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19 November 2008

Procrastinators Only! Don't open this thread unless you like to procrastinate all day.[More:]


posted by Slack-a-gogo 19 November | 12:46
There's only 49 more shopping days until I trim my toenails. Just sayin'
posted by danostuporstar 19 November | 12:53
I just noticed that a doodle on one of my files looks kinda like boobies. I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon resisting the temptation to doodle nipples and giggle. I don't think there will be much time left over for working.
posted by Joe Invisible 19 November | 12:59
One of my students loves doodling. If the class gets too boring for her, she starts doodling on other people's paper as well as her own.
posted by altolinguistic 19 November | 13:05
What are you kidding? Isn't reading mecha the very definition of procrastinating? Infinite loop here.

Besides, I just got a free company lunch, so I'm feeling sleepy and content.
posted by Melismata 19 November | 13:18
I am absolutely swearing off procrastination. Never again, for me, and that's all there is to it.

Starting tomorrrow.
posted by trinity8-director 19 November | 13:37
This morning I went out and had a waffle for breakfast and when I got home, I took a 2 hour nap.
posted by Ardiril 19 November | 13:40
The boss left about 15 minutes after I arrived today while telling me that one of my coworkers probably wasn't going to make it in today. (We're a department of 4, all on staggered schedules.)
I have done really nothing super productive but since I sent out a super shit-stirring report yesterday, I think I can go hide in the stacks for a while.

Plus, my tailbone STILL HURTS. Goddamn.
posted by sperose 19 November | 14:36
I'm totally going to take my time and make a list of stuff I need to do.
posted by eatdonuts 19 November | 16:08
Hah! Shows how much you know. I'm actually anti-crastination.
posted by stilicho 19 November | 16:39
I'll get to this later

posted by lysdexic 19 November | 17:00
So, what's the real deadline on this?
posted by dg 19 November | 17:07
It is 10.25, and I've managed to avoid every single scrap of work on my plate.

Am I winning in the doing nothing stakes?
posted by jonathanstrange 19 November | 18:20
This is cool. . . || Marching band music?