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19 October 2009

Mid-70's Fleetwood Mac - Height of Fashion or What Were We Thinking? [More:]

Ever since I was a kid I've been in love with Fleetwood Mac - their music, their look, the whole bizarre Rumours mystique.

But this thread is to talk about how fucking cool this band dressed when they were at the absolute height of their powers.

For my money, no one comes close.


This is what I'm talking about.

Or something like this.

The whole vest/beret/tie/tight jeans/white shirt/Amish hat thing.

REM used to rock a similar look back when they were brand new in the early 80's.

Totally cool.
I agree, LT, they look(ed) great. And if they were wearing that type of clothing today it would be called Bohemian Chic or something similar.
posted by deborah 20 October | 01:01
I wear black jeans now instead of blue, otherwise I still wear long-sleeve button-up shirts when the weather isn't so blasted hot. Just 18 more months, my kid turns 18 and I can finally move north and stay there.
posted by Ardiril 20 October | 02:31
I have a puffy sleeved pirate shirt something like the guy has in pic one in white. It's lasted now going on 15 years and I absolutely love it.

(here it is)
posted by Meatbomb 20 October | 03:24
The guys look pretty cool, but I always hated the witchy-poo outfits Stevie Nicks wore.
posted by JanetLand 20 October | 05:32
I read a book on fashion once that codified the timeline for fashionability. 10 years after introduction, a look would be "dated". 20 years after, "embarrassing". [The adjectives were probably different - but you get the idea.] Then, even later, it swung back to "quaint", "timeless", etc. The point was that it didn't even matter when you started or what the look was. The life cycle of a look always developed along this arc.

But if you want a look that screams "70s", I give you Mr. Freddie King.
posted by Joe Beese 20 October | 08:54
"witchy-poo" is a great and accurate adjective, JanetLand. I'll be stealing it!
posted by rmless2 20 October | 11:36
Except for the pirate shirt, there's nothing that I'd consider particularly dated in the first pic. Also: I'm not sure which one is wearing the hat (Mick Fleetwood?), but he's sure showing off the ol' frank and beans there.
posted by Halloween Jack 21 October | 12:25
Enchiladas! || I bet essexjan has one too