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30 October 2008

What's going on with me? [More:]This morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed and getting up and out to work. I was dragging my feet for about an hour.

Then today at work I noticed a half a bag of cool ranch doritos left over from a lunch meeting and took the whole bag back to my office and ate it. Which I followed up with a reeses cup, even though I knew my boss would be coming back soon with halloween cupcakes. I'm eating a lemon one now.

It's like my inner teenager was released or something. Maybe next I will pick a fight with my parents or something.
rebellion, fuck yeah! *high fives*
posted by mullacc 30 October | 13:08
your boss gave you halloween cupcakes?

are they hiring?
posted by stynxno 30 October | 13:20
What's going on with me?

Sounds like hunger combined with a culture of junk food.

Also, lemon and Halloween should not cross paths.
posted by danostuporstar 30 October | 13:26
All I got at work today (because I'm working from home tomorrow) is a load of witch/broomstick/hag jokes directed at me from my so-called teammates.
posted by essexjan 30 October | 13:27
Now I am going to deliver a dvd to another company and NOT COME BACK. I got my cupcake and I am leaving, mf-ers! I am going home to listen to loud music.
posted by rmless2 30 October | 13:28
Welcome to my world with PMS.
posted by Specklet 30 October | 13:32
seasonal change funk?
posted by eatdonuts 30 October | 14:04
rmless, I have days like this on occasion where I'll roll in around 9 looking like a dirty bike messenger, eat junk food all day, slack on the intertubes, take a 2-hour bike ride with my colleague, then bail out early.

Thankfully it's rare I feel the need to indulge in this, and it tends to coincide with days when the boss is out on travel plus there's zilch going on in the dept. I'm also never sick and rarely take time off so there is that.

the flip side of course is days like yesterday when I am ridiculously busy, insanely productive and also don't surface from roughly 7.30 AM until 6PM. Days like that make me nervous because I worry they set up some kind of unrealistic expectations of my taking-on-work capabilities.

I'm very fortunate BigPharmaCo has the work culture it does, actually. They worry more about whether important shit gets done on time than what hours you keep. It also helps that it's a 24/7 production facility because everyone keeps weird hours to some degree. My boss is also quite understanding of my habits because he's cut from the same GenX slacker cloth, thank god.
posted by lonefrontranger 30 October | 14:14
My therapist thinks my chronic laziness is connected to my issues. o.O
posted by TrishaLynn 30 October | 18:18
When you write a check || THIS A WORK-RELATED SHOUTING THREAD!