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23 October 2008

I now officially hate these people. Just wanted to go on record.

Face it, this may turn out to be a big boost for same-sex marriages. If businesses who support it are publicly identified and their business is not impacted, it gives gay marriage legitimacy. If their business actually goes up, it advances the cause.

Face it, the Republican Revolution and the Moral Majority are ideas whose time has come and gone. People are getting tired of intolerance. People are getting tired of hate.

I just feel this will turn out well, against the wishes of "these people."
posted by Doohickie 23 October | 23:25
Ye gods. Harumph.
posted by occhiblu 23 October | 23:27
Well I would avoid any businesses that contributed to the Yes side. . in fact, I try to avoid any businesses that contribute to any Republican causes or candidates.

At the very least, all the wine I drink comes from left wing wineries. . .
posted by danf 23 October | 23:34

You apparently have never experienced the fear of being unwillingly outted. This tactic -- it is slimy. And it could be very effective.

Polls show that the race is getting much closer. I like the idea that this could create a huge backlash, but I really don't have a lot of faith that that will be the outcome.

I hope that people are, indeed, getting tired of hate. But I'm not sure that they'll get tired enough of it in the next week and a half to protect my rights. Hell, at this point "protect" isn't even the right word. It's more like "acknowledge." Guess I've gone all uppity since the CA Supreme Court ruling.

Anyway, it's just another example of some really sleazy campaigning by the Yes people. I don't really understand why they're so willing to stoop so low. I don't understand why I'm such a big threat to them. It makes no sense to me. At all.
posted by mudpuppie 23 October | 23:36
As Doohickie said I hope it backfires on them.
posted by arse_hat 23 October | 23:44
"It makes no sense to me. At all." and no I don't really get why anyone cares. No one is going to make their church support same sex marriage so why can't they just move on?
posted by arse_hat 23 October | 23:46
They can't move on until they own your brain (and your bank account) arse_hat.
posted by gomichild 23 October | 23:55
The (small) consolation is that, in fifty years time, they'll be like people who railed against Loving V. Virginia. History will remember them as the bigots they are.

For now, though... what freaking douchebags.
posted by kellydamnit 23 October | 23:55
It's true, kelly. That's the consolation.

But. Gah!
posted by mudpuppie 24 October | 00:14
How many businesses who have contributed to the side of good would be concerned about being "outed" in this way, I wonder? I guess businesses have to think about protecting their bottom line, but this is not an election where there is a potential benefit to backing the winners, so what would be the upside for them except supporting something they believe in? If they believe in it enough to put up financial contributions, hopefully they believe enough to shrug and say "and ..." if they are "outed". I'm probably being hopelessly optimistic, but who knows?
posted by dg 24 October | 02:56
I don't really understand why they're so willing to stoop so low.

Because (like kelly said) they're fucking douchenozzles way down deep inside. If I were a Californian against #8, I'd donate as much as I could to Utah Dems from the next cycle and on out, regardless of the outcome of this proposal. In fact, Californians should make a concerted effort to stick their noses into Utah politics at every opportunity. Given the relative sizes of the economies of those two states, I would make a point of hammering the fucking shit out of those gibbering, drooling assholes from here to eternity. Make them spend on defense at home, and teach those motherfuckers a goddamn lesson.

posted by trondant 24 October | 03:56
i hope it blows up in their face like all extortion should.
It's pathetic and sick that this is their usual methodology, i just hope the people who care and can do something about it know about it.
Right now, people really want people to stand up and say what they stand for, because a lot of us have real tangible threats to our persons for having public opinions, and it gets inflated in a void of silence, not knowing just where the threat level is depending on how your neighbors' opinions have or have not changed.

i can very easily be assaulted for letting people know my political opinions and i'm unsure as to whether people i have known well for a long time are in action going to be too racist to vote for a black man or too homophobic to not vote for an idiot white lady, or too ill informed to know what they are doing. i also know a lot of past Republicans who say they are not voting.
I see it like the SAT, there's not answering (0) and answering wrong (-1) as opposed to getting it right (+1) so in my personal tally, i am assured that my own vote will be covered by at least two points in favor of what i believe. Which is pretty good, relatively.

Rather than endanger people i am with, i have to keep quiet A LOT or suffer the wincing pain of people who i care about even when the people who overhear me are appreciatively laughing their asses off at what i have to say.
And more and more i realize i can't ask some people i have been friends with who they are voting for without being armed with a lot of verified material to explain the difference between being ignorant and being a willfully clueless close minded lazy self concerned stupid head. No, i didn't call you an idiot, i'm saying you didn't read that right.
BUT, if i'm not afraid to say what i mean when it only affects me, it instantly makes it safer for someone else to have like opinions and feel less alone and endangered.

Pamphlets. i need pamphlets. And some disinfecting informing sunlight.
posted by ethylene 24 October | 08:54
History will remember them as the bigots they are.

Yup. As much as all this sucks, the fact that it's even being discussed at all is a huge gain. I mean, could you have imagined that gay marriage would be a serious election issue when we were kids? Even if this stupid Prop 8 passes, it's just a delay, not a defeat. The legalization of gay rights seems pretty inevitable to me and I believe (and hope) that all of this will be a complete non-issue for my kids just as inter-racial marriage is no longer taboo.

But for now--Cripes, what total pieces of shit these people are. I suppose homosexuality is morally objectionable, but extortion is just A-OK?
posted by jrossi4r 24 October | 10:36
Any means to an end.
This is why they lack the high ground and some people have to hold to a higher standard.

Mother Theresa didn't care how she got what she needed.
Neither did/does [fill in the blank, there are so many to choose from].
posted by ethylene 24 October | 11:28
Apple just gave 100K to fight this. . .So bigots, follow the lead of those good people in SLC and turn in your iPods and iPhones, please. . .(I can't imagine very many having Macbooks).
posted by danf 24 October | 13:46
Oh, good luck to them. Boycotts over stuff like this never work- anyone remember the late 90's boycott by Southern Baptists of a little company called Disney, anyone? Boy, too bad about that, Disney would have had a bright future otherwise.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 October | 14:28
I guess I'm not so concerned about it having an effect on the outcome of the election, so much as I'm really exasperated with the tactic. Using the threat of outing, when the issue is about gay rights? That's (sorta) like using the threat of lynching when the subject is miscegenation laws. It just really bothers me.

posted by mudpuppie 24 October | 15:15
posted by ethylene 24 October | 15:27
What a day. From the ridiculously sublime || my cat has fleas