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19 November 2008

This is cool. . . The guy's metrocard saved him![More:]
(Although the case has not been dropped)
Big Brother for the win!
posted by mudpuppie 19 November | 11:13
(I didn't mean that to be snarky at you, danf.)
posted by mudpuppie 19 November | 11:14
Very cool - much mention is made of the negative aspects of such tracking, but we don't hear much of the positive side.

When I still lived in London my Oyster card (similar to a metrocard, it seems) saved me once, though not because of its tracking facility. I was miserable for various reasons and had gone for a loooong walk through the city, and just when I was really tired I was picked up by a man who bought me a drink, then another, then another, told me I was lovely then said he'd walk with me and 'shall we just go through this [really dark] park' and I gathered all my faculties together, told him I was going home and legged it to the nearest tube station - he followed me but my swipe card enabled me to just walk on through the gates, leaving him behind.
posted by altolinguistic 19 November | 11:34
The coolest part, I think, is that the judge quoted Heraclitus in his ruling.
posted by ikkyu2 19 November | 12:02
Whoa. My My Metrocard happened to come on my iPhone when I came to metachat just now.
posted by birdherder 19 November | 12:11
My Metrocard happened to come on my iPhone

I don't blame it, iPhones are teh hawt.
posted by danostuporstar 19 November | 12:17
I once considered fighting a speeding ticket based on the fact that I passed two atm surveillance cameras right before I got pulled over. My rationale was that if I subpoenaed each bank and reviewed the security tapes, I could figure out the exact time that I passed the Wells Fargo camera and the time I reached BofA, calculate my speed, and prove that I wasn't guilty.

I would have been an utter waste of taxpayer money so I decided not to
posted by special-k 19 November | 13:06

Big Brother for the win!

Yeah but in this case, little brother had the guy locked up, and Big Brother said, hey, not so fast.
posted by danf 19 November | 14:44
But now there's a crack in the case against the little brother, so that's good.
posted by TrishaLynn 19 November | 16:34
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