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14 September 2009

I made you a quiz. Do you know your 80s film stars?[More:]Wow, it was more work than I expected to find the pictures and enter in all the information. I hope it's fun.
50%, I suck that that topic but I've only seen two or three of the movies.
posted by octothorpe 14 September | 19:27
Chance would be 2.5 correct out of 10 so only getting 1 out of 10 is significantly bad.
posted by Obscure Reference 14 September | 19:56
4 out of 10 and 2 were complete guesses lol
posted by rollick 14 September | 20:56
50% here, too. I only saw one of the correct movies. No Patrick Swayze?
posted by Ardiril 14 September | 20:59
No, I do not. 3/10.
posted by gaspode 14 September | 22:01
Gaspode, me too. 30%. I suck big time.
posted by marsha56 14 September | 22:37
6/10. Looking at their eyes helped a little. I didn't see several of the movies though.
posted by jamaro 14 September | 22:43
Ohhh, fun test, desjardins! 10/10! Although the test didn't agree with me. It scored me correctly for the first answer and then said all the other answers were unanswered. Weird. Anyway, I saw every movie on the test and have five of them on dvd.
posted by deborah 14 September | 23:28
Just tried it again and it's still showing answers as unanswered.
posted by deborah 14 September | 23:30
I got 8 out of ten with lots of guessing/process of elimination. 80% for the Eighties!
posted by rainbaby 15 September | 09:44
6/10, pretty lame. But did you know that I was in Parenthood? No lie.
posted by Specklet 15 September | 10:11
yay! 10 our of 10 with only one guess. The Gremlins star really threw me for a loop!

Wow does Ralph Macchio look rough, eh?
posted by eatdonuts 15 September | 10:16
Tell, Specklet! I love that movie.

Those were the two that got me, eatdonuts.
posted by rainbaby 15 September | 10:25
30% not very good.
posted by rmless2 15 September | 11:06
posted by danostuporstar 15 September | 11:19
50%. All guesswork.
posted by essexjan 15 September | 11:47
9 out of 10. I missed Jared Rushton.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 15 September | 11:52
Parenthood?! Do tell, pretty please!! I just watched it again recently, love that flick.
posted by deborah 15 September | 16:51
Dog enjoys slide. || He's like the wind...