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28 November 2008

Yesterday, this site and its associates made half the previous day. i thanked them for fixing the problem on my old computer with the old firefox and abreast[More:] as to what was still wasn't "all clear" of bugs on the newer computer with the unupdated firefox.

i told Josh at
I don't [think] you get thanked enough for what you do


Thank you.

If you guys don't double yesterday today,
Just write.

He should have no reason to write.

Do good.
Make them make up for yesterday.
Scroll down on the pages to see what i am talking about. Not everyone does it first thing when they log on. We shouldn't have to be the half that thinks it just makes us feel and we can blow it off.
Every day, it helps.

Now let me nap, for at least 4 hours.
i may have more to say. Like how it's so totally Bruce Lee being used like every other dead icon to shill shit, without anyone ever paying nearly enough [attention] of how they can mess up a life long legacy for their cool albeit false ads.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by ethylene 28 November | 14:53
A bit confused, Thanksgiving Day clicks seem to have been down but not by half, just around normal "Saturday" levels.
posted by dhartung 28 November | 16:37
Many of those folks not clicking were surely volunteering at shelters or spending quality time with family, away from the computer, which may be totally selfish but doesn't allow for clicking like workdays do.

I bet Bruce Lee would be shilling himself if he were alive today, to make money for his family, who probably get money from his posthumous endorsements, too. I mean, he was a dedicated self-promoter and a movie star.

posted by Hugh Janus 28 November | 20:06
The hunger site is not the one i'm as concerned with as other sites that went down by half when i checked earlier this morning.

And Bruce Lee, while a dedicated self-promoter and a movie star, could have done that if he wanted, when he wanted, but he doesn't have the choice.
Unless someone is speaking with him or for him to keep to his best intentions.

One doesn't need to speak ill of the dead to reduce them to a guy in an ad for a phone that must be fake.

And, is it so wrong to think that the day after Thanksgiving might be a day you thank someone for working on Thanksgiving?
Maybe surprising the people who do work every day in a little holiday surprise of their own, because it's the only real reward they get to see at the back end of the machine? Bucking the "usual trend" for a day by just reminding people they can, if they wanted to, just click?

Apparently this is asking too much, so it seems, and i'm sure i must be a lesser person by not spending time with my "family" away from the computer completely or working at a soup kitchen.
Hey, what good is a "drug smuggler" who doesn't make any money getting the "junkies" their "fix" of medication, anyway?

i would feel ranty if i could feel anything right now.
posted by ethylene 28 November | 21:45
Nah, look, I wasn't criticizing you or calling you a lesser person or anything, and I hope you're just feeling ranty in general and not at my behest; I was just suggesting that all of us who didn't click yesterday might not be lesser people ourselves. Just conversating, not at odds.

You're right about Lee having no say in the commercial matter, and that's unfair, but then again George Washington would probably be pretty embarrassed to find himself on all those dollar bills. We'll never know, though.

Hey, what good is a "drug smuggler" who doesn't make any money getting the "junkies" their "fix" of medication, anyway

What, do you have a wire on me or something? I had my people on the qui vive!
posted by Hugh Janus 28 November | 22:23
But then his name makes the kid laugh every time i say it, with his flapping two faced cheeks and gassy air about him, wreathed in dead sick mothers who rise and fall from the grave.
posted by ethylene 28 November | 22:28
i don't remember calling anyone lesser or higher, dealer or buyer.
i don't know you from adam.
posted by ethylene 28 November | 22:33
But then his name makes the kid laugh every time i say it, with his flapping two faced cheeks and gassy air about him, wreathed in dead sick mothers who rise and fall from the grave.

Bravissimo. Encore, encore!
posted by Hugh Janus 28 November | 22:40
eth, I don't know what you're going through right now, but I really wish you'd curb your impulse to assume that people here are attacking you and to overreact accordingly. People here aren't attacking you, and don't deserve to have their throats jumped down.
posted by elizard 29 November | 00:12
i can't believe that is the conclusion you jump to from words i've barely had a chance to write.

Ask Janus to answer for me.
Some people never get a holiday.
posted by ethylene 29 November | 00:27
I came back to amend that, apparently later than I should have. I'm sorry. I phrased that poorly, and it came out harshly although that wasn't my intent. It just seems that you're on the defensive a lot these last few weeks, and from here it looks like it's often without cause, or the response is out of proportion to the slight. It's worrisome, and it's been making me increasingly uncomfortable. However, it would appear that this time I'm the one whose response exceeded requirements.
posted by elizard 29 November | 01:11
Ask Janus to answer for me.

This sucks. I'm out.
posted by Hugh Janus 29 November | 02:22
Hmmmm. Well this thread seems to have been battered by the nunchucks. Ethylene, you do seem to be in attack mode, and if you aren't, you need to be clearer when you communicate.

At any rate, thanks for the linked site; I'm going to get all my Christmas gifts for my U.S. family from there, and have found some fantastic things already.

Let's try to be gentle with each right now... We all know holidays can be tense, tough, fraught.
posted by taz 29 November | 02:54
Yeah, ethylene, I just don't get it. It was a US holiday. People are generally doing other things on a holiday than sitting at the PC. I don't think it represents a moral failure on their part nor is it a particularly notable drop for the charity sites, who will probably do "business" as usual come Monday. You seem to feel strongly about this right now and (speaking from experience) that may be a way to deal with something more personal right now. It's cool if you want to talk to us about that, but it's not cool to passive-aggressively bully people into giving (which is the way you came across). The moral weight of the world is not on all our heads.
posted by stilicho 29 November | 03:03
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