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01 October 2009

This touched me. Thank you, Joe Beese.
posted by Luminous Phenomena 01 October | 11:44
If ever I were to adopt a dog, I would want it to be an old dog. Those episodes of Animal Cops where somebody adopts an old abused or neglected dog and gives it a loving home make me tear up every time.
posted by Atom Eyes 01 October | 11:45
Excellent, thanks Joe.
posted by doctor_negative 01 October | 12:32
posted by Specklet 01 October | 12:43
Excuse me while I go hug Kaylee. *sniffle*
posted by deborah 01 October | 12:57
Beautiful. I'm crying. I had to put my sweet old greyhound to sleep last Saturday. Although she was 10.5, I feel a bit robbed of that "old dog" time, since she was young in spirit and health until she was diagnosed with lymphoma two months ago.

Dogs are so wonderful, and my girl was very special. I miss her so much.
posted by misskaz 01 October | 13:28
Nuh uh. Can't read. Too tired. I'll cry, which will make my eyes hurt. My contacts will cloud up and feel grainy. I'll get pissy and cry some more. Today's a crying day. Even thinking about possibly crying is making me cry.
posted by Stewriffic 01 October | 14:54
I see Gene Weingarten walking his dog all the time. I walk past his house nearly every day, and know what his wife and son (and car, too) look like. I'll introduce myself one day--I've been walking that route for 5 years now, so I guess it's about time.
posted by mrmoonpie 01 October | 14:55
That is a fantastic story, thanks for sharing it.
posted by msali 01 October | 16:41
Dogs exhibit almost all of our emotions; if you think a dog cannot register envy or pity or pride or melancholia, you have never lived with one for any length of time. What dogs lack is our ability to dissimulate. They wear their emotions nakedly, and so, in watching them, we see ourselves as we would be if we were stripped of posture and pretense.

posted by tangerine 01 October | 16:48
misskaz, I'm sorry for your loss.
posted by jamaro 01 October | 17:52
So sorry for your loss, misskaz. I work weekends at a vet clinic and last Saturday we had to put down an old dog with a large cancerous tumor on her right rear hip. The dog went very peacefully, but the owners, who wanted to be with her through death, struggled with it mightily. It was by far the most difficult euthanasia that I've assisted with.
posted by ufez 02 October | 09:48
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