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29 September 2009

Got Shot? Flu, that is. [More:] In my head, I am all about getting vaccinated and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Yesterday on my way back to the car in front of an old school pharmacy, a cheery couple in their sixties smile and say "just got your flu shot?" as they were on their way to get theirs.

Um, no. Actually, I had gone to the liquor store.

If I'm too lazy and cheap to bear the cost and inconvenience of getting a flu shot, it stands to reason most Americans are as well.

I suppose I'm waiting and hoping they come free at work before I fall ill. I know this is irresponsible.

So who got shot so far? (If hemisphere innapropriate, tell about last season.)
Got mine a few weeks ago. Since I ride transit and work in a building full of people who travel all over the world, I get mine ASAP every year.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 September | 10:19
I don't intend to, as I'm not in a high risk group and don't have regular contact with anyone in the high risk groups. Isn't the flu shot in chronic shortages? Last time I had a flu shot was a couple years ago when I was surrounded by pregnant women most of the time and my doctor suggested I get vaccinated.

I don't know that I've ever had the flu as an adult.
posted by crush-onastick 29 September | 10:23
I should, since I'm in school, but eh... I only seem to get the flu the years I have the shot.
Plus, I think I've had the flu already. That, or it was the mother of all colds. Not sure.
posted by kellydamnit 29 September | 10:27
Haven't gotten one in years, so I probably won't.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 September | 10:34
I plan on getting one, but I have not yet figured out where I can do so. So that seems like a good morning project...
posted by occhiblu 29 September | 10:34
I haven't and am not sure where I'd get one. I don't actually have a doctor, I have insurance but have never setup a PCP, and wouldn't know where I'd get one.
posted by octothorpe 29 September | 10:41
Most of the big retail pharmacy chains offer walk-in flu shot clinics on certain days. I used Walgreens in San Francisco a few years ago for mine, and it looks like the local CVS here is doing them in a few weeks. I seem to remember paying something like $10 or $15.

So those of you without doctors may want to check your local pharmacies. (And I think some hospitals also do walk-in clinics for flu shots, some of them free of charge.)
posted by occhiblu 29 September | 10:49
Also, there have not been flu shot shortages for several years. The CDC says that "anyone who wants to reduce their chances of getting seasonal flu can get a seasonal influenza vaccine." Most of the stories I've read have been complaining that not *enough* people are getting vaccinated, not that they're running out of vaccine.
posted by occhiblu 29 September | 10:52
Last year they gave them out at work for free, so I'm waiting to see if they'll do it again. If not, I might get one at CVS depending on the cost.
posted by rmless2 29 September | 10:58
Haven't had one in years. This year I am considering getting one because I expect to travel quite a bit between now and the new year. Since I am not in any risky group, I have asked to be placed on the list for when my clinic has adequate supplies.
posted by special-k 29 September | 11:11
They ran out of seasonal flu vaccine at the Univ. where I work. It would be covered by Health Ins. and the paperwork is easy if you work here. grrrr. I'd rather not have to go elsewhere. But I should get a flu shot, so with this reminder, I'll check out what's available.

I'd like to get the H1N1 vaccine when it's available, but probably won't be in the target group.
posted by theora55 29 September | 11:23
thanks for the info, occhi. Flu is always below my radar and I'm pretty sure I never have good information.
posted by crush-onastick 29 September | 11:32
Never had one, never had the flu. I'm probably old enough to touch the risk group.
posted by Obscure Reference 29 September | 11:55
I could get one for free, but I'd probably have to drive to Baltimore and the cost of fuel and parking would likely outweigh the cost of getting one closer to where I live.

Also, I don't go out, use public transit, or deal with old people/wee babies.

I'm in the target group for the swine flu shot, but I'm probably not going to get either one. I haven't had the flu since elementary school and it wasn't that bad then.
posted by sperose 29 September | 12:03
I'm considered priority because I work in an adolescent health clinic. We get snotty, feverish kiddos in every day. PLUS I am often in the schools, which is just as bad. So I've gotten the flu vaccine and will get the H1N1 when it's available.
posted by Stewriffic 29 September | 12:19
I have flu at this moment. 102.6 F. Aching muscles. Maybe it's H1N1.
In the Netherlands they downgraded the whole scare to a heavy normal flu.
posted by jouke 29 September | 12:43
The news just reported that in BC the regular flu vaccine is going to be given only to people 65 and over. BC is supposed to get the H1N1 vaccine delivered in November (it was previously stated it'd be here in October) and there's supposed to be enough for everyone. After that (in January) they're going to open up the regular flu vaccine to everyone.

The mister and I are dealing with flu right now. We don't know which kind and don't know where we picked it up (my mum's? the workers in the house?). We're sleeping a lot, have aches, chills, fever and are trying to stay hydrated. I vomited several times on Sunday, but not since then and so far the mister hasn't. And yes, we're both considered immuno-compromised. Fun, eh?

[repost from here with a few updates]
posted by deborah 29 September | 12:53
Also, there have not been flu shot shortages for several years.

Yes. This, and the myth of the vaccine itself giving people the flu, are the reasons this country ends up THROWING AWAY vaccines every year, which makes me crazy.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 September | 12:58
I haven't gotten the flu shot, nor do I plan on getting one, although great big giant advertisements are all over the drug stores in my neighborhood. I work from home, and have very little contact (if any) with high risk groups.
posted by msali 29 September | 13:36
Just had the flu shot this morning. It's been at least five years since I've had the flu but it was decidedly unpleasant. Not going to repeat that experience again if I can help it.
posted by jason's_planet 29 September | 15:18
I am getting my shot in a couple of weeks when the CVS in my building has their walk-in day. My baby has already had both of her flu shots.
posted by gaspode 29 September | 15:22
Already got infected (I'm one of the Great NerdFlu of '09 survivors) and I'm immune now, right?
posted by TrishaLynn 29 September | 17:18
I'm scheduled for a free flu shot at work in a week or two.
posted by essexjan 29 September | 17:27
Never had one actually.
posted by gomichild 29 September | 17:32
I've had seasonal flu shots ever since a particularly bad dose about 2000 that lead to double-pneumonia. Oh, and I was coughing so much from the disgusting phlegm that I actually cracked a rib. Too much fun.

Plus my parents are old and frail and although they have their shots, I want to cut down any chance I have of passing something nasty onto them. I still get the occasional flu-like bug but it's short and not as violent as regular flu anymore.
posted by ninazer0 29 September | 17:56
I don't think I have ever gotten the flu shot. But this year I am going to get the swine flu vaccine (free in Ontario) and then maybe the other shot after, depending on how I feel. I'm going to get my kids vaccinated too - my husband probably won't even though he basically has no immune system.
posted by saucysault 29 September | 18:47
Yes, please. I plan on getting both shots. I, too, had the flu two years in a row a few years back and do not want to repeat the experience if I can help it. If you haven't had the flu, it's ten times the worst cold you ever had. And that's a so-called mild case.

I don't understand anybody turning down vaccinations. Thousands of people die from the regular flu in the U.S. every year, not to mention the increased risk from H1N1. Why leave yourself vulnerable? The arm's a tiny bit sore for a day or two, and that's it. No biggie.

Get your shots people. I'll give you a lollipop. : )
posted by Pips 29 September | 18:57
My employer gives us all flu shots free so I will go on Oct 7th to get poked (heh). I don't plan on getting the H1N1 mainly because my mother got the swine flu shot in 1976 and ended up getting Guillain-Barré syndrome.
posted by govtdrone 29 September | 21:11
I've gotten the seasonal shot for a couple years running (and I just took off my band-aid over my injection site). Particularly with my dad in a CBRF and my mom working with elderly Alzheimer's patients and my niece still in high school and my nephew with a new baby .... well, I have good reason. They always point out you don't get it for you, you get it for the people around you.
posted by dhartung 29 September | 21:54
I keep my head down when they offer them (and my workplace always offers). They always make me feel like shit for a couple of days, and last time I got one it was more like a week.
posted by pompomtom 30 September | 00:03
Got my flu shot yesterday; in a high risk group, AND am in school, so it is a yearly event for me.
posted by faineant 30 September | 00:35
Got infected already, so it's a bit too late for me. Caught a cold in Spain (of all places!) last Friday and it's been all downhill from there on. Last night, I was actually feeling fine already, but then woke up with a temperature of 101 F this morning. FML.
posted by Daniel Charms 30 September | 07:41
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