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27 November 2008

My cat is limping. Tell me not to freak out, please. So we just spent a really stressful week giving our female cat, Daeva, antibiotics for a fever and then she had two teeth extracted, and now we come home from Thanksgiving and our male cat, Daksha, is limping.[More:] I'm pretty sure I know how he hurt himself - I was holding him in the kitchen a couple days ago, and he startled out of my arms and landed badly on the tile floor. He's always been clumsy, so I didn't think anything of it, but now, this. He's walking, trotting, will go upstairs, will jump on the couch, will purr, meow, make biscuits, curl up in his usual positions, and he's eating. He's getting his teeth cleaned on 12/15. I'm pretty sure he's fine, especially since he doesn't react when I feel his legs and shoulders, but I'm completely irrational about these cats.
My dog strains something every couple of months - the first sign is normally a limp. My vet told me to wait a few days before bringing her in each time, as the usual advice is 'wait a few days and see if she is till limping.'
posted by Susurration 27 November | 19:50
Remember when I sat on my cat (who had chosen to sleep well hidden under the covers) and he was clearly in pain, and pissed off and growling and no walking up/downstairs and no jumping off bed and so on. Five very expensive X-rays later we find that nothing is broken, but a few days (four actually) of anti-inflammatory painkillers had him hopping and purring in notime.

He probably did something like that, and might be able to use the help of anti-inflammatories.
posted by dabitch 27 November | 20:04
probably superfluous, but be careful you only give anti-inflammatories intended for your pet's species to your pet. Paracetamol (Acetominophen) for instance is highly toxic to cats (and I thought dogs, but according to wikipedia it's ok for them). It's not strictly an anti-inflammatory either, but I just thought I'd get my PSA in.

Get well soon Daksha!
posted by Quentin 27 November | 23:39
I'm thinking you're good. If he's moving around ok, I'd let it be. If you feel any swelling or fever then worry.

My cat now used to jump up and down 6 feet. He goes at most 4 feet now, because the landing is too hard on him. He'll get stepped on or run over by the kids every so often, and complain and limp, but then he's fine.
posted by lysdexic 27 November | 23:43
I have 2 stories related to this. 1 was my first cat, and I came home from work one day, and she was hurt. She had buried herself in my laundry basket, and when I went to dump it out I didn't see her, and she freaked. I don't remember what was wrong with her, but it apparently wasn't a big deal.

Second was my current cat. I heard a yowl in the middle of the night. Next day he could hardly walk. Took him to the vet, and he had broken his leg. Apparently it's pretty common, especially for big cats like him, to break the ball off of the leg bone. He had some expensive surgery to cut it out, and he's doing fine now. I guess cats don't need that ball in their hip joint...
posted by eekacat 27 November | 23:46
When I was a child I had a rather delicately boned Siamese cat that often jumped down from silly heights. She limped for a few days on three occasions.

Watch your kitty for another day or two. If things right themselves then no harm done. If not, then you can see a vet.

I wish your kitty well.
posted by arse_hat 28 November | 00:13
Thanks guys. I'm sure he's ok, I'm just super neurotic. He was whining like a champ for breakfast today. Good to know other people's cats randomly limp and turn out ok.
posted by Medieval Maven 28 November | 09:19
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