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05 November 2008

I have now experienced the best bad-for-you food of my life.[More:] Philly cheese steak egg rolls. Yep, steak, cheese whiz and onions wrapped in a wonton and deep fried. I can now die happy.
really? still poutine for me. God I could kill for some poutine right now.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 05 November | 19:21
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 November | 19:25
sounds yummalacious.

where did you get it?
posted by jason's_planet 05 November | 20:25
Christ, I ate some fried pork belly with stewriffic a few months ago. She and another friend had to stop me from ordering a THIRD PLATE. My arteries thank them for it. It was some good shit. I drool just thinking about it now.
Really, I'm swiping drool off my lips as I type. MMMMMMMM.
posted by msali 05 November | 21:20
really? still poutine for me. God I could kill for some poutine right now.

I just cracked open a thing 'o takeout poutine. True story.

Also true: I am not wearing any pants.

Basically, I'm in heaven.
posted by loiseau 05 November | 21:37
poutine = heaven

But I'd really like to try Philly cheese steak egg rolls before I die.
posted by deborah 05 November | 22:02
where did you get it?

this place.
posted by gaspode 05 November | 22:03
That place is on the list for the next trip!
posted by danf 05 November | 22:13
About once a month I get an irresistible craving for fried Spam. I eat a piece hot and fatty right from the pan, and then I make a sandwich, with mustard. I can't leave it alone. I inevitably hit the leftovers in the fridge until they're gone.

It's inexplicable.
posted by Pips 05 November | 22:30
we have those not-eggroll eggrolls here with pizza fillings... mozzarella and pepperoni, and then you dip in marinara like a cheese stick.
So so good.
posted by kellydamnit 05 November | 22:47
thanks, 'pode!
posted by jason's_planet 05 November | 22:53
I've eaten a lot of unhealthy delicious stuff, including my grandma's chicken fried steak done in bacon drippings with cream gravy....and still, Poutine takes it.

Although french fries in truffle oil with aged Parmesan were a contender, too.
posted by Miko 05 November | 22:58
The 'Southwestern' not-eggroll eggroll is big here--black beans, corn, jack cheese, maybe chicken, maybe rice, maybe peppers, maybe cilantro--I'm a big fan.

Also on a lot of menus around here: catfish and/or crawdad sushi.
posted by box 06 November | 10:36
Pork rinds, pork rinds, pork rinds! Spicy or plain, I can't get enough of 'em.
posted by initapplette 06 November | 11:01
Oh yeah, poutine, baby. Good any time, and the best hangover food ever. Sits in your belly like a potato fist and sends you into a delicious digestive coma. Also, I will always remember the first time I had crab rangoon (last year). Holy dinah, are those things good. I'd never seen 'em before, and think it's a crime we can't get them in my neck of the woods.

Though those egg rolls sound incredible, gaspode.
posted by elizard 06 November | 12:16
OMG, crab rangoon! Those things are scrumptious. (Esp. if you dip 'em in duck sauce and hot Chinese mustard first... OMG)

If you left me in room with a plate full of those, I'd do like a goldfish and eat till I died.
posted by BoringPostcards 06 November | 12:37
OOoooooh, porkin' arteries. My grandmother's house/family business was next door to a Chicharrones factory. Every so often one of grandkids would go over and get a tall paper grocery bag full of "leftovers" for free. Those suckers were huge. Bigger than your head. They'd curl up in cones and be full of texture and flavor.

Like these:

≡ Click to see image ≡

And they made a great "snap, crackle, pop!" sound when you sprinkled them with Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Oh, heaven.
posted by lysdexic 06 November | 13:37
How big were the eggrolls?
posted by lysdexic 06 November | 13:38
Everything is better cheesesteakatized! Those eggrolls sound delicious.

I'm taking a break from cheesesteaks for awhile, though. We ate a lot of them during the World Series.

I have never even heard of cicharrones, lysdexic. I thought for a minute there that they were like elephant ears, then I clicked on you link and noted the texture.
posted by jrossi4r 06 November | 13:47
I'm taking a break from cheesesteaks for awhile, though.

Ryan Howard needs a few more. You can send yours to him.
posted by danf 06 November | 14:38
halp! || So, Prop 8 seems to have passed.