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16 November 2008

The - This really pisses me off! - Thread! Ok - so I've finally gotten myself organised and booked my flights to Brisbane[More:]

And I went online to check out my bank balance today - cos yay, payday.

Noticed that my credit card - which was paid off last week, had $800 on it. I haven't used it for anything except a couple of iTunes songs and my flights to Queensland.

I checked out the purchases, everything seemed ok - then I saw the flights for Queensland. $750. I felt sure that I wouldn't have BOOKED the flights if they were $750. Surely there is some mistake.

There was.

They processed my booking twice.

I'm furious. And, I expect that they will be quite difficult about it - though to be fair I haven't chased them yet.

My bank accidentally charges my card twice at least several times a month, but they usually catch the problem on their own and credit my account within a day or two. I wouldn't worry too much.
posted by Schyler523 16 November | 22:41
They sent through two booking confirmation emails. I didn't think so much of it at the time, but I'm pretty sure they've booked it in twice. The airlines are pretty stingy with returns too - though as I didn't actually book twice, hopefully they'll clear it up pronto.
posted by jonathanstrange 16 November | 22:45
This is all my fault - earlier this month I tried booking a hotel room and the system stopped working, and after not getting a confirmation email I tried again. But when I got to the hotel they had two rooms in my name, although I didn't dare risk asking for keys to both. Since thus far I've only been charged once, your predicament can only be karma making up for my good fortune, and I apologise profusely.
posted by cillit bang 16 November | 23:26
No, no, it's me. It's all my fault.

I'm not sure why it's my fault, but I'm sure to catch the blame eventually anyway.
posted by Doohickie 17 November | 00:38
Here's hoping it's quickly resolved.
posted by Miko 17 November | 00:55
I'm pretty sure it was all my fault. Mrs dg will confirm that for you, I'm sure.

Hey, when are you coming to Brisbane? There's a MeFi meetup on Friday night that we'd love to see you at.
posted by dg 17 November | 04:09
I arrive on the 23rd of December - leave the 5th of January.

If there's a meetup then I'd love to come, but will miss this one. Say hi to all for me!
posted by jonathanstrange 17 November | 04:33
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