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24 November 2008

What jewelry do you wear every day? I'll go first:[More:]
Left hand:
Wedding ring, titanium with teensy diamond in it
Engagement ring, sterling silver with round amethyst cabochons in it
Chunky Indian silver and tiny turquoise ring from charity shop

Right hand: Chunky ring of a face from friend

Tiny, hair thin silver chain
Silver box chain, currently with a green optical glass and silver drop pendant

Right ear:
Blown glass 00 gaged horn earring
Silver and moonstone stud earring

Left ear:
Horn made out of horn, not sure what gage
Lapis and silver pendant converted into earring with randomly-found silver wire
Silver and moonstone earring

Yeah I am a hippy.
I wear:

- emerald-cut diamond ring on my left middle finger
- my aunt's diamond ring on my right ring finger
- gold and diamond drop earrings
- gold AA pendant and chain
- watch of some kind, either the fake Cartier or the fake Omega.
posted by essexjan 24 November | 15:56
right hand: silver posey ring that says my babby
neck : small wooden cross on a rubber string
posted by stynxno 24 November | 16:06
Zero. Zero jewelery.
posted by mudpuppie 24 November | 16:10
White gold wedding band.
Sterling silver LP pendant.
Phillips head earrings.
posted by jonmc 24 November | 16:15
Does a watch count as jewellery?

I wear a silver necklace with a small (boat) propeller on it. I never take it off and have worn it for about 20 years (it's on the second chain, as the first wore out).
posted by dg 24 November | 16:17
Here i took a pic

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by By the Grace of God 24 November | 16:18
Always wear, never comes off:
Wedding band on left hand
Pendant (diamond) necklace that he gave me 5 years ago.
Silver chain (strongest I could find in my box) with his wedding band.

Almost always:
Cheap watch and some sort of earrings.

Some sort of bracelet and/or lapel pin.
posted by mightshould 24 November | 16:25
Left ring finger:

platinum wedding band
platinum diamond engagement ring
platinum band with five diamonds

This is the only jewelry I wear faithfully.
posted by LoriFLA 24 November | 16:26
Right hand: a silver ring with a the ":;" typewriter key on it, although in the past it was a chunky silver ring with blue stones that looked a bit like a Scandinavian flag of sorts (it got the nickname "Fjord of the Rings").
posted by piratebowling 24 November | 16:26
Almost always: some kind of glass or stone plugs in my earlobe piercings, glasses, a few other pieces of piercing jewelry.
posted by box 24 November | 16:29
White gold eternity band with diamonds (actually, the diamonds only go around the top half- what's half of eternity?)
Pearl earrings (16th birthday gift from my parents)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 November | 16:37
posted by danf 24 November | 16:42
what's half of eternity?

a meeting.
posted by jonmc 24 November | 16:43
Diamond engagement ring in between two wedding bands in white gold on the left ring finger.

Earrings (one each ear) 90% of the time while out of the house.

That's it.
posted by rainbaby 24 November | 16:51
White-gold wedding ring
3 hoops in left ear, two hoops in right ear. One in each ear has a little seashell looped through it.

I used to always wear a necklace of some kind, often my tiffany flower that was the engagement gift from mr. gaspode. I no longer do that due to The Spawn and her grabby yet surprisingly strong little hands.
posted by gaspode 24 November | 16:51
Left hand, ring finger: White gold and diamond wedding band and engagement ring

Left hand, first finger: Sterling Silver and garnet ring procured for me at an antique shop this year

Left ear: Top cartilage, stud earring from my mom, 2nd cartilage, hoop that's always been there; second from bottom on my lobe - today a black pearl on a short dangle, usually small silver neverending hoop; bottom lobe, larger silver neverending hoop.

Right ear: third lobe, stud to match right top cartilage; 2nd and bottom lobe earrings match the left side.

Necklace: sometimes I wear a silver chain with three Catholic saint charms (St. Christopher, St. Rita, and St. George).
posted by Medieval Maven 24 November | 16:56
My engagement ring and my wedding ring (white gold band with small diamonds which curves to fit around my engagement ring).

A pearl stud in my upper right ear cartilage piercing.

Everything else changes.
posted by muddgirl 24 November | 17:05
posted by special-k 24 November | 17:05
None, I have neurotic dislike of jewelry, not sure why, maybe it's an aspie thing. The closest I've come was wearing a watch, and even that bugged me.
posted by doctor_negative 24 November | 17:07
A small white gold hoop in each earlobe and my Medic-Alert bracelet on my left wrist. I traded out the stainless steel chain for a thin black leather cord with small silver hooks on each end that clip into the holes in the bracelet. I will probably soon upgrade that to a Medic-Alert dog tag, possibly coupled with an individually engraved Battlestar Galactica dogtag because fuck it, if I have to tell the world not to give me antibiotics I might as well feel like a little bit of a badass while doing it.
posted by Fuzzbean 24 November | 17:20
Gold wedding band bought at the J.C.Penny in The Mall of the Dead. It's the only jewelry that I've ever worn in my life, it took me a while to get used to it but now I feel naked without it.
posted by octothorpe 24 November | 17:21
Usually can't; will think of nothing else but the jewelry if I do, and will fiddle with it and inevitably take it off and lose it. Necklaces aren't as bad as earrings and rings, so the one piece I really like wearing whenever it's appropriate is a long strand of large, heavy baroque pearls. When they warm up, they feel more a part of me than anything else I might wear, and they're pretty fun to play with when I can't help it.
posted by notquitemaryann 24 November | 17:34
Phillips head earrings

awesome. Now I know what to get my roommate for christmas.
posted by kellydamnit 24 November | 17:37
Rings: +I always wear rings, but which ones vary. For the past few months, it's been one per hand, both made by me.
Left: silver band with 3 silver beaded sections in the middle
Right: Circular orbit-inspired stacks of silver pieces.

Nose: tiny blue stud

Earrings: today I have some antique gothic looking jasper and marcasite ones on
posted by rmless2 24 November | 17:39
Thanks. Along with my collection of ballcaps, they're the article of clothing I get complimented on the most. At least once a week, I get somebody asking "Are those real screws in your ears?" I just look them dead in the face and say "Yes. That's how they stay attached to my head, and I'm sensitive about it."
posted by jonmc 24 November | 17:40
Three rings in left earlobe.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 November | 17:42
Platinum engagement/wedding band studded with six little yellow diamonds.
posted by ninazer0 24 November | 17:49
brushed stainless steel wedding band, left ring finger. watch & earrings change.
posted by chewatadistance 24 November | 17:58
I wear 2 black plastic bracelets ...80's style looped into an x
posted by meeshell 24 November | 18:00
Just the cuff earring on the right ear.

Perhaps pi will change this in the near future. Then I shall post once again. :)
posted by sakura 24 November | 19:44
Small blue stud in my nose, and usually a silver chain with a dragonfly pendant on it, though I took it off a few weeks ago and haven't replaced it yet.

I also bought a pair of paper plane shaped earrings yesterday, so will plan on wearing them every day also.

P.S. I love the screw shaped earring, jonmc!
posted by jonathanstrange 24 November | 19:46
wedding ring, lhrf
small silver band, rhp
medicalert bracelet, rw
watch, lf
posted by plinth 24 November | 19:54
I try to remember to wear earrings. My default pair are titanium/dark blue crystal studs whose backs keep going missing. I used to have an identical titanium/clear crystal pair, and I liked wearing blue in one ear and clear in the other, but then the backs fell off and the clear ones got lost one after the other. Bought a replacement white pair a few months ago, but the quality isn't nearly as good, so I'll keep looking.

The studs get worn for days at a time, but I like to switch them out for dangly ones for any minor occasion, and then I'll forget to put the studs back in.
posted by casarkos 24 November | 20:18
A watch. I usually wear earrings, and often wear a necklace, but the only thing I wear every day is a watch.

Gaspode, I just read about these fascinating-yet-slightly-horrifying teething necklaces.
posted by occhiblu 24 November | 20:52
one barbell
posted by MonkeyButter 24 November | 20:57
Nose stud, bar in belly button, small diamond stud in my left ear and a pair of platinum rings (which look like bird tagging rings) in each ear.

I don't like wearing a watch or rings even though I own some lovely ones (including a small emerald ring from my husband).

Also necklaces are on hold until Grabby McGrabberson stops exercises his Grip of Death move on anything involving Mummy.
posted by gomichild 24 November | 21:16
2nd hole in left ear, a small emerald stud that never comes out; the son found it in one of those seeded buckets you go "mining" in years ago.
Watch on left wrist most of the time.
Usually a large moonstone ring on left hand, pointy silver ring on right.
I switch off necklaces and bracelets and other earrings.
posted by mygothlaundry 24 November | 21:35
One ring on the right hand, it used to have a sort of celtic design, but has just worn down to an almost-plain silver.
One ring each on the nipples, with little morning-star things.

Each of the far too much a PITA to take off.
posted by pompomtom 24 November | 22:11
Two small-ish silver rings on each hand. One is from Greece, two are from SF, and one is from Berkeley. I used to have one from Italy as well, but I lost it. :(

The only watch that has ever fit my tiny, tiny wrists (seriously, I think they're 5 1/4 in or something). It has a stretchy silver links band, which sounds kind of tacky, but it's not. There's usually two or three hairties on that wrist as well. The rings and watch come off to shower and sleep.

A silver Tiffany's Elsa Peretti open teardrop necklace that my parents bought me for my 18th birthday. I don't usually take this off, unless I'm specifically wearing gold jewelry (happens maybe twice a year) or another necklace (ditto).
posted by unsurprising 24 November | 22:43
I have some jewellery but rarely think to wear it, apart from my wedding ring which never comes off (yellow gold, left hand ring finger). I have pierced ears but only wear earrings a couple of times a year.

My favourite jewellery is my opal necklace which was my wedding present from mr alto. I love opals and it reminds me of him. I'd love some good opal earrings - I bought some on ebay but they are teeny and you can't tell they're opals unless you look very carefully.

I don't even wear a watch, as I spend 95% of my working day at the computer.
posted by altolinguistic 25 November | 04:53
I'm thinking, though, that if I had some Phillips screw head earrings I would wear them more than twice a year, as they are awesome.
posted by altolinguistic 25 November | 04:54
I wear a wedding band on my left ring finger and an engagement ring on my right ring finger. Also, on my left wrist a 1950s-vintage Swiss watch.
posted by misteraitch 25 November | 06:46
The only things I wear every single day are the studs in my top two sets of ear piercings. In the bottom set, I change the earrings every day.

I have two rings, both bought from the BirkaScandinavia seller on Etsy, who is fantastic. One is green amber and the other is malachite. I wear one of those (usually the green amber) almost every day, excepting days I forget.

I have a bunch of necklaces. Most are of the "thing on a chain" variety, but I also have a number of beaded ones of various kinds. I wear one of these most days, but again, not every day.

I stopped wearing a watch when I started using a cellphone.

I have been actively trying to push my boundaries where jewellery is concerned. In high school I was always decked out in several gold rings. Since then I have gone years without wearing any, because (this will sound strange) it felt too dressy for the way I dressed. A couple of years ago I started trying to get over that. My basic, neutral thing is big (but not giant) hoops. I figure that's the least I can do. I'm noticing now that I feel naked without at least two of the three. In fact today I have no earrings, no necklace and no ring and I feel really schlubby.

Glad you asked?
posted by loiseau 25 November | 11:41
Lots of Tiffany fans in this thread, it seems.

I don't wear any piece every day. "Often worn" pieces include my steel watch and a little silver rose on a silver chain necklace, and my gold Bulova watch and the gold signet ring my father gave me for my 16th birthday. Usually I wear one of my two watches and then another piece that goes with whatever I am wearing that day. I feel half-dressed without any jewelry.

My former condo got robbed back in March 2006, and most of my jewelry was stolen. The one plus was that for awhile I had an excuse to buy lots of jewelry, but now I have more than I had pre-burglary so I don't get to indulge as often:-(
posted by Orange Swan 25 November | 12:45
Left wrist: silver medic alert bracelet (diabetes)

Left ear: three holes - two upper always have little silver rings in them, lower varies and only if I'm going out of the house

Right ear: one hole - varies and only if I'm going out of the house

Neck: I was wearing a silver pendant on a leather lace, but the lace is thinning and I took it off so I don't lose the pendant (note to self: get new leather lace)

PS: Y'all are making me want to get my nose re-pierced
posted by deborah 25 November | 13:55
My fuckoff-ring. It's a regular very classic 'alliansring' commonly used around these parts either when marrying or to celebrate five years of marriage - except I made mine larger to fit the middle finger of my right hand fifteen years ago, to go "meh" on the idea of marriage (while still getting to wear the glitter every day haha!)

≡ Click to see image ≡

much later, ads targeting women to buy "the right hand ring" cropped up and I got a little wigged out by that thinking I had thought of a clever way of having my cake and discovering that not only was I not alone, but now marketing is telling women to do it. weird.
posted by dabitch 26 November | 10:21
Note, the photograph is not of my ring.
posted by dabitch 26 November | 10:22
None. I have a drawerful but I'm lucky if I get out the door wearing pants, let alone remember to add jewelry.
posted by jamaro 30 November | 02:23
I have one ring on my left hand and two on my right, all silver.

The one on the left is my wedding band, imprinted with the image of a knotted string to symbolize the ribbons we used in lieu of rings when Cinnamon and I got hitched (her ring looks like the string imprinted on mine).

The other two I've worn for much longer. One is bears Hopi symbols for two storm clouds and a bear paw, symbolizing power and strength -- my aunt and uncle gave it to me in high school and I've worn it ever since. The other flattens into sort of a bar across the top, with two stripes of onyx inlaid. It was given to me by a college friend as thanks for being the only actor to agree to play his boyfriend in a play he wrote and directed (even though I wasn't gay -- especially because, actually). It's on my index finger and bent on the bottom long ago, so I can't take it off. It'll have to be cut off someday, I guess.
posted by me3dia 01 December | 23:26
Platinum wedding band with three bumps on it, left ring finger.
Stainless steel bottle opener, right middle finger.
Timex Indiglo analog watch with date window and roman numerals, left wrist.
posted by eamondaly 11 December | 20:41
No Mo' Ho Ho Ho || Happy birthday, halonine!