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22 October 2008

Happy Birthday ethylene! Happy Birthday Atom Eyes!
OMG! Happy birthday to two bunnies who always keep MetaChat engaging and usually hilarious... *HUGS* to you both.

Also, fireworks!

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posted by BoringPostcards 22 October | 02:34
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posted by essexjan 22 October | 02:35
Happy Birthdays!
posted by gomichild 22 October | 02:40
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Happy! Happy! Loves.
posted by arse_hat 22 October | 02:59
Happys B-Days!
posted by brujita 22 October | 03:19
Wonderful Birthday Wishes goes to two nifty bunnies!

Hope you have Happy Days today and do the happy dance all day long!
posted by mightshould 22 October | 07:14
Oooh big double birthday whuffles!
posted by Specklet 22 October | 07:18
Big Birthday Happy Wishes!
posted by Stewriffic 22 October | 07:23
Happy birthday, kids!
posted by goshling 22 October | 07:29
Happy birthday, eth!
posted by box 22 October | 07:31
An auspicious day. Happy Birthday! Also born today, Mr. Baby and Brian Boytano. Happy Happy!
posted by rainbaby 22 October | 07:31
Happy birthday, Atom Eyes!
posted by box 22 October | 07:32
Happy birthday, Mr. Baby!
posted by box 22 October | 07:33
woooo, happy birthday happy birthday!
posted by casarkos 22 October | 08:18
Yay birthdays!
posted by sperose 22 October | 09:46
Happy birthday, you krazy kids. May it be filled with cake and ice cream and free intoxicants, should that be your desire.
posted by elizard 22 October | 09:47
Happy Birthday you two crazy kids. I wish I knew how to import cool .gifs to impress you. Because everybody knows that the cool .gif birthday wishes are more beloved than simple text birthday wishes.
posted by msali 22 October | 09:47
Yays! And hugs! And wuffles!
posted by TrishaLynn 22 October | 10:39
Twins? How neat!
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 22 October | 11:27
Thanks for the nice words and pictures, everybody. And Happy Ethday to my fellow 10/22er!
posted by Atom Eyes 22 October | 11:53
Happy Bday E and AE!
posted by jamaro 22 October | 12:36
Happy Birthday Squared!
posted by scody 22 October | 12:37
Double doses of happy!!! Enjoy your day.
posted by ramix 22 October | 12:50
Yay!! Happy birthday to both of you!
posted by goo 22 October | 13:07
Hoppy Burfdays!!
posted by deborah 22 October | 13:55
Happy Birthday. And a Happy Birthday to you.
This is what i've been saying to anybody saying Happy Birthday, because it makes as much sense as Happy Christmas or Happy New Year or any other slap happy automatic response, and people seem to take it as such. It's like toasting people without the booze.

Except to Atom Eyes, who, since Timothy Leary and Jeff Goldblum aren't around, i'd like to wish a Happy Birthday.
If i feed you birthday wishes, can you turn them into a fine spray mist?
Someone told me today that i smelled like a Democrat, and all i could think was how i had a run in with a mysterious sample spray that descended on me with a surprisingly hefty scent (Midnight Rain or some such), so i mentioned a run in with an atomizer on the way to explaining why Cindy McCain deserves drugs.
posted by ethylene 22 October | 19:10
How did I miss this thread? Happy birthday, my friends!!
posted by jrossi4r 22 October | 19:52
Happy birthday to you both!!
posted by LoriFLA 22 October | 20:07
Happy atomized Ethylenic halloo!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 22 October | 21:35
Oh, no, see what I miss when I miss a day!!! I'm so sorry I'm late, but I hope you guys had a very happy birthday!
posted by redvixen 23 October | 19:14
I just voted for Obama! || "Everybody's going to make it this time,"