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26 October 2008

Terms of affection [More:]Kumquat
Garbonzo bean

as in, Hi Snortlebug, how are you doing? Can't talk right now? OK, call me later, Bundersnatch.
Anyone care to add to the list?
I have no affection for people, but for creatures often Silver is called "Sweet Pea". I also often ask Silverdog if he is writing in his blog. As for Saffron, she usually gets "Saffarona the dog Piranha". She's also miss lickyface.

Somehow, I just don't do well with people, and dogs don't care about my stupidity.
posted by eekacat 26 October | 22:14
My wife and I are simply "Baby" or "Babe" to each other. So much so that it sounds weird when we call each other by name.

My son is Bubs, Bubsie, Bubso, Fatso, Fatso Fatty Fat, Shorty Fatso Bighead, Poo-Poo Britch, Poo-Poo, Poops, Puppy Dog, Boo, Sweet Pea, and Snicklefritz.

Poor bastard's never going to learn his real name.
posted by middleclasstool 26 October | 22:23
I've used "hon", "honey", for the Ex, but now just call him by name. The Boys are ok if I call them "Buddy" or "Kid", but they do NOT like "Baby".

Cat is "Stupid Cat" or "Goddammit Cat" or "What, Kitty?"

Poor bastard's never going to learn his real name.

Ah, he'll ask, then say "Why did you name me that if you call me this?" It'll be days of fun.
posted by lysdexic 26 October | 22:29
I have two best friends. Riley the Black Lab, I call Swee-Pea and Jeff, human, I usually just call Dougnut-Puncher.
posted by MonkeyButter 26 October | 22:29
My husband and I call one another "honey".

I call my kids Sug, Sug Bear, Adam Bear, Will Bear, Buster, Adam Kins, honey, honeybun, sweet angel, precious angel, sweet boy. sweet pea, darling bear.

Goldie the dog is called The Gold Dog, Golden Bear, Gold Bear, Sweet Gold Bear.
posted by LoriFLA 26 October | 22:32
I call mr. g "hon" most of the time.

The girl is called Mad Dog, Snorflebeast, Snorflemonster, Little La, Little O, Little Fart, and the King (M)Ad Rock (because that is her name, and she knows the fly parties where they got the champagne)
posted by gaspode 26 October | 22:45
My partner and I call each other Babe. Lacey was Sweet Pea and Sugar Butt. Olive is Olive Otter and Puppy Butt.
posted by rhapsodie 27 October | 01:28
My son is either Doodlebug or Noggin (the first for reasons I won't name here, and the second because we tend to mildly headbutt instead of kiss or whatever because he's 11 now). My daughter is often Punkin (mostly because that was my nickname around the house as a child AND she was a very round and round-headed c-section baby).

My husband and I are Baby or Honey or Hon or Beloved, depending.

We currently have no pets.
posted by lilywing13 27 October | 02:02
Also, Chucklehead is a general term of affection in my house. Applied to everyone but me. I'm the serious one, if you can believe that.
posted by lilywing13 27 October | 02:03
My husband and I mostly call each other "poo", or sometimes "pipu". I sometimes call the dog "Miss Peepee LaRue"; I also call her "my girl", "sweet girl", "baby girl". My husband often calls her "Xazoula" ("silly girl", basically).
posted by taz 27 October | 03:26
posted by Specklet 27 October | 06:57
I get whoresdrawers, sluttypants and sluttyknickers lately, after Tid and Chiryl Wist in Outrageous Fortune. Terms of endearment, huh!
posted by goo 27 October | 07:25
I don't get any more creative than "dear" for my wife; I usually call my son, "kid" because it annoys him.
posted by octothorpe 27 October | 07:30
We use German words:

posted by chillmost 27 October | 08:00
Little Al the Cat currently gets Punkinhead most of the time, because he has a head completely unlike a pumpkin (and he gets his own song with that, to the tune of 'Spiderman'), or bunny, referring to his total lack of resemblance to a bunny. Also Little Al My Best Pal, Whinycat, Stabby, or (at 6am when he has to has to has to go out), You Bastard. When Izzy Cross-Eyes was especially stupid (which was often), she'd get Sparky the Wondercat.
posted by elizard 27 October | 09:12
I call the best baby in the world "Pequeno". Mr Blandings, I just call by his name, except on the internet, where I call him "Mr Blandings"
posted by crush-onastick 27 October | 09:26
I call MuddDude "Hot Stuff" or "Big Guy". He has a weird aversion to using proper nouns or nicknames, so he rarely calls me anything. He sometimes responds to "Hey, Big Guy" with "Hey, Little Guy."
posted by muddgirl 27 October | 10:24
If we are trying to be cute, my wife calls me "Lammycakes." I call her (in a WC Fields accent) "my little Apricot kernel."
posted by danf 27 October | 11:28
My sister and I call each other assface (aww) and I call my rabbit bunny or bunnyface or fuzzypants.
posted by rmless2 27 October | 11:36
Gimpy and the Shits.
posted by ethylene 27 October | 11:42
Legal or not, you gotta admire this guy's interest in experimentation. || OMG Palin just dissed the 3rd floor of my building!