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21 February 2009

Ask mecha: Do you know anything about this portrait? Identity of artist or subject? [More:]
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posted by taz 21 February | 07:28
Subject: delicious!
posted by Specklet 21 February | 07:45
:) he looks quite a lot like my upstairs neighbor's boyfriend, which is why I want to know; I'll send her a link to an image and info once I find out.
posted by taz 21 February | 07:50
also... I can't ask on askme because mefi is down again. [sad and/or angry face here] It has become almost as bad as the bad bad old days when mefi used to crash every day until the U.S. woke up and somebody would push the reset button or something. [boo and/or hiss]
posted by taz 21 February | 07:55
Can you find a copy in a bookstore or library? I'm sure info about the painting will be on the back or inside....
I seem to recall that there was a search engine that could find other pictures based on a picture you would upload. That might work here.
I didn't bookmark the search engine though. Do you know which one I mean?
posted by jouke 21 February | 08:09
I've read of it, jouke, but I never bookmarked it, or even used it.

I know that the art will be identified in the book, but I won't find this French edition here, and I do suspect the artwork is specific for the country edition. I found this page, and if it had the "look inside" feature of the U.S. Amazon, I could probably find the info, but it doesn't.
posted by taz 21 February | 08:22
I'll see in the local bookshop whether they have this edition.
I've searched as well. But they didn't have the info on their website.
posted by jouke 21 February | 08:26
I just Googled the shit out of it in French and couldn't find it. Why not try asking Gallimard, the publisher? There are also book-cover design blogs out there who might take it on as a challenge. I'll probably keep searching because I can be obsessive that way...
posted by loiseau 21 February | 08:30
I was just thinking... later today I'm going to be near a bookstore (local version of Barnes & Noble) and I'll look for this edition to see if it's noted inside.
posted by loiseau 21 February | 08:44
thank you, goony mecha detectives!
posted by taz 21 February | 08:52
I'm just heading out to work too so I will look for that edition as well as browsing the art section to see if I can find the original portrait. I love his brooding look.
posted by saucysault 21 February | 09:04
Good luck. I suspect it's a Spanish artist, if only because it has that dark background quality I associate with that school.
also, my boyfriend is very, very, very distantly related to Dumas. I find that interesting.
posted by kellydamnit 21 February | 09:49
No luck yet here at work. I was looking at Romanic portraits from France - I hadn't thought of Spain. back to the stacks...
posted by saucysault 21 February | 10:13
And they sell that edition in Canada so if someone in Quebec (loiseau?) wants to nip into the local bookshop that may help!
posted by saucysault 21 February | 10:23
I checked on, an image search engine. It returned links to other sites selling the book, but didn't find the original painting. One of the links was to amazon with the look inside feature, but the copyright page didn't mention the cover painting.
posted by DarkForest 21 February | 13:08
The Count of Monte Cristo (Oxford World's Classics) (Paperback)
edition uses the same portrait and has the look inside. No mention of the cover art.
posted by arse_hat 21 February | 13:18
Très beau!
posted by deborah 21 February | 13:19
And loiseau comes back with the answer here: Léon Cogniet, "Autoportrait"
posted by misteraitch 04 March | 02:58
Brilliant, loiseau! Perfect.
posted by taz 04 March | 04:13
I loooove Dolly (but) || Metafilter is down, yes?