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09 March 2009

Monday 3-point update. [More:]
1. I have a gum infection which is horribly sore, but luckily I was already scheduled to see the dental hygienist tomorrow evening. But I felt so crappy I took today off.

2. I booked a flight to NYC today, so I'll be there at the end of May for my birthday. Something to look forward to! Yaaay!

3. In the last couple of days I've found in my flat what I thought at first glance were three spiders, but which turned out to be shed spider skins. This is worrying for several reasons:

(a) There are at least three spiders in here.
(b) I do not know where they are.
(c) They are growing.

Living on the edge of the forest, I get some monster spiders in here sometimes. I have a spider catcher so I can put them outside.
That spider catcher is neat! Does it work well?

1 - I am moving to a much larger apartment on Friday, and I can't wait. But I'm worried about how my cat, not known to handle stress well, is going to react to the change. In particular, I am hoping that he does not go on a wild peeing rampage.

2 - I am taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, and they have been effecting my sleep. I didn't know that was a potential side effect of antibiotics.

3 - On a related note, I am very happy to report that I have been recently diagnosed with a deviated septum. Now that I know this, and have been prescribed new medications, perhaps I will stop having vicious sinus headaches all the damn time.
posted by amro 09 March | 09:38
spider skins? !!! I didn't even know that spiders... shed. eep.
posted by taz 09 March | 09:42
Yeah, now that you mention it, I didn't know that either.
posted by amro 09 March | 09:43
1. Had a wonderful weekend, though not nearly as productive as I needed it to be.

2. Having dinner with mygothlaundry tonight! Yay!

3. Going to Las Vegas on Friday for a wedding this weekend. mike9322- remember him? is getting hitched!
posted by BoringPostcards 09 March | 09:49
The spider catcher works just great, amro. I used to have one that was like a little vacuum, with a tube, but it was useless. This one works well, and is good for bees, wasps, moths, etc. too.
posted by essexjan 09 March | 09:56
1. Just made an appt to get The Senator neutered. He's been really irritating recently, humping my arms at all hours, and I am hoping this will end that. But I am really nervous about it! I am worried he'll stop eating like he did when he was stressed 2 summers ago.

2. I'm sad about some incompatibilities in my relationship. He's great but I think we both know we aren't a perfect match.

3. It's gray and rainy and warm, but I wish is was bright and sunny and cold.
posted by rmless2 09 March | 10:01
(1) I am in Denver. Yay!

(2) In order to get medical treatment for my son. Boo.

(3) And I still have to work. Ugh.
posted by brainwidth 09 March | 10:08
1. I HATE the time change. I do not feel saved by Daylight Savings time.

2. Why the HECK am I still serving on this non-profit board as a leftover from my old job, which is costing me time and money? Am going to a conference this weekend for said group, spending tons of money on airfare and hotel rooms, when I could be using that money to save for a viola or a number of other things. I give and give and get nothing in return except "hey, could you also serve on this committee?" It's time to think about ME for a change. My term is until 2010, but I'm seriously considering resigning before that.

3. I used to not hate people so much. I wish I could remember how I did that.
posted by Melismata 09 March | 10:19
1. I am feeling like this week will be significantly better mood-wise than last week. This pleases me and I hope I can keep this semi-better-mood going for long enough for me to actually get some serious work done (aka these fucking charts for work and my second project for my class).

2. I still have not heard anything from UMD (they claim that all admission decisions should be in our hot little hands by the 20th) or the condo people (the bank has until the end of April to approve the short sale) and all this indecision is DRIVING ME BATSHIT.

3. This boy that I went on a date (or at least, I think it was a date, I suck at interpersonal hooha) keeps emailing back and forth with me and I really am trying to not be all flirty and whatnot but I don't think it is working and ugh, I just want to hide.
posted by sperose 09 March | 10:35
1. Going to see the Pogues in Atlanta tonight! And have dinner with boringpostcards! Yay!

2. "Shane MacGowan" commented on my blog! somehow I don't really think it was him though. still, cute.

3. Trying to get umpteen things done in the next 45 minutes before I leave.
posted by mygothlaundry 09 March | 10:37
1) Taking a group of teens to the state legislature tomorrow for an advocacy day. Am very excited.
2) Still house-hunting. Saw a really great property this weekend, which happens to be slightly rural. Location is weird, but not necessarily bad. My first reaction is "OMG yes, this is it!" My second reaction is "OMG but is it?" So much to consider.
3) It's spring planting time. I put in ~30 yellow onion plants yesterday and double that of red onion sets. The sets will end up being spring onions, and the plants will become storage onions. I have potatoes cut up and ready to go in next. I have most all of my tomatoes/peppers/basil/eggplant seedlings under the grow lights. There are about 14 sproutlings already.
posted by Stewriffic 09 March | 10:37
1. I finished the poster for the carnivorous plant society, as inspired by your help back in this post.

2. I have to figure out the cost basis of some stock we bought years ago that has split several times over. Ugh. Someone please tell me if there's an easy online calculator that will just spit out a value if I enter the date purchased + price paid.

3. My house is a cluttered mess, I'm feel I'm near snapping and going on an epic culling spree. Complication: the majority the clutter is my SOs.

posted by jamaro 09 March | 11:30
1. Officecoworker's bad mood is rubbing off on me. Usually I can shrug this off, but it has infected my outlook today.

2. Officecoworker's lunch smells like sulphur. Since she is on one of those diets with the special f00dz, my general desk area smells like this every day. I feel like I'm back in the 80s getting a perm.

3. I bought some music this week -- the new U2, Bettye LaVette, Sharon Jones, LCD Soundsystem -- and I've got my headphones on!
posted by initapplette 09 March | 11:32
1. I stuck a Chiquita banana sticker on my forehead, because the sticker instructed me to.

2. Like Stewriffic, the great house search of 2009 is on. I have already found the house that I want, but we have yet to reach an agreement with the sellers on the price (who do they think they are, refusing to sell me MY house for the price I want to pay for it? The damn thing has been on the market for two stinking years). So we continue to look, just be safe, but...

3. We are running around like mad, frantic bunnies, getting ready to leave the country for a month, which will definitely throw a monkey wrench in our house hunt. When we get back in the middle of April, we are going to have to hit the ground running. I'm just a tad bit Miss Stressy Popkins over the whole thing, but in a good way.
posted by msali 09 March | 11:41
1. Work - where is it in MY town?
2. I have yet to call my Senators for health care reform.

3. I need to be inspired in order to continue looking for work - I'm failing myself becauze I can't stay in an energized, bigger-picture frame of mind where I can use this surplus of down-time to come up with greater plans. Frustrated and demoralized.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 09 March | 12:47
1. I have a strained muscle in my back from romping in the dirt on our allotment. It hurts, but I know I'll be better by next weekend, at which point I will romp some more. Potatoes, broad beans, peas, you are in! Carrots, chard, beets, et. al. here you come! Tomatoes, lets get you started indoors!

2. Today was the hardest day of my new job so far. Our trainer lady was so. boring. The day absolutely draaaaaaaged by, and I think we could have covered the material in about an hour. Thankfully, she's leaving us. But only for the time being. But hey, they're paying me, so I can't complain.

3. I'm craving cheese-heavy Italian meals. The waistline dictates I have to wait until pizza night (Friday) but my taste buds scream for stuffed cannelloni.
posted by Specklet 09 March | 12:56
1. It's snowing. Again.
2. I'm so tired of winter.
3. My rat cage has finally shipped and is in Utah!

PS: Awesome poster, jamaro!
posted by deborah 09 March | 13:08
1. My kitchen stinks like death.
2. My kitchen stinks like death.
3. My kitchen stinks like death.

Just made an appt to get The Senator neutered.

Dear lord, we need more of that.
posted by trinity8-director 09 March | 13:57
1. My torrent of the collected works of Magma is 83% done, only eighteen hours left if the feed stays as is.

2. Had lunch with my dad and his old work crony at Matsuri, a damn good sushi place in Baltimore.

3. I'm capable of good cheer and polite conversation and all that, but let's face it, I miss my mom.
posted by Hugh Janus 09 March | 14:09
1. Hugh, Matsuri is where mr. gaspode and I went on our first date.

2. Annoying coworker killed animals on Friday and then forgot about them, leaving me to discover them, unrefrigerated, in our lab this morning. Mmmmm. Nice.

3. Only 48 hours until mr. gaspode returns from his conference. I am not cut out to be a single parent.
posted by gaspode 09 March | 14:28
1. Beautiful weather! Why am I indoors?

2. I think I may well be possibly getting my groove back as a web-coder type person.

3. Wondering if experience has softened gaspode's pet peeve any.
posted by danostuporstar 09 March | 15:00
(heh. nope, dano. I'm still parenting, not babysitting. As would my husband be if he was doing what i'm doing.)
posted by gaspode 09 March | 15:03
1. The work timeclock go splat Friday and nobody told me til TODAY. Checked all the plumbing and it turned out the vendor who installed a new NIC on THURSDAY didn't save the IP settings.

2. same-level supervisor called in sick and I had to do her time clock corrections. Ye gods she has an assload of people. 90% of them needed corrections. Then I found out about #1. I'm not doing it over. Payroll clerk who couldn't be bothered to put in an email or work order or phone call can do it.

3. Kids decided for me what to do with the almost-too-old eggs in the fridge. Break them all over the kitchen while I was outside. I'm still picking eggshells out of the washer and random bits of the kitchen. I shut down completely and made sure I was in the same room with at least one of them all weekend. Next week is spring break, and they're both home with me all. day. long.

3a. We got in just about every Godzilla movie on DVD! Co worker couldn't understand why I was jumping up and down with glee, but she checked them all out to me for two weeks! YAY!
posted by lysdexic 09 March | 16:07
Ha, that's great, Gaspode. Still the best, most consistent sushi in Charm City, though the market next door has hit on hard times. A lot of empty stalls, only one place serving lake trout, more drinkers than shoppers.

At Matsuri they were showing Japanese TV and I explained how the morning shows always had correspondents in some far-flung village, showing us how some regional and seasonal delicacy was prepared, from harvesting, through any manufacturing process, to cooking, often by charming old people in some picturesque hole-in-the-wall. Sure enough, the TV launched into a segment on a little old lady cooking nabemono deep in snow country.
posted by Hugh Janus 09 March | 17:09
1. Looking at things growing in my garden and thinking I really should start cleaning up out there, raking, trimming, etc. But it's gonna raiiinnnn...

2. Might be getting free tickets to see the Harlem Globtrotters for next week. That could be fun!

3. Shopping a bit tomorrow - I need new pants!
posted by redvixen 09 March | 17:16
1. snow, fracking miserable no-good absolutely horrible snow.

2. ran to work today, in said snow, and am feeling pretty damn hardcore about it. or stupid. they feel kind of the same.

3. dreamt that cortex ran a hotel/hostel in which i had a room which came about because i bought a used anatomy & physiology textbook from him and he introduced me to his zombie LARP-ing friends.
posted by oreonax 09 March | 18:20
1. I went to The Villages to visit my husband's uncle today. I can't believe I actually loved The Villages. You should see this place. It's like Celebration, Florida multiplied by a million. Not that Celebration, FL is something to love but The Villages rock. There is so much to do, the place is buzzing with activity.

2. A couple nights ago we rented Man On Wire. We're going to watch it tonight.

3. This morning I bought a bathing suit.
posted by LoriFLA 09 March | 19:40
1. Job hunting...still have a job for now, but that's not gonna last long and I'm trying to move to be with the bf. Job hunting is depressing.

2. Ambiguous health news today requiring tests and lots of doctor's visits. I was so glad to be done with doctor's visits after the tumor, and now it's starting again.

3. Trying to think of something positive to end the list with. Sigh.
posted by Twiggy 09 March | 20:57
1) I am up late, reading about my MEP. There isn't that much about him online in English.
2) I bought a pastry today!
3) Time for bed.
posted by mdonley 09 March | 21:13
1. School is killing me. I have three poster sessions and two papers due in the next ten days.
2. Work is also killing me, with their urgent deadlines that I'm quite sure they've known about for weeks.
3. And I would *really* like to not see the doctor again for a while, but on Friday I get to have a needle biopsy done on both breasts. Admittedly I did it to myself because I have awesome insurance right now and I feel like I should get every damn thing checked out while I can afford to, but I'm still non-slightly freaked by the whole concept of needles around my boobs.
posted by Fuzzbean 09 March | 21:29
1. My dad's dementia continues to get worse, and he still thinks he should be wholly involved in the finances and dealing with the tenants. We had to double up two tenants who are both behind on rent (the mothers are in-laws and volunteered) so they could afford one apartment and be on time etc. and he thinks they're crowded and should move into a bigger apartment that they can't afford. Even though he spent 20 years neglecting the properties he owns he thinks the slightly developmentally disabled son of this tenant will be able to help me renovate the place he let go to pot. Plus he wants me to give him back access to "my Quicken" so he can figure out all the back rent they owe us and avoid bankruptcy. Oh, sure, except because they can't keep up with their current rent they don't have any money to collect.

2. We do seem to have tenants lined up for one of the more ready-to-go empty places and they aren't even complaining about the ratty carpeting. Apparently their current place has actual rats. Well.

Still gotta recarpet the next one I have to work on, though. And I'm generally targeting a rent reduction of about 10-20% due to the local economy. My dad never bothered trying to get the full potential out of these places when times were good, and now we can't even sell them for a prayer.

3. My kitty Fry is doing much better on a hairball-treatment diet. I should have figured this out much earlier.

3a. He figured out how to jump back and forth to the really, really high shelf where I was keeping his food. When you rip open a cat food bag with your claws 8 feet off the floor, guess where the cat food goes?

3b. Who can get completely mad at such a resourceful planner with a brain smaller than a human fist?
posted by stilicho 09 March | 22:48
3b. Who can get completely mad at such a resourceful planner with a brain smaller than a human fist?

True, but when he's 4 years old, and going out the front door to sneak into the garage to get a tall stool to get to the chips you put up high, you kinda want to get the duct tape out.

whoops, was that outside my head?
posted by lysdexic 09 March | 23:13
Yes, No, or Maybe? || Does one *have* to refer to Saudi Arabia as "the kingdom"?