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18 February 2009

Man survives jump off Brooklyn Bridge [More:]Here's the thing about this: it's FREAKING difficult to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. It isn't like you see in the movies, you can't just jump off over the side of the walkway to fall in to the Hudson. If you jumped over the pedestrian path you'd fall only about two stories on to the traffic roads. True, you'd likely get hit by a car but that isn't what people are going for, is it? If you really want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, you have to CLIMB the bridgework to make your way over the posts quite a way to find 'the edge.'

That being said, there really are ENOUGH people who make the climb and every so often we hear of someone who does make the jump... but does that make this guy the ultimate loser because he had to go through all that trouble to climb in order to jumpů.. AND LIVED!!! This guy is spiderman and I claim my $2.
heh. Before even reading your "more", this is what I imagined: the guy waking up in the hospital thinking, "Oh great. Failed again."

I'm very glad this young man lived. I hope very much that he will live long enough and learn enough (or find enough help) to see his survival as an astonishing blessing.
posted by taz 18 February | 10:58
love how at the bottom of the link there's Related Posts: NY FASHION WEEK!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 18 February | 11:02
This is not for everyone, but the documentary The Bridge is a fascinating look at suicides and attempted suicides at the Golden Gate Bridge over one year. Incredibly stark, and moving, and confusing, and compelling, and sad. You can find it on most of the video-sharing sites, including Youtube, Google Video, etc.
posted by loiseau 18 February | 11:20
Just adding, the film is very respectful, but occasionally graphic. Video of people jumping is shown, probably even in the trailer. (I forget.) But the subject is treated very seriously. People whose attempted jumps were stopped are interviewed, giving a bit of insight into the mentality of those who do this. Families of deceased are also interviewed.
posted by loiseau 18 February | 11:24
Isn't that the bridge that Barry Miller fell off of in the movie "Saturday Night Fever"? I always thought it was weird that some cops didn't stop near them and say, hey, get away from there!
posted by Melismata 18 February | 11:43
MMM, I'm pretty sure the bridge scene is on the Verrazano, not the Brooklyn... anyone remember?
posted by eatdonuts 18 February | 12:00
Well, that strategy's out. Dammit.
posted by brina 18 February | 12:12
*whuffles brina*
posted by Specklet 18 February | 13:41
FREAKING difficult to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. It isn't like you see in the movies, you can't just jump off over the side of the walkway to fall in to the Hudson.

Yeah, anyone who can jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and end up in the Hudson has achieved something unique.
posted by deadcowdan 18 February | 14:07
LOL, I was wondering who would pick up on the East River switch.
posted by eatdonuts 18 February | 14:13
I have read that most people who jump off stuff trying to kill themselves, the ones that survive, at least, realize immediately what a mistake they have made, and that nothing is worth doing this.
posted by danf 18 February | 14:47
The jumper (hell, anyone who attempts suicide, btdt) has my empathy.
posted by deborah 18 February | 16:52
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