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08 November 2008

Separated at birth - I'll start, post images inside.
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Donatella and that chick in the muppets.
posted by dabitch 08 November | 16:17
I know who Janice is (that chick from the Muppets), but who the hell is Donatella? Other than really creepy.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 08 November | 17:44
Donatella Versace.

That really is uncanny. I can't think of any other good ones right now.
posted by brina 08 November | 19:26
Janice! Holy cow, fer surely.
posted by Sil 08 November | 19:40
Nobody get mad, but for years I have always thought these two resembled one another.

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posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 08 November | 19:51

Jeffrey Tambor and Dr. Phil.
posted by Melismata 08 November | 20:07
Hah! Only since they both succumbed to the get-old-and-fat-syndrome, hbLC. I always want to pinch Robert Smith's cheeks in that picture, he's such a kyoot widdle snookums with such a happy smile.

The meme's probably done to death by now, but I LOLed at Sarah Palin:Peggy Hill and John McCain:Cotton Hill.

posted by goo 08 November | 21:29
Who is that on the left, haunted by Leonard Cohen?
posted by Doohickie 08 November | 23:32
I totally mean this in an absolutely loving way, but Janice the Muppet has always reminded me of taz. Or maybe vice versa. I'm not really sure.

Doohickie: I think that's Robert Smith, the lead singer of the Cure. Y'all can all laugh at me if I'm wrong. (He also looks like Tim Burton.)
posted by mudpuppie 09 November | 00:12
Curse this thread for alerting me to the existence of Donatella Versace. Gah!
posted by arse_hat 09 November | 00:20
hbLC, moahahahahhaha - Robert Smith/Elizabeth Taylor is brilliant.
posted by dabitch 09 November | 04:24
Hee hee, yes it's Robert Smith of the cure (fave vid link, for those who don't know the Cure). I have held that secret thought in my head for years, what a relief to let it out!
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 09 November | 08:26
...happens to be a fine song, by the way.
posted by Wolfdog 10 November | 14:12
George Bush reminds me of Buck Rogers.

There - I said it.
posted by seanyboy 10 November | 18:39
i just laid a truth bomb on my boss || If state signs were more truthful