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01 October 2009

Thursday Three-Point [More:]
1. I'm tired as all get out. Haven't been sleeping much and started work at 6:45 this a.m.
2. Am in the middle of HouseGuest Bonanza Fall 2009. Love it. I'll basically be hosting visitors most weeks in Sept/Oct and then the last week in November. Totally fun times.
3. I need to take my contacts out something fierce. Also: allergies. Blah.
1. Just signed up for a Dead Head camping trip on Halloween weekend. Not a particular Dead fan myself, but I do love that crowd, and there should be plenty of opportunities to play guitar there.

2. My daughter's going to her first high-school dance this weekend, getting all dressed up for homecoming, partying until midnight. Hard to believe.

3. I think I'm the only one to have watched the MeCha Movie of the Month. You really didn't miss anything, by the way.
posted by mrmoonpie 01 October | 15:00
1. Kinda bummed that I won't be going on business trip after all, though it means that I can do that date
2. My friend read my mind about where to go to dinner tonight and I'm excited to try it!
3. That's about it.
posted by rmless2 01 October | 15:13
1. New fake front tooth! I've been waiting for this for a loooong time. It means I look nice AND can bite into a sandwich again! You don't know how much you miss biting into things until you can't anymore.
2. Nice husband currently cooking me gourmet hamburgers so I can bite into them.
3. Tomorrow's Friday, and I think I'll be seeing richat on Saturday, which is AWESOME.
posted by Specklet 01 October | 15:26
1. I love turkey, stuffing and gravey. But not the animatronic kind.

2. Every month my budget is $300 short. Time to make more doughnuts.

3. My neighbor's girlfriend's cat was left out in the cold again last night. I brought him (Marley) in and he slept the night away at my feet. I wish I new how to handle this situation.

Bonus: Flap Doodle-Bug C-C-C-Crambooo!!!!!
posted by MonkeyButter 01 October | 15:30
4. I keep randomly running into old colleagues from when I worked at Planned Parenthood several years ago. At the time they were health care assistants, which is the entry-most of entry level positions there. Now they're pharmacists, or doctors or have moved up the chain at PP. That sends waves of happiness through me.
posted by Stewriffic 01 October | 15:42
1. Having a blast with Jan while she's in NYC.
2. May have to break-up with one of my recruiters. She seriously does not get me at all.
3. Theater tonight- second night in a row! Last night was Carrie Fisher, who was very funny.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 October | 16:01
1. Hello, October. Hello, blankets, boots, sweaters, vegetable stew, and steaming mugs of cocoa!

2. I think dinner will be waffles. I could use an easy, cozy, breakfast-for-dinner tonight. And syrup.

posted by Elsa 01 October | 16:01
1. 150 birds on pasture three miles from the house means I'm out there by seven in the morning and at seven at night.

2. A couple months of physical therapy and, holy shit, my back is all better. I haven't been this free of pain since... well, ever.

3. I can finally see the end of this horrible, fucked up season. We'll end up a little bit to the good, I think, and I hope we fuck up less hard next season. Also I need a job for the winter.
posted by stet 01 October | 16:06
1. Work is insanely busy, but I've been feeling a lot better about it the last couple of days.
2. Had friend plans tonight, but they won't be able to make it. That's fine, actually, I could use a quiet night tonight because...
3. CORTEX IS COMING TO CHICAGO! I'm in at least as far as the Edgewater lounge tomorrow night, and maybe the Goat on Saturday, but beyond that, it's wherever the wind takes me, baby!
posted by SpiffyRob 01 October | 16:07
1. i have been insanely productive at work today, and yet, still not close to done and a little behind

2. LSU application: mailed

3. Baylor application: not yet...
posted by oreonax 01 October | 16:09
1. Hope in moderation
2. Nervous anticipation
3. Great expectations
posted by Wolfdog 01 October | 16:11
1. When/if we're not poor anymore, I'm going to make getting massages a priority.
2. Making minestrone with kale for dinner. This is good as it gets kale into our bodies without our mouths going "UGH KALE".
3. Sauerkraut. Getting cabbage with which to make sauerkraut which I can, now that it's cool out, allow to ferment outside. Yay Autumn and yay sauerkraut.
posted by birdie 01 October | 16:17
1. If you like sauerkraut but don't like kale, birdie, maybe you should try slicing the kale very very thinly, sauteing it with apples and sausages and onions, and dressing it with honey and cider vinegar.

2. Not only that, I've had a troubling and atypical bout of buying stuff these last couple of months. I should probably stop and figure out what's going on with that. (Coda:I never thought this would happen, but I have too many clothes.)

3. Looking forward to upcoming DC trip.
posted by tangerine 01 October | 16:31
1. Still falling apart it seems with annoying health issues - what I really need is a few days of decent sleep which is not going to happen unless I drug this toddler.

2. Waiting to hear whether I got a big project which would be good for my portfolio and bank balance.

3. Have 5 million things to do today it seems and have just drunk my coffee so off I go for a bit.

posted by gomichild 01 October | 16:44
3. Looking forward to upcoming DC trip.

If you stop by my office, I'll give you a tour.
posted by mrmoonpie 01 October | 16:47
If you stop by my office, I'll give you a tour.

Ooh, seriously? Any chance you'd be around on Friday the 9th?
posted by tangerine 01 October | 17:09
1. Playing with digitizing some LPs with a USB turntable.

2. Plugging in the USB connection installs the USB audio codec driver, which sets the sound input and output defaults to the turntable. Unfortunately, the turntable is not also a speaker, so sound output is screwed until I skulk around enough to find the right system setting to fix to get sound out again. Fuckers. I can't imagine how non-geeks use this shit...

3. I have some verrrry dirty records. I've read that you're supposed to use a water/isopropyl alcohol mix. I don't have the alcohol around so I'm trying out just plain water on some expendable records, like an old abused copy of "Peter and the Wolf" from my childhood. Sounds pretty good.
posted by DarkForest 01 October | 17:42
1. Thought I was falling sick.
1 But looks like I'm not.
2 Also, Iz Thursday.
2 And fast approaching 5pm.
3. Thus, BEER!

posted by special-k 01 October | 17:58
1. Still feeling like absolutely rundown shit. If this keeps up and becomes noticeable to others (my boss semi-commented on it on Wednesday), I may have to actually deal with it instead of letting it run it's course. I don't know I'll deal with it, but I guess I'll have to figure that out. Or somehow gain some serious acting skills.

2. I'm really seriously starting to think about taking another vacation soon. I had a week off in May at the beach with friends and a few days off here and there visiting with friends, but my vacay time is racking up and I'm starting to feel burnt again. I thought a day off every 2 months was my plan. Argh. It's not like I have the money for a vacation anyways.

3. I'm pissed at CapitalOne for not sending me a new credit card yet. (It could be in today's mail, but I seriously doubt that.) No milk for me! I've already sent them a pissy email and will check my mail on Friday after the lawyer appointment for the condo and if no CC then, it'll be time to try and navigate their horrific phone tree crap.
posted by sperose 01 October | 18:09
1. Still sick with the flu, it has migrated to chest and throat. Blergh.

2. Down to the last bit of work on the house. Bedroom carpet to be installed tomorrow. Yay!

2.5 We did not get to choose our own paint colours. Boo!

3. It cannot be October already. No freakin' way.
posted by deborah 01 October | 18:32
1- I do not have to do my same presentation over again today, making this a much better day than most days this week.
2- Everything's been postponed, or is awaiting a decision, or is awaiting a meeting, or is awaiting a briefing, so I'm not really sure what to do today. Suppose I'll read some of these bloody data warehousing books.
3- I am going to change ISP, get more download allowance and a four-times speed increase. Yay. I can't wait... except I have to because all the phone and net is actually in the G/F's name.
posted by pompomtom 01 October | 18:51
1. Finally, FINALLY got a serious work problem solved. It got bad enough to require the attention of at least one Vice President. I really don't like increasing my visibility that way.

2. Finally got my billing dispute with the ISP resolved. Now to see if they've resolved their bandwidth issues.

3. My son's having his birthday tomorrow. We're not taking them to Casa Rat this year, but I am taking them to the double feature Toy Story/2 in 3D. Shh, don't tell them; it's a seekrit.
posted by lysdexic 01 October | 19:30
1. Job interview went well yesterday evening and talking to my potential boss today, it looks like I will be offered a full time job early next week instead of this barely paying independant work. Hopefully the money is good, because the benefits are not.

2. Heartsick and sad on a personal level. Working a lot may help.

3. Out to the Chicago meetup with Cortex tomorrow. I feel like I will bring the average age up by 10 years, but the old folks, they do boogie.
posted by readery 01 October | 19:45
1. Massive major oral exam at work tomorrow. Am terrified. Trying to keep in mind that everyone else at work has been talking about future plans as if my passing is a given.

2. Face broken out in zits far worse than ever previously. I don't think there is a square unaffected inch left. Have been on multiple prescriptions since April, still haven't been able to tell if any of them are really working. Don't know if it might also be something I'm eating, or toxic fumes coming off the carpet, or my sunscreen or my clothes or who knows what.

3. Must do something about anxiety issues.
posted by casarkos 01 October | 20:20
1. I hope I can swing the meetup in Chicago tomorrow. Just a little more unsure now than I was a week ago.

2. Evicted tenant out without (more) drama. We now have a completely empty four-unit and will have to file bankruptcy in the next three weeks to save it, without it having any income. As I always say at these points, "Thanks, Dad!"

3. He's apparently doing well at the assisted living place we moved him to a week ago. We'll see him over the weekend.

4. I hope that I've just been having anxiety issues. Alternative is that I've developed heart issues.

5. There was some good news, if you can call a funeral good. My mother's brother (from whom she was estranged after an episode of scary meanness) died, we went to the memorial service, and I saw my cousins again for the first time in three decades. Looks like a fresh start.

6. Also talked to my cousin on the other side for first time in a while. Her dad, my other uncle, is dying after a period of dementia. Not as warm a situation, but could lead to a detente.

7. Sorry, there's more even.
posted by dhartung 01 October | 20:26
Ooh, seriously?

I have had the tour, I reccommend it.

1. maybe finally over The Crud
2. in pineapple pajamas
3. there is a church for sale in town for 65K and I sort of want to buy it

DarkForest, you may need to set the software to have the "monitor" settings on.
posted by jessamyn 01 October | 20:27
1. Been a dad for twenty years today, yow. Kid's going to spend the weekend with his girlfriend, guess he's grown up now.

2. Job's going well, starting to fit in after a couple of months.

3. Went to Geek Night tonight, drinking beer at the Church Brew Works and hanging with the other geeks.
posted by octothorpe 01 October | 21:22
1. Was tired when I went to work this morning.

2. Network kept failing.

3a. Went to an art reception and I was one of the three people with work on the walls - FUN!

3b. Went to another art reception and kept running into people I hadn't seen in years - FUN!

3c. Home + tequila + paint = FUN!
posted by lilywing13 01 October | 21:36
1. Just caught the cat digging into a creme brulee that was cooling on the counter. Just as well I made one extra.

2. Just finished cutting and bagging kilo's of Turkish delight, caramel fudge and macadamia brittle. I don't think I've ever felt LESS attraction to teh sweeties in my LIFE. God, I hope this lasts.

3. I'm selling the sweets and a pile of jam at a church fete tomorrow. It's been a while since this pagan set foot in a church so I'm wondering if I should run some copper wire out my shoes in case of lightning.
posted by ninazer0 02 October | 00:33
1.Am coming to NC Bunnystock!
2. Very happy to have seen my cousins last night.
3. Finished new Diana Gabaldon Outlander book . One didn't have to read the Lord John books before this one, but two main characters from them figure into the plot of this.
posted by brujita 02 October | 01:26
Thanks, Jess. I got it fixed; I was just venting (too much, as usual).
posted by DarkForest 02 October | 08:21
1. Magic Flute at the Met!
2. Hamlet on Broadway!
3. Jan, Gaspode and Jason today!
posted by danf 02 October | 08:58
Am coming to NC Bunnystock!

posted by Stewriffic 02 October | 09:18
tangerine--shoot me an email (in my profile). October 9th should be fine.
posted by mrmoonpie 02 October | 09:46
tangerine--shoot me an email

Email duly shot. Thank you, sir!
posted by tangerine 02 October | 13:56
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