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13 March 2009

Oh for God's sake..... [More:]I was in a Toys'R'Us today and saw a shelf full of originally gender-neutral games which now are geared toward girls: Pink Monopoly, Pink Twister, Pink Scrabble, Pink Life, Pink Ouija Board.....the insinuation this gives me is that boys and girls can't be just friends with each other. Most boys who like these games aren't going to want to play the girly versions.
I dunno... the pink Ouija board sounds like a hoot.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 March | 22:36
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 March | 22:42
" pink Ouija board "

It's spelling something...

posted by arse_hat 13 March | 22:44
Pink twister? so I guess all the dots are one color then? That's boring.
posted by hellojed 13 March | 22:51
I fucking hate stuff like this.
posted by eamondaly 13 March | 22:52
Pink Life

This is what TPS has tattooed in gothic font across her belly.
posted by mullacc 13 March | 22:54
I have a feminist friend with a little girl who has been externally socialized to think that pink is the ONLY pretty color. I suggested to the mother to let her daughter know pink was originally a boy's color (less intense than Mars red)--I don't know yet how this will play out.

I like cool pinks, but seeing a sea of it in the "girls" section really disturbs me.
posted by brujita 13 March | 22:57
Pink board games.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 March | 23:05
Ah, now it's time to start organizing my army of little boys to Take Over Pink. It will become their new standard. As soon as they reclaim this majestic color, it will disappear at last from the store aisles.

..leaving only...sickly lavender and powder puff blue. ARGH
posted by Miko 13 March | 23:34
On par with girls being equated exclusively with pink is men who think they are so fashion forward and outside the box by wearing pink collared shirts and/or pink ties.

Okay, not on par, but still I hate that. I like pink and I am capable of enjoying it quite well on a man but you don't deserve a medal because you wear pink. If you wear it, wear it, don't talk about it. And anyway, where's your pink t-shirt, pink canvas belt, pink wrist watch? Oh, that's gay, isn't it? Fuck off.

(Whoa, someone has been storing up their anger about men in pink!)
posted by birdie 13 March | 23:47
birdie, pink makes me queasy. I don't dislike it but I don't want to see it. I mean Pepto Bismol ain't pink for nothin.
posted by arse_hat 13 March | 23:51
Pink cracks me up. I have really fallen in love with pink as an adult because it is such a freaking hot-button color. It's nutty!
posted by Miko 13 March | 23:54
Oh noes ... there's MOAR

Toys "R" Us must have done some studies that showed girl customer numbers were dropping faster than the US economy, or something.
posted by stilicho 14 March | 00:08
Oh sweet Jesus why didn't I have a boy?
posted by gaspode 14 March | 01:19
Miko has an army of little boys? Where can I get one?
posted by Fuzzbean 14 March | 01:26
My brother is a hetero guy who likes pink. He developed this habit in the 80s, when a pink dress shirt and a knit tie was the height of fashion, but he still rocks the pinkness from time to time.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 March | 01:45
Pink Life

This is what TPS has tattooed in gothic font across her belly.

In pink ink. With a couple of pink rhinestones dotting the 'i's.
posted by essexjan 14 March | 03:30
Well, actually, her belly button dots one of the 'i's.

[Yes, I said, 'belly button'. Navels are for oranges, and orange clashes with pink.]
posted by Ardiril 14 March | 08:14
Pink twister?

I gotcher pink twister, rite heah!!

posted by jonmc 14 March | 09:27
birdie, I don't understand. Are you against men wearing pink or men wearing pink and asking for a medal? I have a couple pink shirts and have yet to see anyone twist themselves into frothing rage about them. I say we should all just get along, who's with me?
posted by Firas 14 March | 09:50
> Oh sweet Jesus why didn't I have a boy?

The girl clothes all in pink and always in pink get to me. There's a girl at Perle's playschool who is dressed top to toe in pink since she was a wee baby, and every single pink is a different pink and it clashes like nothing else and I just get annoyed looking at the poor kid. the fashion police should have a talk with mom.

Meanwhile, in the boys department (where I take Perle shopping), you'll find awesome lizard-patterened green hoodies with orange eyes on the sides and little mohawk on top of dragonspikes which is Perles "magic lizard shirt" and requires her to "roooaaaaar" and act like a Tyrannosaurus Rex all day. Viva la imagination!

But yes, Perle wants dresses because they're so easy to wear and she is a girl after all, so we head to girl department and each time the non pink dress (there's usually one or two) can't be found her size I ask for it. They'll reply "it sold out", like all other non pink items and I point out how stupid it is of them to assume all mothers want pink when clearly the non pink seels out in the first day....
posted by dabitch 14 March | 11:19
That Pink Scrabble is just slightly uglier than the sort of faux-den palette on my Scrabble Deluxe set.

And look--you can spell 'FASHION'! Thirteen points times two for the first-turn bonus plus fifty for the bingo equals seventy-six! Ooh, math class is tough!
posted by box 14 March | 12:10
Wait--put the F on a DLS and it's eighty-four!
posted by box 14 March | 12:11
dabitch, I take Maddie shopping in the boy's department too (not that she has an opinion yet on what she will wear).

Today she is wearing a very cute outfit of sage green and light brown with dinosaurs all over her top and stripey pants. and pink socks
posted by gaspode 14 March | 12:43
No pink GI Joe? (Perfect for a tomboy like me.)

(sounds teh cute, 'pode...)
posted by Pips 14 March | 12:52
Firas, I can like men in pink, but I don't like men who go on about wearing pink. I know it's hard to believe that in 2009 that there are men who do even still go on about it like it's special, but what can you do, there are and they do. And obviously I'm the sort of crybaby who lets it annoy me!

Anyway, didn't mean to offend, and I was trying to be explicit about which aspect annoyed me, sorry it was unclear.
posted by birdie 14 March | 14:03
I will just say this (and interpret however you like): grrrrr!
posted by Specklet 14 March | 18:12
I want one of all of these pink things! PINK PINK PINK!
posted by goshling 14 March | 20:40
My sister's oldest daughter, A (8yo) loves pink and no one can figure it out. Pink pink pink. It has to be pink. It's just bizarre how much she loves the color. And her parents have absolutely no idea where she gets this from. But, and get this, while she always has to wear pink pink pink she will then go outside with her magnifying glass and dig up bugs, as she says, "to observe them." So, I guess it all evens out.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 March | 22:32
I must be charmed || Boston Herald does not seem to understand the poling! " 51 percent said