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20 November 2008

Dear Jessamyn I have just realised that "super" has emigrated to my vocabulary alongside "awesome," and I think this is because of you.[More:]
Anyone else gotten words, consciously or unconsciously, from Mefites/bunnies?
If it really emigrated then Jessamyn can't use it anymore.
posted by Wolfdog 20 November | 14:22
You know who else was super? That's right: Pat Harrington, Jr.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 20 November | 14:36
I personally have incorporated "Blargh" as a daily speech habit, which I attribute to Jessamyn.
posted by Riverine 20 November | 14:40
Schneider was truly the superest super of them all. (No offense to Bookman.)
posted by jrossi4r 20 November | 14:40
metric ass tonne. . .I think it was in one of ico's posts that I first saw it. I used it in a meeting at work and had to define it. I said, you know, a lot, but a lot that, if I had to, I could quantify but I don't feel like quantifying it but believe me I could if I wanted to and then you would be sorry.
posted by danf 20 November | 14:43
Jessamyn spreading new words? Bonus!
posted by mullacc 20 November | 14:45
danf, I think I was the one who originally posted a query to AskMeCha about the definition of "metric assload". Currently too lazy/busy to go dig up the thread but it spawned a pretty lengthy discussion of these arbitrary definitions of quantity.

I seem to recall that "metric fuckload" was the superlative that trumped all however.
posted by lonefrontranger 20 November | 14:57
I have used the words "asshat" and "douchenozzle" in conversation thanks to MetaFilter. Sometimes in the same conversation.
posted by BitterOldPunk 20 November | 15:22
"Super metric fucknozzle" is also grand.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 20 November | 15:58
lonefrontranger: here it is.

My favorite Jessamyn line.
posted by triggerfinger 20 November | 17:45
Your search is a little off - you need to remove the space between the colon and metafilter and then add a .com to the end of it. That's why you've not non-mefi sites in the results. This is what you want Super!
posted by TheDonF 20 November | 17:59
Hey neat! I don't think I knew I used it that much, but it does sometimes get me some weird glances. I think it's one of those words I thought everyone used. I like this search for more "few comments removed" goodness.
posted by jessamyn 20 November | 18:53
Not a word, but I learned the name of Bob Fosse through Metafilter when the clip of Snake in the Grass highlighting the similarity to MJ's moonwalk was posted, despite having been an ardent admirer of his work for a long, long time. Thanks, MeFi!
posted by goo 20 November | 19:20
Oddly enough, I did a flickr search on 'jessamyn' then 'mathowie' then 'plinth', tags only. Discovered that while mathowie had the lowest hit count, it had the highest mathowie per picture ratio. 'jessamyn' had the highest hit count and a fairly decent jessamyn west/picture ratio. While 'plinth' had about 5 x the mathowie hits, it was less than the 'jessamyn' hit count by a wide margin and the plinth the person per picture ratio was paltry. It was mostly architectural features.
posted by plinth 20 November | 21:19
Fun fact: I may have mentioned this before but the person whose photos are at [mine are at iamthebestartist] is actually named Jessamyn NORTH. SO weird!
posted by jessamyn 20 November | 22:11
Well, if the wizard of Oz has taught me anything it's that this makes you wicked.
posted by seanyboy 21 November | 03:38
Cellar Cat is the new Ceiling Cat. || Pet peeve alert: