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28 September 2009

OMG WTF WINDFALL: Birthday Magic happened and I now have a check for a hundred bucks and the express instruction not to use it to pay for rent or student loans or anything sensible and grown-up. [More:]

One half of me is going "Forget it! Save it!" the other half is going "CHAMPAGNE! CHAMPAGNE FOR ALL!" The other half (I am large, I contain multitudes) is screaming at me to let out some of my suits and get a decent tailoring and the other half wants to spend the time thing on scratch-off lottery tickets as an act of prayer to Random Chance. What's a Whelk to do?
OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINDFALL! In your position, I would listen to the second half and the third half: champagne, some tailoring, and a few pretty trinkets to make you happy!

I heart this kind of money so darned much that I always hang onto it for ages. I still have my delicious birthday windfall from early August tucked away in my pocket, and just yesterday decided to take myself shopping with it: new sweater, new shoes, new haircut, new somethin' pretty just for ME! Also, a jar of smoked paprika.

(I see that I missed your birthday: happy happy post-birthday spree to you!)
posted by Elsa 28 September | 14:05
I would spend it on drugs.

And happy birthday!
posted by BitterOldPunk 28 September | 17:54
Dude - you're a damn fool if you don't spend all of that cash on music.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 September | 18:30
You're to spend it on fun stuff - no ands ifs or buts about it!
posted by deborah 28 September | 18:33
Well, here's the list of things I want to buy once I get a job, as neatly written in my Moleskine while bored on the train, just in case we're secretly doppelgangers. Which I doubt, because I can't really pull off bunny ears.

butter dish (maybe I should just get married so people have to buy me bizarre kitchen implements)

relens my Dan Deacon frames in my prescription

black sneakers (these are nice)

this insane vintage nurse dress at a resale shop in Boy's Town that's still pure white and is obviously official, not costumey at all

So, if you want to buy me any of those things, GO RIGHT AHEAD. It would be a noble use of your money.

posted by Juliet Banana 28 September | 23:27
I bought everyone a round of absinthe after the big Lets All Do Something Stupid And Public In The Rain thing.

Okay that sentence looks funnier written out than in my head.
posted by The Whelk 29 September | 06:47
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