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27 October 2008

I AM FREE!!!!! I just handed in my final university assignment EVER. What shall I do in the next 24 hours to celebrate?
10 Head to nearest tavern
20 Order drink
30 Finish drink
40 GOTO 20
posted by special-k 27 October | 17:51
that would help if I actually drank alcohol :P
posted by divabat 27 October | 17:53
Woo-hoo! Congratulations on finishing!

What about a steaming bowl of laksa? That's good all the time.
posted by mdonley 27 October | 17:54
Oh, you could also dance around your flat screaming with joy to the tune of a video. How about this one? Or this one? Both are pretty much all about being DONE with work.
posted by mdonley 27 October | 17:59
Congratulations! That is such a good feeling. I would definitely go out for nice dinner/drinks. Enjoy whatever you do!
posted by LoriFLA 27 October | 18:12
Ah, sweet relief.
Later, creeps in the warmth of accomplishment. For now, enjoy the lightness of being.
If you're still alert, revel in what pleases your sense.
If you're still frazzled, revel in an altered state.
If you're me, you're toasting with a bloody smart cocktail and a discreet nod.
posted by ethylene 27 October | 18:45
My suggestion (which would have been drinking, 'cept that's already covered): Write down how it feels and store it away somewhere. I have absolutely no *clue* what my last assignment was, or when I handed it in, or what it felt like, or what I was wearing, or whether it was hot and muggy or sunny and cool. I'd very much like to remember those things, but they just don't stick with you like you'd hope they would.

So make a note of it. Twenty years from now you'll be grateful you did. Say, like, when you're on some internet site and someone mentions that they just handed in their final assignment and you're feeling old and forgetful. That's when you'll be grateful.
posted by mudpuppie 27 October | 18:46
sex. drugs. rock and roll.
posted by jonmc 27 October | 19:46
then go get a job.
posted by jonmc 27 October | 19:54
yay! congrats!
posted by typewriter 27 October | 20:05
Get some sleep. Wake up and then sleep some more. Congrats, there's no better feeling in the world than to know that you don't have any more f-ing papers to write or tests to study for.

but yea, there is that job stuff to think about
posted by octothorpe 27 October | 21:51
Gather some friends and swing. As in, find a playground with a swingset high enough off the ground for an adult to actually swing, and spend some quality time swinging together. The kid in you -- who has been bored to tears while you've been doing this finishing-university thing -- will thank you for it.
posted by treepour 27 October | 21:54
Oh. Well.

I dunno then.

posted by CitrusFreak12 27 October | 22:15
Drink. Sleep. Repeat. YAY!
posted by gomichild 27 October | 23:18
I splurged at a nice took me five and a half years to get the BA.
posted by brujita 28 October | 00:35
Oh, that's such a great feeling. I recently finished a short-ish undergraduate distance learning course and it's so wonderful to be able to relax and do nothing in the evening without feeling guilty and knowing the studying is piling up. It was the same feeling, only greater, when I finished my part-time master's degree a few years ago. I guess I need to stop doing things that take up my evenings after a day's work.

So, anyway, congratulations! You'll have done whatever you were going to do by now, so my advice will be moot. I hope you enjoyed whatever you did. Stay away from distance learning!
posted by TheDonF 28 October | 01:51
Yay divabat! That's great news.
posted by goo 28 October | 06:37
Big Congrats!

Sleeeeeepppp! And, read something just for fun! And, treat yourself to a good long soak in a warm bath - with candles and good music in the background. Then, go outside and enjoy what the day looks like, smell the smells, listen to the world, and engage in the life outside.
posted by mightshould 28 October | 08:18
that would help if I actually drank alcohol

Didn't you learn anything at university? Or in UWP?

The correct answer is to go to a nice restaurant and treat yourself to a fab meal.
posted by chillmost 28 October | 08:58
Yep, sleep as much as you want, and read whatever you want, knowing you'll never ever ever have to write about it. Go to a movie.
posted by BitterOldPunk 28 October | 11:54
hi. || I voted today.