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06 November 2008

Friday Status Updates! Have as many as you want. Not limited to two or three today...[More:]

1. Just got a phone call out of the blue from a friend I'd lost contact with, and whom I'd really wanted to hear from. I'm so pleased that she called.

2. I over slept this morning. Woke up at 9am. GAH. My boss just laughed at me - first time I've been late, so it's all ok

3. I'm going to a friends house so he can make me Butter Chicken tonight. Mmmmmmmmm.

4. I was flirting with a boy on saturday. Sadly, that's noteworthy enough to mention. It won't go anywhere, and that's not a bad thing, but it was fun to flirt.

5. I'm going to a winery on sunday to hear my friend play. Will be lovely. Can't wait.

1. It's not Friday here yet, so this post is very cruel.
2. I'm setting up my new printer and the stupid jerks didn't include the USB cord I need to connect the printer to the computer. Seriously? Come on, how much extra could it cost you? The printer was free after rebate, so I suppose I can't complain too much.
3. I have the day off tomorrow, THANK GOODNESS.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 November | 18:46
On the other hand - it means my weekends are over before yours are!
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 18:49
1. Dinner is almost ready, and I'm sooo looking forward to it: 1 turkey Italian sausage, broken up & sauteed, then cooked with spinach and some broth from the really yummy chicken noodle soup I made for Sicky McSickerson, served over rice. Everyone else has been fed (see soup, above), so it's all mine. I love rice, but I'm alone in that here, so it's a real treat.

2. After a couple of days of lethargy, have been a ball of energy yesterday and today, got a lot done, feeling pretty good about it.

3. Making xmas cake tomorrow. The fruit's been macerating for days, and smells and tastes like xmas already. Then I've just got two months of anticipation and weekly drizzling with rum and such before I can actually eat it. But man, will it taste good.

4. Actually, that's it, I think.
posted by elizard 06 November | 19:01
1) I applied for the position I've been doing since 1 May.

2) I just spent the last twenty minutes watching Annoying Chemist Guy draw on my whiteboard to explain what stereoisomers do, and why a mirror-imaged molecule is uncool in most circumstances. It wasn't technically necessary to my understanding of contract terms, but geeky lfr was fascinated nevertheless.

3) I'm making hearty chicken egg noodle soup tonight, in attempt to prevent flu from taking hold in our residence.

On review, yea elizard I have a Sicky McSickerson here, too.
posted by lonefrontranger 06 November | 19:04
1) My co-worker just left me her dog to watch over for the next 10 days. The dog gets all nervousy and tends to have explosive diarrhea when her mama's not around. I looked in the bag with all her dog toys and food. I didn't see a carpet steam machine cleaner!

2) Business has been really, really slow, but we just won a major national award so I am Barackful (i.e. hopeful) that change is coming.

3) I have to choose 3 book recommendations for my book club meeting this weekend, and I have a feeling everyone will hate my choices because they are going to be "too hard."
posted by heyallie 06 November | 19:19
1. had dessert before dinner, and am no longer hungry. so much for nutrition.

B) need to get to pharmacy to get meds; took my last dose this morning.

III - Mrs. I. has finally come around and will go to marriage counseling, now the real fun can begin.

lfr: stereoisomers are cool :)
posted by Joe Invisible 06 November | 19:23
heyallie - what books did you choose?
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 19:31
1. Processing the latest information from Mr. V's oncologist. NOt bad news, not good new. Meh news. Planning our next move. When did life become a chess board?

2. Working only a half day tomorrow and Saturday. Yay!

3. Kiddie birthday party on Saturday. Feeling a bit meh about that, too.

4. Hoping to see some sun tomorrow!
posted by redvixen 06 November | 19:46
1. Feeling guilty about how long it's been since I posted to Metachat.
2. Nervous and stressed but happy about getting ready to move to a new home with my SO next Friday. My first cohabitating with an SO in just about 20 years!
3. Giddy about Obama!
posted by matildaben 06 November | 20:11
Welcome back, matildaben!
posted by danostuporstar 06 November | 20:19
1. Day 5 of the South Beach diet, phase 1. Have not dropped dead.

2. But, I'm drinking tons and tons of water, and peeing tons and tons as well.

3. Was feeling pretty sluggish until yesterday, when I had a rather intense conversation with the guy at work I'm trying to impress that shot my energy level right up. (There's some progress, but it's an ongoing thing, somewhat complicated.) Haven't made the cookies yet, hope to next week.)

4. I love my new violin lessons.

5. Joined Facebook this week for the first time. I see now what all the fuss is. Countries will invade us, but no one will care because we'll all be on Facebook.

6. Have never done more than 3 points before. I must have a life or something.
posted by Melismata 06 November | 20:25
Yeah, nice to see you back!
posted by Miko 06 November | 20:25
P.S. Best of luck to you, Joe Invisible!
posted by Melismata 06 November | 20:27
Hiya, matildaben!
posted by box 06 November | 20:35
Baby woke up whinging at 5am. It's now 10:30am and he's still being fussy and not sleeping. The cruel thing is he's fussy BECAUSE he is tired.

posted by gomichild 06 November | 20:39
1. One day I'm swearing off self help books for good, the next day I'm buying three at once. I'm in personal improvement mode. I'm listening to a super-condensed version (Secrets of a Passionate Marriage) of Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch. I feel that my sex life is pretty awesome but I love this guy and his view on marriage and relationships. I wish I had this book ten years ago.

2. I'm watching football and I hear jeans clanking in the dryer.

3. My husband has the ceiling fan on and I'm freezing. I'm too lazy to get up and turn it off... (Ok, I just turned it off. Aw, warmth.)
posted by LoriFLA 06 November | 20:50
1) I love my new cheap watch.
2) I let myself get roped into helping organize a fundraising ebay auction for the community garden where I volunteer. Wanna give anything to SEEDS to be auctioned? Like something you knitted or sewed, or etc?
3) Have tomorrow off, as usual. But I'm working anyway. But not long.
4) My doctor's office called to tell me that the doctor is in the hospital and can't see me tomorrow. I'm worried, but they didn't get into details about what's wrong. They did say, however, that he'll be OK. They were able to get me in to see another guy.
5) My mom called to tell me that the city I grew up in went dem for the first time in ages. Even back in the 1964 election that town was solidly red. Crazy.
posted by Stewriffic 06 November | 21:15
MATS!! *hug*

2. Nervous and stressed but happy about getting ready to move to a new home with my SO next Friday.

Oh, awesome.

My updates:

1) I got one of those fancy-ass Googlephones and am figuring out how to use it. I've only ever owned ONE cellphone, ever, so the technology has changed... a bit.

2) Debating whether to go see Of Montreal this weekend at the same venue I saw the Drive-By Truckers last weekend with a bunch of bunnies! (If we do go, I suspect tequila shots will NOT figure into this weekend... ouch)

3) syntax amd Ms. syntax are coming into town this weekend for the Jim Henson/Muppets exhibit, and we're going to have lunch with them Saturday! w00t!
posted by BoringPostcards 06 November | 21:24
MATS!! *hug*

1. Too tired to answer right now.
2. Extra super pissed off i missed every last shred of Obamanational holiday because
3. i've been being hounded by these rednecks who have been working outside my building.
4. Apparently all the music i've been playing because i can't bear to listen to the telly anymore has actually been secret messages to relay my feeling to them, and i am not talking on the phone, i am speaking to myself.
5. Figured out this vital knowledge today when they started freaking out because they heard sirens twice and thought i was having them arrested for being racists, now that Obama was president elect.
6. Played "Your So Vain" and sang at them, at which point half of them started pointing and laughing at the one guy who'd been freaking out and screaming all week.
7. Because asking me was out of the question.
8. FUCK.
posted by ethylene 06 November | 21:47
1. Tired.
2. Tired of being tired.
3. Took Oliver to the vet Wednesday due to epic vomiting; just remembered vet was supposed to call with the results of the blood test today. Per vet it seems to be either an infection or food allergy. No vomiting since he's been taking antibiotics. Making mental note to call vet in a.m.
4. The mister has next Monday and Tuesday off; w00t!
5. Nice to see Mats back!
6. Big hug for Joe Invisible.
7. Tired.
posted by deborah 06 November | 22:59
1. It's definitely Friday. It's so Friday that I'm clockwatching, and rather fancy hitting the pub early.
2. I stuffed up an online ticket ordering process last night, but happily today have got the exchange for the correct tix. Which leads to:
3. Woohoo!!! Lucksmiths album launch tonight.
4. Woohoo!!! My mate Nic, who was all daft and moved to Tasmania, is in town tonight only.
5. Woohoo!!! Des Peres gig tomorrow night, though annoyingly on the distant side of town.
posted by pompomtom 06 November | 23:07
Oh cool! The Lucksmiths!

I'd go - but I'm already doubly booked. Botheration.

Pub sounds good too - but my friend's house is about 4 blocks from work, and I don't have to be there until 7. I've got my laptop, my copy of The Sims, and a DVD to occupy my mind in the gap after work.

Let me know how the gig goes, though.
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 23:18
Er - not that you were inviting me - I just meant in general.

It's a friday afternoon. My mind has gone!
posted by jonathanstrange 06 November | 23:23
1. I keep delaying telling you guys the big things that have happened in my life. I had one big thing happen to me, and then before I could decide how to write about it, I had another big thing happen to me.

2. In the midst of this my parents are dealing with possible bankruptcy as we dig through statements and find that my dad, in his "mild" dementia, has brought their finances to the brink of disaster. My mom is pretty much terrified, the real estate may be at risk, if we can't solve this she's going to retire with almost nothing.

3. Did I mention my nephew is having a kid? Which we suddenly find out with three months to go? He's only a part-time dishwasher. It did let him buy a truck and he just got his license yesterday, though. Don't know how they're going to manage with a kid, but at least she's in school for a decent job (veterinary tech).

4. At least I have my kitty Fry to pet, when he isn't being whiny that is.

5. OK, now that I mentioned (1) I have to actually tell people soon now. Hound me.
posted by stilicho 07 November | 00:44
1. I am hounding stilicho for his revelations.

2. I just got back from vacation and I am covered in mosquito bites. Not cute little "end of summer and I'm no longer reacting to mosquitoes all that much" mosquito bites, either. Big, welty, itchy, impossibly annoying mosquito bites. I have eight on my right knee alone.

3. Ikkyu2 was not bit at all. This makes my mosquito bites itch all the more.

4. The cat is so happy that we're back that she's all lovey and wonderful and lolly and rolling around. Which is fun.

5. We just had a very good dinner during which I ate a whole fish. The remaining skeleton looked like a cartoon depiction of a fish skeleton. It was kind of neat.
posted by occhiblu 07 November | 01:05
1. I got my replica Rosalie (2nd woman in from the left) necklace in the mail today and wore it to class and felt like a fierce motherfucker. (Then I came home and took pictures and realized my outfit was fail. Goddamnit.)

2. I've got to do this presentation THIS WEEKEND. It's due on Thursday and I have only done the research. I need to ask this prof for a recommendation for the program I'm deferring for (but I can't tell my folks that yet without starting another bitchfest) and ARGH.

3. I know that this is another depressive phase. But it's been much more insidious than usual. I'm used to the 'throwing self off building sounds like a good idea k' not the 'you will do no work. at all. work is lame.' kind. I do not approve.

4. My brain does not want to focus on things that are important NOW. It only wants to focus on things that are going to occur in ~*the future*~ which is not helpful.

5. My boss asked me if I'd be willing to go to Bmore to learn how to use Outlook (why we have to have a separate training session for this, I wish I fucking knew). In a way, I want to think that it is awesome that he trusts me enough to go do this and then be able to come back and explain to him how to make it work. Then my brain decides to be a fuckface and makes me wonder if this is actually a bad thing. Maybe he's just trying to get rid of me?

6. My mother gave me the heads up that her birthday is next week sometime. (I haven't ever remembered a family birthday and they don't remember mine either. Except my mother, who views it as a personal failing. Like everything else.) My bitchfest sense is tingling. I know that this will only end in screaming. I wonder if I can get out of it somehow.

7. I will get work done this weekend. If I have to tie myself to the computer chair and set up another account with no internet access, I will. I've made it through worse mental funks before, this one is just a little bit different. No worse.

On preview: fuck me, I'm a whiner. Sorry y'all.
posted by sperose 07 November | 01:51
1. I have the day off work to go shopping and get my hair done. Lady of leisure is me.

2. Spill it, stilicho!
posted by goo 07 November | 03:28
1. sperose, it sounds like you need to move heaven and earth to live somewhere other than your parents' house, despite how that might make them feel. But it's really hard to make big decisions during a depressive phase, so I really feel for you... good luck!

2. lfr, is Annoying Chemist Guy perhaps trying to tell you something? (other than how stereoisomers work)

3. Tired but happy

4. I have nice coffee, radio 4 in the background, am thinking about tidying the office but it ain't going to happen

5. Work has picked up, much to my relief

6. Thinking about posting a 'help me with my entire financial life' question to AskMe but it's asking a lot of the hive mind... not that my finances are a mess, but mr alto and I have a lot of decisions to make. Should I post it?
posted by altolinguistic 07 November | 04:28
1. ugh, I hurt my foot while playing voetbal (people in the US call it soccer). It was at some lame leaving party for the boss of our department. Maybe I broke my second toe (they don't have names, do they?). It feels like such a middle aged thing to get hurt doing some simple sports.
2. One more month in the oven. And then the baby will be done. Lots of high running emotions about the NL health care system for the US mother and the in-laws. In the US you can buy healthcare where you'll be treated like a star. In NL the system is devised so healthcare is affordable for everyone. I'll be glad when I just have to deal with a crying baby at 4 am at night. Thank god everything is going well so far.
3. Quantum of Solace just came out here. I hope it's a good action movie. As I grow older I find it harder to enjoy stupid action movies. That's a loss. I hope this one will circumvent my bloody critical acumen and let me enjoy like you do as a kid.
4. I've been trying to read The Time Travellers Wife. Lots of people on mefi recommended it. It's only about the relationship between these two people it seems. To much of a chick book it seems. Boo!
posted by jouke 07 November | 05:20
1. Had a migrane without the pain yesterday. That was really odd.
2. Looks like I've made my first full-time hire, so now I'm fully staffed. Time to light this rocket up.
3. I don't know what it is about headaches, but two of our folk have called in migraine, so it's almost dead here today.
4. Now it's Older Boy's turn to come home with lice. Cut off hair, lather, rinse, repeat, nit pick in the morning. Grrrrrrr.
5. Outlook has gone into a funk, not showing me my emails. I don't mind that much, but there's 25 unread and I just got here!
6. I'm hosting a surprise appreciation day for the student workers. Chips, chocolate, crackers, popcorn.
7. wishing you luck, Joe Invisible!
posted by lysdexic 07 November | 10:31
alto: yes, but I'm not listening, and have told him that.
posted by lonefrontranger 07 November | 11:02
5. Welcome back Mats, and congratulations! *big cleavage hugs*
6. Now I'm Sicky McSickerson. Gah. And we've got an assload of errands to run today, or we'll have to do them on the weekend. I hate running errands on the weekend.
7. Good thing I made that soup.
posted by elizard 07 November | 12:40
08. Still tired.
09. Sinus headaches SUCK!
10. Oliver puked some more this morning.
11. Vet won't be in office til 11:30 or so. Argh!
12. It's 10 a.m. and I need a nap.
13. Did I mentioned I'm tired?
posted by deborah 07 November | 12:57
1. Constantly hungry. Maybe I got a tapeworm?

2. No plans for tonight but lots of good plans for this weekend which include:
a) visiting my ornery grandmother but at least my sister adn cousin are coming
b) close friend's bday dinner and party
c) date (I really hope it's a date!)
d) drinks with zoomorphic from Mefi

3. How do people sit without hunching over and having their shoulders at their ears? I need to work on this.
posted by rmless2 07 November | 15:39
That name absolutely grabs my eye everytime I see it over there.
posted by Wolfdog 07 November | 16:05
1. Got a call from my mom as I was driving to work. My dad's mother died in her sleep last night at their Arizona winter home. We weren't on the best of terms, but she's still family and I loved her. My dad flew out this morning, no word yet on a memorial service. I'm not a lot of good here at work, so I am going home as soon as the receptionist gets back from lunch.
posted by rhapsodie 07 November | 16:31
Still waiting for stilicho to reveal the big goings-on. Please!!
posted by redvixen 07 November | 20:15
IMHO.... || Obama Watching McCain's Concession