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21 November 2008

What's your packing style? [More:]I'm such a light packer that I inevitably have to end up buying or borrowing *something* to get through. My approach--meds? passport? ticket? ID? Cash? Glasses? Contacts? OK, let's GO! Weeklong vacation tomorrow, and I've fit everything in a small carry-on, which I'll be checking, and a small daypack.

I almost just forgot underwear, though.
Although I'm really organized when I pack (ziplock bags!), invariably I grossly underpack or overpack. I never get it just right.

I usually pack lighter when I visit my folks because I know I'll be able to do laundry when I'm there, and I know my mom has every possible toiletry, so I can always borrow shampoo or toothpaste. The downside to this is forgetting, say, a jacket, or a pair of tennis shoes, or something like that. Because borrowing from mom for visible wearable things means dressing like a 65-year-old woman who likes painted sweatshirts.
posted by mudpuppie 21 November | 20:37
Heh. Painted sweatshirts. Luckily, I have a sister to borrow from, and my mom's clothes are beautiful, but definitely also geared to the 65 year-old set.

My flight is at 6 a.m., and it's international, so I have to be at the airport REALLY early. If I go to bed in the next 20 minutes I'll get 6 hours of sleep. I'm not sure how that's going to happen. I had linner today, so I'm getting hungry again now. No food in the house.
posted by Stewriffic 21 November | 20:43
Where are you headed Stew?
posted by special-k 21 November | 20:45


(Also, I think I have some yogurt, which will go down well.)
posted by Stewriffic 21 November | 20:49
Linner? Heh, we call it lunner or dunch.

I pretty much pack as Fodors suggests. BUT I always bring an extra pair of undies, socks (if it's cooler weather - otherwise no socks at all) and top (t-shirt, sweater - depends on the weather). But similar to Stewriffic - as long as I have what I need, I can always buy/borrow anything I'm missing.
posted by deborah 21 November | 20:57
What do I need in the morning, what do I wear (put on and take off several different outfits entirely), what do I lolounge in the evening, what do I need before bed, and what shoes for different activities. And a hat.
posted by buzzman 21 November | 20:57
PS: I have never been anywhere tropical (Hawaii, the Caribbean, Tahiti, etc.). It's one of those things I'd love to do before I die.

Have fun, Stewie!
posted by deborah 21 November | 20:58
I am terrible about packing. (Of course, if I'm going anywhere with my mother, she steals my clothes about 6 months ahead of time because I don't wash or fold them correctly.)

The last trip I had to pack for (going to Lyco for Homecoming) I packed perfectly for. I had a backpack and a purse. That's it. (I did wind up with a shitload more bags by the end of the weekend, but that was from going shopping, heh.)

I tend to overpack though, which is terrible. I like to think that I'll be prepared for every occasion.
posted by sperose 21 November | 21:10
Thanks deborah! I love the airport there.

OK. I've had some toast, some yogurt, and packed a PB&J for the trip. I have my clothes for tomorrow laid out, and I'm prepared to freeze until I get into the terminal. It's going to be about 20F tonight.

I have a hat. I have two pairs of shoes, two dresses, my binoculars and field guide, three pairs of shorts, three tops, a couple of beater t-shirts, a few books, the aforementioned "musts," and I think I'm good.
posted by Stewriffic 21 November | 21:12
Just before the flight, I get whatever's sitting around at the drier (there's always a load sitting there) and dump into the suitcase. Then I get EVERY clean underwear I have (really, what's it, 2 ounces each? why not?). A few socks (I always buy a bulk pack of identical pairs and throw out the old ones, so I don't have to match pairs later). Couple pants, one coat. One pair of "dressy" shoes (I travel wearing my sneakers), flip flops. If there's space, go ahead adding every clean t-shirt I can find.

Oh, that "pack for the destination's weather" is total utter bullshit. ALWAYS bring a coat good enough for 40F.
posted by qvantamon 21 November | 21:59
I make a list, then I take the same stuff I take every time. Do laundry, manage mp3 player, camera, R4DS, etc., find a few books and magazines that I want to read but don't mind giving away, charge devices, pack favorite clothes, gather bathroom stuff, go to sleep, wake up, shower, pack bathroom stuff, pack chargers, pack pockets, finish grabbing drinks and snacks, hit the road.
posted by box 21 November | 22:09
I make a list as well. I tend to slightly over pack. I usually end up buying a few new things before every trip.
posted by LoriFLA 21 November | 22:33
I pack heat.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 21 November | 23:53
I have a few different lists and I stick to them. One for Business Trips, one for Vacations, one for Road Trip To My Parents'. I'm a pretty light packer, because once I start down the "just in case" route, there's no end to it.
posted by rhapsodie 22 November | 00:36
Oh god. It's way too early.
posted by Stewriffic 22 November | 03:09
I could have written that article, because that's exactly what I do. I only take a small suitcase with me (but one that will expand if necessary for anything bought on the trip). Usually when everything's piled up on the bed, I'll take at least one-third of it away as being unnecessary.
posted by essexjan 22 November | 03:28
I pretty much always travel for business, so it's one shirt for each work day, one pair of work pants (I make sure all the shirts match that pair of pants), one tie for each day, socks/undies (one for each day, plus a spare). Work shoes and sneakers. One pair of jeans, one pair of shorts and two t-shirts. Throw in some toiletries and I'm done. I always use the same suitcase, but it expands for longer trips.

I have to pack everything if we travel as a family because one of my very few talents is packing shit into improbably small spaces and having them stay non-creased. Rolling, not folding is the main trick.
posted by dg 22 November | 06:03
I do exactly what the article says, but I still manage to over-pack a little every time.
posted by Specklet 22 November | 06:09
Have a great trip stewie!
posted by chewatadistance 22 November | 10:40
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