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30 October 2008

Would any bunnies want to join the MetaEtsy team? I know there was an Etsy thread around here some time back...

Also, anyone have ideas what to call the team? MetaEtsy sounds kinda weird...
Is a team only for sellers? I'm just a buyer, but if there's a place on the team for me, I'll join!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 October | 14:15
You could call it Etsytera.

oh god what the hell is wrong with me
posted by cmonkey 30 October | 14:19
"MetaEtsy" sounds too much like 'metastasis."
posted by mudpuppie 30 October | 14:25
posted by middleclasstool 30 October | 14:29
Why aren't you putting bunnies into the name? Meta-Bunnies or something...?
posted by eatdonuts 30 October | 14:43
Including "bunnies" might be confusing to the MeFi only people, but you could include Mecha! The Mefi/Mecha Etsy team.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 October | 14:45
Anyone with an account is eligible and totally welcome!

I was thinking it should be Metabunnies earlier, but I don't know if people over on MeFi proper count as bunnies (or if newer members will get it)?

Metsy! Yes! Thank you! (Duh.) If I can't find or think of anything better, Metsy it is.
posted by casarkos 30 October | 14:45
Mechabunnies is *so* going to be the name of my giant robotic rabbit army.
posted by casarkos 30 October | 14:46
i like Etsytera.
What about non-mefis?
posted by ethylene 30 October | 14:49
Anyone with a Metafilter or Metachat account who is on Etsy, so yes! Managing two teams with so much user overlap would just get messy.
posted by casarkos 30 October | 14:55 yeah, interested non-mefi bunnies please email me.
posted by casarkos 30 October | 15:10
There isn't any immediacy, right? Because stuff will be easier after next week or so, ya know…
posted by ethylene 30 October | 15:34
I'd like to do it...although my Etsy account has been empty as of late. It would be a good way to get started again.
posted by divka 30 October | 16:52
Is there a link to it yet? How do I find the team? I just opened a store on etsy though I haven't started actually selling yet.
posted by Miko 30 October | 17:12
I was planning to send the actual application tonight after collecting a decent number of interested users and making up a banner (hence the need for a team name). It seems they're setting up teams manually right now, so no, there isn't a page yet. I will definitely post a round of updates when they set one up.

You can always sign up later - I just have to email them the new user names.
posted by casarkos 30 October | 19:03
Phil Spector retrial || Warm fake whuffles. Thoughts about the bunnyfire situation.