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07 November 2008

OMG Bunny In The House (not in a good way) [More:]

Late last night with poor judgement I let the dog out on her own in the back yard and sure enough she found some rabbits to chase. As I tried to call her in, one of her quarry raced into the house. I quick shut the utility room door to keep it out of the general whole house. Then I sneaked past, kept the back door open, went through the front door into the back yard, got the dog carried her in the front, plopped both pets on the porch, and secured the house. I couldn't see it. The animals didn't sense it, and we did several whole house patrols. But when hubby got home, yes, small rabbit hiding behind the dryer. I was drunk (well there was a rabbit in the house! weak, I know, but he was mad that I wasn't much help, rightfully so). He moved the fridge and washer/dryer and seemingly flushed it out the back door. I kept the utility room closed for the night, just in case. The cat stayed in there. Everyone went to bed mad.

This morning, I moved the cat stuff and trash into the kitchen, cleaned part of the utility room floor, and put a small plate with water drops, lettuce, and three tiny cat food kibbles in the middle of the floor like some kind of santeria looing bunny lure.

So: How can I make sure the bunny is gone? Is the lure a good test for a possible scared bunny? It'll be over twelve hours alone if it's in there to take the bait. I'm scared. (And feel like shit for the drunken relative helplessness, although at least it didn't get into the walls or something.)
Sounds like the bunny is out the door or your kitty would have been interested in the "something is under there" kinda way.

A bunny isn't going to eat your house down or attack you over night. We used to have on inside as a pet when we were young. If it's there for a long time, it will try and chew up stuff to make a bed, etc. But, it sounds like it's outside. Sorry to hear that you had such an blow-up.
posted by mightshould 07 November | 11:52
Have you tried the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

Seriously, though, rabbits don't really attack. They're nasty little buggers that will hiss, bite and scratch the hell out of you if you grab one, but it's not going to come flying out of nowhere and attach itself to your face. (Though if it does, please take pictures. Animals attached to people are one of my biggest giggle triggers.)
posted by jrossi4r 07 November | 13:08

posted by halonine 07 November | 18:36
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