha) an old copy of The Critter and other Dogs (also by Terhune) that between us we've read pretty much to the falling apart stage. I hope to get some more of his titles.
posted by deborah 23 October | 13:28
PS to Marxchivist: I tried Googling that name "... Plot" (in various spellings) and got bupkis.
posted by deborah 23 October | 13:31
I have just made my second trip to the neighborhood library book sale and am giddy with my findings. The literature and philosophy sections teemed this year, or at least they did before I decimated them. Now I think I know how successful grave robbers feel (though I gave the Friends of the Library a donation- and became a member- to assuage some of the guilt I always feel for getting booksbooksBOOKS for 50c each- well, it would have been even less, but I could not wait for Bag Sale day- who, in their right mind, could?)
posted by notquitemaryann 24 October | 13:05
Today I am going to buy new scissors. I love new scissors. New scissors will make me happy!

Six pairs of scissors in this house and not a single pair can cut duct tape cleanly. Uh, except the newest ones, which are missing. Stupid scissors.

I often find it's the little things that make me so very happy: nice new soap, candles, a new sketchpad, new pens.
posted by Elsa 24 October | 13:13
Elsa- have you tried sharpening your scissors with a knife sharpener? It works!
ninazer0- I have muscle-y thick calves and these are the first and only pull-on leather boots that actually accommodate them just fine! You should check them out even without the brown rice.
posted by rmless2 24 October | 13:32
rmless2, thanks for the suggestion --- I actually did try that, but I couldn't get as nice an edge as I need. I'm making duct tape bags and wallets, so I need the cleanest possible cut. It's well worth a new pair of scissors!
posted by Elsa 24 October | 13:38
I often find it's the little things that make me so very happy: nice new soap, candles, a new sketchpad, new pens.

Me too. For me it's fancy wrapping paper and bath products.
posted by gaspode 24 October | 13:44
Found out from some helpful folks on Library Thing that that painting is for The Nichovev Plot by Nick Carter. Now I just have to find a copy and see if they credit the artist in the book.
posted by Marxchivist 24 October | 21:54
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