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28 November 2008

I'm eating jell-o. [More:]

Peach vodka infused jell-o. I say, sing it with me folks, j-e-l-l-o. With Reddi-wip. Yowie, this stuff sneaks up on ya. In an hour, I leave to meet jon for the meet-up at Revival, where I plan to add tequila to the mix. It should be an interesting subway ride. I also have a wicked craving for Gray's Pappaya.
Yay see ya there! We'll be late but we'll be there.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 November | 16:40
Awesome. Can you say parfait?

(perhaps I should slow down on the jell-o)
posted by Pips 28 November | 16:54
Did jonmc survive Black Friday okay?
posted by elizard 29 November | 00:15
He did, indeed. When I met him at the store, he seemed none the worse for wear, introducing me around to some folks I hadn't met yet. Course, there's still "Black December" looming.

(I also survived my jell-o.)
posted by Pips 29 November | 13:33
Reddi-wip cans have been appearing around my neighborhood all week. Monday, I noticed three lined up on the granite base of a neighbor's fence. The next day, I saw several strewn in a garden (and picked 'em up, put 'em in my recycling bin). Last night, there was one on our own fence's granite base.

First I though "Ah, pie season," closely followed by "Ah, nitrous sniffing," but I don't understand the proliferation of cans.

Or maybe it's the same three or four cans, being arranged differently every few days.

Maybe I need to tag these cans, then track them, as if I were doing a wildlife survey.
posted by Elsa 29 November | 13:48
Whipped cream bikinis come to mind.
posted by Pips 29 November | 19:14
My guess would be nitrous, but since I've no experience doing nitrous through Reddi-Wip cans, maybe I'm missing something. However, perhaps there really is a random pie distributor who insists on fresh Reddi-Wip on each pie, applied just before delivery. Yep, I'll go with that.
posted by elizard 29 November | 19:42
≡ Click to see image ≡

It's a rebus.
posted by Hugh Janus 29 November | 20:19
Damn you, Janus, now I've got the dradle song going through my head, but with 'rebus' in there instead. Don't ask me how that happened, just know that I blame you. And that nitrous was not involved.

Rebus, rebus, rebus
I made it out of clay
Rebus, rebus, rebus
With rebus I will play.

posted by elizard 29 November | 23:03
A great miracle happened there.

posted by Hugh Janus 29 November | 23:55
posted by taz 30 November | 00:42
whippet good
posted by Elsa 30 November | 00:47
Yesterday, this site and its associates made half the previous day. || Thanksgiving is tomorrow!