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28 September 2009

Death, Death. [More:] I knew neither of these people, but both of these deaths hit too close to home.

The first was an otherwise healthy middle school girl who died of flu-like symptoms (still waiting to see if it was H1N1). I didn't know her, but it's just scary. Normally the flu claims the very young, the very old, those who are already ill or have some kind of medical condition that compromises their immune system (like Mrs. Doohickie... who teaches in the same school district).

The other death was cycling related. Again, I didn't know the gentleman, but because I ride I found out that several people I know, knew him.

I just hope we get through the winter with the family intact...

Swine flu doesn't target the young and old; it goes for those in the middle. Including pregnant women, which it has been hitting fairly hard.
posted by amro 28 September | 19:45
Just before I went home to New zealand I found out that my high school boyfriend (who still lived down the street from my mum) had died of H1N1. That was kind of freaky.

Then about two weeks later I got into a big argument about vaccinations with some friends on facebook. It was not good timing.
posted by gaspode 28 September | 22:45
The news just reported that in BC the regular flu vaccine is going to be given only to people 65 and over. BC is supposed to get the H1N1 vaccine delivered in November (it was previously stated it'd be here in October) and there's supposed to be enough for everyone. After that (in January) they're going to open up the regular flu vaccine to everyone.

The mister and I are dealing with flu right now. We don't know which kind and don't know where we picked it up (my mum's? the workers in the house?). We're sleeping a lot and trying to stay hydrated (I vomited several times yesterday, but not today and so far that's missed the mister). And yes, we're both considered immuno-compromised. Fun, eh?
posted by deborah 29 September | 00:47
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